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71 degrees, 11252 steps, and the chaos of my day


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:wacko: Most beautiful day..except for the Asian Beetles (more on them later)

Woke at 4 AM...started to fall back asleep about 10 minutes before my alarm went off at 5:45 AM :wacko:  I started out by posting something on facebook that got some undies in a bunch (political..so I won't mention it in detail) :D  Got to work and had a new work order waiting...for the lady who wrote one yesterday..Monday's order said her kitchen fan hasn't worked since they fixed the dishwasher hook up (this was one of 2 or 3 apartments that did not originally have a dishwasher)...So Monday..work order maint. and the head of maint. figured out what guy #3 forgot to do when hooking up the dishwasher..and now dishwasher and fan were working...HOWEVER the light above the kitchen sink stopped working :whistle: So that was today's work order.  A  little while later I go to the same apartment to hook up a direct tv receiver..and I forgot the remote (second trip) then the box didn't work..well actually the cable didn't work.  IN the mean time work order maint guy is trying to figure out why none of her outlets are "switched" (error on the part of guy #3 who does unit turns)...Pest control come and we go to check out a bug issue in an apartment and find NOTHING (later I learned it was flour beetles and they found the infested pancake mix on the weekend..all is well)...Get the TV running...then a couple comes in with their monthly statements a stack since May..seem accounting messed up and charged them an additional $600 every month for 3 months..however it was never reflected that way on the statements...and they got a couple of credits...according to their Sept statement they ended with a$43 credit..which would mean no money transfered...but according to their bank statement...they took the monthly charge PLUS the extra $600 AGAIN :runcirclsmiley:However...in between them presenting the statement problem...and coming back with bank statement numbers....Painters showed up to paint a deck and touch up a deck railing that was missed a few weeks earlier...So I unlock the apartments and let them in...Once they finished I went back to lock up and discovered that in the one unit....instead of painting the 3 walls of the deck (1 4ft wall with a door, 1 8 to 10 ft wall with a patio door and a 3rd wall only 4 feet wide...LOL the dang guys only painted a 1 ft wide section that had been a test section...I discovered that when I went to close the blinds to the deck...Thankfully the painters were still in building so I ran them down and chased their azzes back up to the deck...which is when I was attacked by the Asian Beetles :runcirclsmiley:  had one on my back...under my shirt...I still itch... I return to my office...see the guy with the bank statements waiting...but before I can get to him...poor Fred calls to me from his chair holding a bloody paper towel over this badly cut thumb...do I have any band aids...Fred is blind..and a sweetie so I bandage up his thumb and then go to my desk to deal with fuzzy math..oh and now it is time to go home....the end

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LOL maxx...not all but quite a few are...I forgot to mention that my co-worker who does the marketing (who is 76 and has poor health, not at all detail oriented and a pain to work with) sent off 4 pages to our phone people to disconnect and then transfer numbers for 2 new people...LOL paperwork not complete AND she was moving the phone for apt 509 but put the details of the previous owner of 609 in the "out" box...and she had done something similar on the second request..neither were done right :wacko:...Yesterday she couldn't figure out how to lock a mail box...someone forgot to take their keys and she brought them to me requesting a work order that the lock didn't work..I went to double check because it isn't something we have problems with...it worked fine..turn the key so the latch is out of the way close the door and drop the latch...simple :nodhead:

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3 minutes ago, petitepedal said:

My step counter is pinned to my shirt..not on my wrist

Oh boy! So you are saying you are gesticulating other body parts wildly throughout the day?!?!?! I can see why the repair guys keep making "mistakes" that require them to swing by the office to see you. :whistle:


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