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Wild things.


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Plus 1 32G SD card

Plus 8 AA batteries

Plus some alternate mount if you don't want to strap it to a tree. The frame has a standard 1/4" female camera mount.

The pictures above are a very modest 5K pick at about 2.5 kbites each to not fill up the card too fast.  I'm presently running a 30 second timeout (the time between a picture and when the motion sensor is enabled again.)  I got 150 plus pics last night so I will probably increase the timout setting)

I'm presently working out a better mount system for my uses, possibly using a hot shoe type mount so I can snap the camera in and out of its location without having to unscrew it every day.  You have to open the weather case to get at the camera and the SD card and even the USB plug.  Since the 1/4 mount is on the back frame the camera opens facing away from the window that I currently use to access it. (remember it was meant for a tree).

On other occasions I may mount it on a tripod and leave it out in other locations like on the deck.

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1 hour ago, tybeegb said:

I need one of those to help convince WofTy to not leave food out.  I do not like raccoons .  Possums, okay.  Raccoons, no.  :angry:

Lol, we feed the feral cats and if we put the food out in the yard the neighbor’s free range chickens eat it all. We have a gate on our back deck to keep the chickens out so that’s where we feed the cats. Some are afraid to come up on the deck in the daytime. Any food that is still in the dish at sundown is always gone by morning. I’ve turned on the outside light at times and seen raccoons, possums, cats we have never seen before, and sometimes we smell a skunk but we have never seen the skunk at the cat food. Trailcam might be interesting?

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