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Poll: Do you respond to voicemails?


Are you responsive?  

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  1. 1. Do you respond to voicemail or are you more likely to respond to email?

    • Voicemail, baby, human touch and all that.
    • Email, I ain't got time for that voicemail crap!

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Well, do you?


I have noticed that voicemails don't get near the response anymore, emails seem to be the wave of the future.


Why is that?


Because city folk have their heads so far up their ass that they can't talk on the phone anymore. The conversation is muffled by their butt cheeks

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VM is a PITA to answer these days. Always gotta enter a code, notifications won't go away on your phone unless you delete the sucker, the IVR prompts are laborious. It's all an attempt on their part to sell you their 'text voicemail' stuff....which I definitely liked, but it's too costly to be worthwhile. I don't get that many VM's, because SMART PEOPLE JUST SEND YOU A TEXT.

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Doesn't quite work that way Kzoo. Verizon makes you click through a 'hey, pay for text to vm' thingy, then you have to enter your code, every time, and then you have to 'wait' for the ivr prompts...no shortcutting.



I have a Verizon plan.  I've had a Verizon plan for 20 years.  VM is difficult..... Click VM, Click ||, Click Speaker (optional)

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I apologize profusely Olas.  I was wrong.  I have to click the phone button on my iPhone first.  So it's - Click Phone, Click VM, Click ||, Click Speaker (optional)


Or I simply say hold down the start stop button and tell Sire to 'Check voice-mail' and she displays my voice mail.  One button - one command.

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