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You know why none of the CSI shows are based in the south?


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Just now, jsharr said:

Since you get it, will you explain it to Square Wheels when he asks?

No.  If you have to explain a joke, it's not funny.  If I explained it to SW that would move it from the 'chuckle under your breath' category to the 'not funny at all' category and I wouldn't want to do that to your best joke of the year.

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Just now, JerrySTL said:

Q: What dumber that a Texas Tech graduate building a bridge over a shallow, dry creek?

A: Texas A&M students fishing off of it.

This couple is out for a drive in the Texas country and see a man standing on a hill with a fishing pole.  There is no water in sight.  They stop to check on him and he tells them he is fine, just out fishing.  They ask where he lives and he points to a house on the next hill.
The couple decides to stop by the house to let them know about the man.  They pull up to the house and knock on the door.  A man answers the door, wearing a Texas A&M shirt.  The couple tells him about the man fishing and the Aggie replies, yeah, that is my brother, he's an Aggie too and thanks them.  He then walks off the porch and gets in a row boat sitting in the yard.   The couple asks him what he is doing and he tells them he has to go get his brother! 

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