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To succeed in business, you need to...

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First, define success.  Is it the amount of money the owner makes?  Is it happy, well served customers?  Is it a business where the employees feel like part of the family?  Is it a business that is established for a long time?  Is it a socially responsible business that fills a need in the community?

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1 hour ago, Airehead said:

Care about your mission 

And be very consistent to follow through in an organized manner AND look after your budget.  

I'm certain for the latter, particularily for small businesses this is where they might fail:  they don't how to do financial forecasting and make adjustments along the way married with creative strategy to maintain client base.  

Have business partners who work together harmoniously and support each other workload-wise.

I've seen all this upfront for the last few years via dearie's son's butcher and sandwich shop.  

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I define success as good happy empowered employees, customers that keep coming back & a moderate profit margin. To that end you must provide value to your customer. Do that & you have recurring revenue, while providing good margins, which allows good pay & benefits for employees & a decent margin. Value drives all

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