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So how do you feel about Bed and Breakfasts?


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I was recently planning a trip and in some of the places I wanted to stay, B&B's were the majority of the lodging.  I'll confess I usually feel more comfortable with a charmless, more anonymous,  stay at a larger inn or hotel.  I've stayed at B&B's a few times, and I've had positive experiences each time, but I tend to look for places where the accommodation is in a separate building and not in the owner's house.

This article made me chuckle, because I tend to lean more on the side of the author, but lots of people I know love them.

So what's your experience?  Charming, quaint and a good value, or just a little too close for comfort?



I still have nightmares about the time I stayed at a B&B, let’s call it the Dusty Duvet, where a crudely painted plaque on my door read “Mama’s Room.” Terrifying antique dolls stared at me from the corner. All that was missing was a clown with a knife hiding under the bed, or perhaps a parrot in a Victorian cage repeating the word “Die.”


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Stayed in one a couple of months ago for about five nights, it was fine but mightn't suit everyone.

Some places they tend to be nosy and years ago they had a reputation for moral guardianship with pointed questions designed to find out if you were really married or not.

Nowadays they can't afford to be so censorious, they'd have to turn nearly everyone away.

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I love quaint b and b's full of interesting furniture and art, but it must have a private bathroom.  But, then again, I also like small "boutique" hotels.  I am not thrilled by the chain hotels where everything is devoid of charm and you can't tell whether  you are in Beaufort or Beaufort.

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We have enjoyed all the ones that we stayed in on vacations to New England, North Carolina, and Tennessee. We've stayed in all types (room in house to those outside).  However, we also enjoy our stays in youth hostels when we are traveling.  A room is a room to sleep in, and we can get by ok with a shared bathroom.  We always enjoyed sharing our meals, meeting other travelers, and learning of their adventures. However, by now you know we are a bit different and I am very chatty.:whistle:

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