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A great idea for a restaurant/bar

Philander Seabury

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This was a reply to the “I blame Petite” thread. How the heck did it get over here? It must have been windy when I posted?


If she would have posted everything in brackets {like this} it would have contained the virus. It’s like not washing your hands, she figured “I’m already sick, I don’t need to wash my hands.”

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I had two friends and a relative who opened bars.  Two went into the business with the idea of generating new customers with new - or up to date - concepts and one didn't.

One, Murph, bought a run-down bar and his idea was to build it up over several years and sell it to finance the expansion of a small building demolition company he owned.  He renamed the bar "Murph's Tavernacle" and set up a kitchen with some cheap eats and soon had a good crowd coming in.  He made a good profit when he sold it.  The other friend, Joe, bought a run-down bar he renamed "Joe's Bar" and he didn't change much else - he made enough from it to earn an iffy living.

The cousin. Ed, had two silent partners - they provided finances only - and set up a nice sports bar and restaurant called "The Birdcage" (to accent the Baltimore Orioles and Ravens) with trivia leagues, music, etc.  He spent several years making next to nothing himself while the silent partners raked it great returns on their money.  Fortunately, the arrangement was similar to a fixed-rate mortgage and my cousin got an ever bigger share of the profits as time went on and is now doing very well.  Those profits grew because the concept worked from the start and he worked hard to keep it up to date.

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