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It seems to me like you forumites are getting a little punch drunk

Philander Seabury

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I was just pondering the ratio of miles ridden to likes. And then I wondered if type of riding had an effect on the ratio. And then I wondered if the wording of the questionnaire would have an effect on the number of riders in each type of riding. And I wondered if time of day had an effect. And I wondered what the fuc was wrong with me.

Likes for Everyone  :hapydance:  Peace  

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I have been battling stupid website hosting / domain registrar / email issues today.  WP Engine told us a change was need to a DNS registry.  That some how screwed up our email.  I have no idea what the hell a CNAME or a A record is but they can screw up your company email.

Then I somehow messed up on the log in for our new insurance when registering the new account.  Now I have a user name but not a valid password and i cannot access the system to print employee ID cards and such.

So I am listening to really bad hold music again and waiting for BCBSTX to get pick up the phone.

Also just set up a new company in our accounting software after our merger and name change due to a change in EIN and Texas Workforce Commission account number changes.  Have to run payroll tomorrow and I am not sure that TWC has done what they need to do in order for that to happen.  Do not want my Texas workers comp paying to the old entity.....

Fun times.    I may have a pre weekend cocktail tonight.

Tomorrow night the wife and I attend the Golden Arrow District Annual Recognition Dinner.  Since this is a Boy Scout event, there will be no alcohol.  They only set that rule aside when they are doing the BIG time 4, 5, 6 and 7 figure fund raising.   So I will not be punch drunk tomorrow for sure.

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Just now, Road Runner said:

Intelligent discourse?!?!?  YOU CAN'T HANDLE INTELLIGENT DISCOURSE !!!!!   :angry:

Nominated for POTD.  It's early yet so don't start writing your acceptance speech, but that was pretty good.

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