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2020 is leap year, repeating 2-digit (sort of) number


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Plan anything different this year?

Though we didn't really plan it to acknowledge 2020, we're planning another European trip, which will include area where dearie's family is from.  I'm just hoping the trip will be safe. That's all. 

I have no clue what to do with an extra day 'cause it's a leap year.

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The main thing for me that's different is that in my fiancial spreadsheet, I have a bunch of places with formulas that tell me what I can expect for the whole year by first determining what fraction of the year is completed.  The formula in each spreadsheet cell is basically something like (b4-aa4)/365, where b4 is the current date and aa4 is Dec. 31, 2019 and b4-aa4 is how many days have passed in the year.  There are other cells with slightly different formulas I also divide by the number of days in the year.

I had to look all through the 2020 spreadsheet I cut-and-pasted from 2019 and change 365 to 366.  When I get the energy - maybe if the Titans at Patriots game gets boring, I'm going to set up a cell designated: Days in this year, put 366 in it, and change all the other 366's in the spreadsheet to that cell's number so that next year I don't have to search for all the 366's I have to change back to 365.

P.S. If you need a spreadsheet formula to tell you how many days are in the current year (many so you don't have to manually change it each year):

Since we don't have to worry about a century year like 2000 being evenly divisible by 400 for almost 400 more years, this formula in a cell will generate 365 or 366 for the current year, getting every year before 2400 right:


YEAR(NOW()) generates the current year (2020 now), MOD (....,4) generates the remainder of dividing by 4. if it's 0, it's leap year (366 days), otherwise 365

So everywhere I have 366 in my spreadsheet, I can reference the cell (e2) with the IF(MOD formula and instead of =(b4-aa4)/366, I use =(b4-aa4)/e2 and the number of days in the year will always be correct:


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