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Waiting for a weatherhead update


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Schools and the federal government are closed today. Currently dropping an inch of snow an hour for a total accumulation of 6 inches or so. Snow is changing to sleet and freezing rain then just rain later today. I came into work, not because I’m essential but it’s nice to be here with no one else. Jeep does well in snow too.

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Here in Maryland, we're getting the SAME snowstorm at the SAME time as you're getting it in Minnesota, Petite!

It began snowing around 8:30 am at my home and now, at 11 am, we've got 3 inches and it's still snowing hard.

We're expecting freezing rain in the afternoon then rain through the night - though if they're off a couple degrees it could be sleet or snow. So we may be spared a lot of shoveling tomorrow followed by 50F, 48F, and 60F highs the next three days, Thurs-Sat,  I decided I'll shovel the front porch and the sidewalk to the street for the mail lady, but I'll let the rain and temperatures do the rest.


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