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Freaking Barber...

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So I go to my usual place and my usual girl is gone.  I knew she might be out as she mentioned she'd be taking some time off.  So I get another girl who keeps talking to me in Spanish and I keep telling no habla and keep answering what I think she's asking in English.  She actually gives me a good haircut but then...

She babbles something in Spanish and then fucking starts at my mustache with her clippers!?!?!  I'm like what the fuck and pull away but now I have uneven mustache so she "fixes" the other side.  I had a full length moustach that reached my lip and wrapped down the sides to my chin beard. Basically a goatee but I have hair on my cheek too.

I now have a fucking super thin Clark Gable stache on my upper lip that then gets thick on the sides and connects with the chin beard.   The Hispanic dudes like to wear their moustachea really thin and that's what she tried to do...  

I might just buzz my beard super short and start over...

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On the local sports radio talk show, they had a contest where all the on air personalities bet and the loser had to spin the moustache wheel.   

This involved growing a beard for a month or two prior.

The choices were hilarious and one of them was the dreaded Hitler moustache.

At least she did not give you one of those.

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4 minutes ago, Longjohn said:

It will grow back soon. I think my moustache hair is the fastest growing hair on my body.

Yeah mines the same. I have to trim it 2X a week.  I'm gonna take the #1 guard to the whole thing and start over.

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