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Hypercompetitive! - Gross story, enter at own risk of barfing


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So, I headed out today to set some gaps, pull some PRs and take some new segments.  My nose has been runny, allergies I assume.  Anyway, I am charging a few sections of trail and it is really rocky.  You can't easily wipe your nose or do the snot rocket thing.  Both hands on the bars.


Snot is totally running down my face now as I blast through the trail.  I viciously blow air out of my mouth to keep it off my lips.  Bleh!  I refuse to stop, because I am totally on fire.  I see a lead out with slightly less technical crap.  I wipe my nose quickly with my glove and the snot is smeared on my face now and hanging off my glove.  GROSS!  I hammer on and ignore the disgustingness. I feel my mouth icky with saliva, so I attempt to spit off to the right and it doesn't really make a nice exit. A goopy pile of spit ends up on my right arm and shoulder.  Now I am covered in spit and snot.  Good grief!  There is a long and very steep windy downhill.  I barely have a moment to slam my seat with the dropper.  Snot from my glove makes the lever slick.  I slam the seat.  FUCKING HAULING ASS!  I finally get off the mountain to the end point of the segment at the gravel lot and try to snot rocket.  I blow it right onto my Sidi.  Not having the best luck with spitting and blowing today.  


I am the worst human.  Filthy and Gross.  


Despite the snot, I set a fantastic time today.  I am doing laundry now.   :blink:


Segment length 4.2 miles, 393 of elevation gain, I did it at 8.1 miles an hour and shaved 4 minutes from Thurs. (social ride last time). Top man has a 6 minute lead on me.   :huh:   Last month, no gals really tried to get the July one from me. One said it was of no use.  :anyone:


The end.

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