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I've been in contact with AWWC and he has a few demands.

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1.  SW has to wear a clown outfit at all times.

2.  Parody threads are forbidden forever.

3.  SW needs to rename the "P&R" forum to "The Insane Asylum".

4.  Crown Royal is the official drink of the Cafe.

5.  Chris needs to photoshop more pictures of RG.

6.  Couch needs to leave the forums forever.

7.  Page needs to take a bath.

Well, there you have it folks.   He won't come back to the forums unless you all follow these simple rules.

Shu Fang

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8 minutes ago, Shu Fang said:

He said bath.

Shu Fang

...I'm sorry, but a bath is out of the question. I swim, steam, shower, and sauna.  But I never take baths. Sitting around in your own filthy pool of disease ridden germs and dead skin cells in bath water is a good way to get sick.

I did used to go up to the local hot hippie hot spring, and soak there.  But that place burned down a couple of years ago. That place was worth the trip, because all the hippie chicks there were naked, and you could see all the way to France.

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