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4 hours ago, petitepedal said:

:frantics:Slip sliding on the roads this morning...Oh what fun!!


We usually don't get snow in Central Maryland until around Christmas or even January.  This year we got it on Nov. 15th.  I've already made sure I have plenty of salt and my snow shovel is already stored near my front door (my back door sometimes gets snowed-shut from the outside).

With Global Warming, the Mid-Atlantic is projected to have warmer, moister air from the South colliding with cold air from the West and North so MORE snow than previously.

We didn't have much snow the last two years - the fates were protecting my healing shoulder - but now that it's healed I think we're going to get whacked like several years back when we had two 30+" snows, a 22" snow, about 6 snows 6"-12", and about 6 lighter snows.  We had more snow than my cousins in Juneau, Alaska.

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