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Got a cool Out of Office response

Square Wheels

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I remember getting one like that once but much more detailed.

It went on about how he didn't care what you wanted or needed and how your concerns were not his concerns anymore and he only cared about his concerns.  If you really needed him you were out of luck.  If you wanted help from someone that should care then call........

It was done pretty well and not offensive.



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1 hour ago, ChrisL said:

My company keeps our email account active for a period of time and just forwards all messages to someone else.  I was thinking of doing something like that....  I was here, now I'm gone!  AMF!!!!

My give a damn is busted

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I've always wanted to leave this:

"I'm out of the office, time traveling. If I didn't call you back last week, I'll call you back last month when the next wormhole converges. Thanks and I hope you'll have a good day yesterday."

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