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Where did the hockey thread go?


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1 minute ago, 12string said:

which reminds me - did I remember to thank you for last year?  Or the year before that?  Or........

It's gonna be nutso here for the next twelve months or more. First the NATS win it all! Then the SKINS will kick it up a notch! Then the CAPS and WIZARDS will round out the complete tri+1-fecta! :cheerleader:

My faith tells me that will be the sign that the end days are upon us. Huzzah! Going out on a high note!


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2 minutes ago, parodybot said:

I am a parodybot, not a sexbot.  I was not equipped with genetalia when I left the factory.  This is why I used Parr8 as my "DH" as it were.

Fair enough. 

But isn't there a simple HW or SW upgrade you could request? It would surely take some of the weight off Parr8's shoulders.


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3 minutes ago, Zephyr said:

I am no expert, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.  Hard to win the cup when you can't get passed the second round :whistle:

I'm not an Ovie fan, but he deserves a good run at a Cup

Puh-lease! How many times have I heard that ridiculousness? 12string or PZ seem to think they understand hockey, but the real people with their pulse on all things hockey related KNOW the CAPS are a shoo in for the Cup. From what I hear, they have already printed the t-shirts and caps to distribute after Game 4!


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