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Jeeze Louise, not in my township


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4 hours ago, maddmaxx said:

Rear window eh?  Road rage?  Home owner defending his stuff after robbery? Drug deal ripoff gone bad?  Wife after finding hubby's car parked on lovers lane?

Crime spree, it appears the criminals shooting at each other.

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Sorry to hear it and hope it a long time before it happens again.

When I retired, I downsized by selling my house and I bought-out my siblings interests in our childhood home, so I've kept up on the homicides.

In my area, a roughly 2 mile x 2 mile area of Brooklyn Park , Brooklyn, and Curtis Bay - the adjacent suburb and south-most part of Baltimore - in 1913 a mob stormed a police station, took a known killer out of his cell and hanged him.

That was the only area murder I, born in 1950, had ever heard of until one occurred in 1978.  Another occurred about a decade later and now there is one or so most years.

Fortunately they are clustered in the lower-priced houses and apartments a mile from me: those homes were originally owned by their hard-working, mostly blue collar occupants but now many of them are rented out to a less responsible class by the children of those workers who moved into better houses.

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Four young druggies, the three planned to rob the fourth. They had realist looking B.B. guns. They didn’t know the victim had real gun. Intended victim blew away one of his attackers and wounded another. One dead, other three in jail. Drugs are such a great idea. (Said moments before my shoulder surgery and pain meds)

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