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The battery is low in the 2014 Honda Fit remote already!

Philander Seabury

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1 minute ago, Rattlecan said:

The rest of the car is doing just fine as well. This is our second Kia, and they are the best cars we have ever owned.

I'm at 87K miles on my Spectra5. It's only had two small issues fixed under warranty. There is some rust on the left rear fender which I plan on fixing some day soon.

My oldest daughter has a Soul. Her hubby has a Forte. My youngest daughter also has a Forte.

My son and his wife have had 3 Hyundais which are made by the same company as Kia.

My son says that the 100K mile warranty is a rip-off. That's because he never needed to use it!

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Just now, JerrySTL said:

My son and his wife have had 3 Hyundais which are made by the same company as Kia.

We just traded in my wife's 10 year old Hyundai Azera on Friday. Bought a new Santa Fe Sport. The Azera was still doing fine; she was just ready for something different.

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2 hours ago, Parr8hed said:

Wait, 2014?  You bought a new car?


Let me catch you up, Mr. Miscreant in Absentia:

I bought a 2013 Civic in 2014 for commuting.  Now has 62k miles on it. :(

Daughter #2 bought a 2014 Civic in 2014.  She is paying for it herself! :skipping:

Daughter #1 has a mom and dad sponsored 2015 Honda Fit (I think I screwed up my original post.  They were redone in 2015).  I love to drive that car - nice and peppy!

The van is now on its deathbed.  :(  Runs like crap,  The Mrs. wants a new CRV. :huh:

The del Sol is hanging in there.  Just had to  replace a taar, the muffler is rattling, and the front brakes need redone.  For some reason mechanics always preface bad news with: "I don;t know how much you want to put into the car, ..." :angry:


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