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Whelp, this is depressing


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I'm not surprised that 90% of the people over the age of 65 get SS benefits. As the age for full benefits slowing increases, this number may even rise. Back in the day you only had to wait 3 years (65-62) to get full benefits. Soon it will be 5 years (67-62). I bet that a lot of people will be thinking hard about taking partial benefits around age 62 instead of waiting those 5 years.

Also there's the disconnect between Medicare and SS. You used to be able to get both at 65 YO, but not SS is taking longer.

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Well..seeing my sister yesterday was depressing..mind you I am almost 9 years older than my mom was when she died..so I didn't see her age..although at 23..55 was "old"...My sister is 5 years older than me..and yes she has had different life and medical challenges over the years..but hell she is 68 and watching her bend over to pick up dog poop was painful...

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