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Time for new liberry books


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What should I get this time?  This is a good liberry day being so cold. Actually not that cold by February standards, just by this winter's standards.

I had great hopes for the Bittman Food Matters Cook Book, but I seem to have a mental block aboot cook books, whereas I love google cooking, so I didn't make a single thing from it even tough it is )(*^%$ HUGE!

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28 minutes ago, BuffJim said:

I’m on my way to the library to see if they have the Ken Burns Civil War series on DVD. 

Going to Shiloh battlefield in April. 

I still have my VCR boxed set.....but no player :(  This time of year was when I would enjoy playing it...too much basketball or sports I am not following on TV...it would be on in the background...Kinda like watching the cooking shows...it doesn't have my entire attention..but I learn a little something here and there while they are on.

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What genre or genres are you interested in?

American Nations by Woodard

Blowout Rachel Maddow

The Expanse books

Price of Inequality Stiglitz

The Commonwealth Saga Peter F Hamilton

Killer Angels

The Automatic Detective A Lee Martinez (or Gil's All Fright Diner)

I can do this all day, y'know.

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2 hours ago, RalphWaldoMooseworth said:

Blowout. I am no Rachel Maddow fan but I thought I’d see what the modern Ida Tarbell has to say!  Quite interesting so far.

She needed to pick a guy to illustrate her point about the damage the oil biz does, and a year before he hits the headlines, she picks Firtash, Putin's favorite bagman.

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