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really happy with today's forecast


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high 20's for my ride in to work, an early afternoon snow shower, then clearing and 35 for my ride home.  Quite manageable.  Much better than, say high 20's then snow all day and never getting above 30 so the roads get really wet and will probably be icy for my ride home.

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1 hour ago, Randomguy said:

How do you fit all those dogs in the tent with you?

You don't.  Most of the northern breeds have a heavy double coat and often don't want to be in where it is warm.  On a long race or trip you will take straw and insulated jackets along for them.  In the dog yard at home they will seldom use the insulated houses unless it is very cold and windy.  On their own they will burrow into snow and get out of the wind.  That will give them a home that is 32f even in very cold weather.  Works like an igloo.

Don't do this with your little house dogs.  They  aren't equipped to survive the weather that the northern breeds are.  You need to know your dogs.  The eurohounds, that are popular in warmer areas for sprint racing and dryland racing can't handle it either and aren't used for the long distance races.  They are various crosses of German Shorthair Pointers, Greyhound, Lab and some others. When the weather is cold they will race with full coats and leggings.

When racing the Iditarod, Shaynee Traska will sleep on the trail with her sleeping bag on the straw between her lead dogs. With a depression in the snow they are out of the wind and huddled together they share warmth from each other.

My dog jackets.


Since I don't do the long distance multi-day races my dogs sleep in their truck dog boxes at night.  Bedded with straw those are very warm and they only need the jackets in the very coldest weather.


This chart gives an explanation about dog coats.


Hope this helps explain it.

Here is a picture of huskies bedded down during the 2015 Iditarod race.


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I'm looking forward to the weekend after the one coming up: great 50's weather if the forecast holds.

I'm also looking forward to March 10th: Daylight Savings Time returns.  Being more of an afternoon than a morning person, I hate Standard Time.  That's probably a psychology enhanced hatred because when I coached high school track and then softball in the Spring in the '80's and '90's, DST began in April and we suffered through all of March with practices often ending due to clouds and early darkness.

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