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Yay! Christmas is on for tomorrow!


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Last night's snow wasn't enough to cancel our 10-12 person, extended-family Christmas Dinner and Gift Exchange.  It was delayed when someone had a mild case of COVID on Christmas Day.

We only got about 2-3" of snow last night - not much on the roads and sidewalk, it's a sunny day so, even with a high of 30°F and windy, the roads are clearing up and last-snow's 2 hours of shoveling should be 1/2 hour today.

I made a 9 lb pan of lasagna, the main dish, for a smaller group on Christmas Day and am making 25-28 golabkis (Polish Stuffed Cabbage) with onions, tomatoes, and tomato sauce for tomorrow's meal which I'll put together a day ahead of time (today), then pressure cook in an Instant Pot at the dinner site.  So knowing I can go ahead and put together the "piggies" today and the dinner WILL be tomorrow is a relief.

20210103_17381_900p.jpg.7c6dd0fdcbfb1d55bf79bfbf714a3870.jpg 20210103_174524_900p.jpg.4b73c98f76113c0eca46f45e333a4fa4.jpg

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Christmas at Mom's has always been 1st weekend of January (not counting New Years)

This year, she did a separate one for the unvaxxed family.  (I wasn't happy about that, recall the help y'all gave for my convo with my sister)

A few will not attend, I believe we'll wear masks.  My wife and I will test before going.

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