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Weather people are stoopid

Square Wheels

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I need to decide the night before if I am going to ride in to work.  I am commuting with my son for the summer.


Last night the weather fools said there would be close to 90% chance of thundershowers in the morning and 80+% chance of rain during the time I'd be leaving to go home.


This morning was warm and dry.  As of now it's still warm and dry.  I am weak and did not want to brave the rain and traffic in the dark.  I missed out on a nice ride.


I need a job like this.  Who holds these people accountable?

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Not stupid at all really. Get a good job where you can be wrong 50% of the time and still keep working and smiling. And get the same info from the same place all your competitors do. Pretty smart actually. ;-)

You shot low again... it is more then 50% wrong most of the time. 

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here's the deal...if you are going to fuck up a weather forcast, you always want to fuck up on the side of it DIDN'T storm


nobody (usually) gets bent out of shape when a storm doesn't show up


now if you said "Sunny and beautiful" and got thunderstormed on, THAT's how weathermen get fired


so unless you want to be doing the weather reports for WNOM in Nome Alaska, you better guess stormy if you have to guess

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