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Am I Correct?

Razors Edge

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1 hour ago, Razors Edge said:

...in assuming that if I see a census person in my neighborhood, that at least one of my neighbors is a LAZY EFFER who couldn't be bothered to spend five minutes filling out the on-line survey that was mailed to everyone months ago????

Not necessarily.  The survey might be laying in the bottom of a mail barrel somewhere in a non sorting facility.  Because it was an online survey, that barrel might be a bit bucket.

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Ten years ago I was selected for the big census. That was not a five minute survey. I threw it in the trash. They sent me another one a month later. I threw that one in the trash also. It was as thick as a phone book and asked all kind of questions that I considered none of their friggin business. Another month went by and there was a knock at the door. The census taker said he was required to ask me all the questions and write down my answers. I don’t think they liked my answers but they accepted them. One of their first questions was race. I told them other and said human. The census taker told me he was required to put down whatever I said. After he told me that I had fun answering his questions.

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