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Which Will Happen First?

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Will it FIRST be more common for people to:

1) board a plane and fly to a destination with no pilot?

2) ride in a car/taxi/uber without a driver?


3) have deliveries arrive with no truck driver?

This is not a "which will be first", since I think we've probably done all three by now, but which will be more "common" first. And when?


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8 minutes ago, Zephyr said:

I am thinking 2.  The problem with the driverless deliveries is getting the package off the truck

What about between two manufacturing hubs. Like from a tire company to an auto assembly plant? Both places would be responsible for the load/offload (human or robotic), so it would really be shipping done door-to-door. Maybe UPS/Fed-Ex take time to iron out the catapult systems to reach your front porch.


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1 minute ago, Kzoo said:

Aren't we/they already doing 2? 

I think in testing, we are already past all the proof-of-concept stuff. Volvo had videos with their truck in a tight convoy with no one actually "driving", but I don't think that's in practice. Same with some delivery truck driving from point A to point B a few months back.

I just wonder when it becomes commonplace.  I think the trucks and the non-passenger planes are the two most likely.


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