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Should I add a workout?


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I walked Jake a couple miles. That was a workout. He's 100 lbs now and tugs at the leash and I feel it from my shoulders to my calves after walking him.  He also heads straight - in a friendly way - at other big dogs people are walking, like rottweilers.  Some of those dogs move so that their human is between them and Jake - the trail is usually only about 8 feet wide.  Some bark and Jake usually just looks at them like, "Are you kidding?"  Then there's the white tail deer. I think I finally got Jake to stop trying to chase them.  Horses are different: he hasn't figured them out yet but clearly knows they're really big.  When we walk past an equestrian center, Jake will look at the horses briefly then move along. If a rider comes toward us on the trail, I hold Jake close on the side so he won't do something to spook the horse.


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8 hours ago, MickinMD said:

Then there's the white tail deer. I think I finally got Jake to stop trying to chase them. 

Deer fascinate Lucy.  She'll pull on the leash like a blood hound hot on the trail of a hamburger.

Here she is keeping an eye on a deer we passed during one of our walks.  


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I went to workout at my PF last night. With the slick snow, it wasn’t crowded. I got a mile into my run on the treadmill and bagged it. Nothing felt right. I did an easy spin on a trainer bike for 15 minutes and called it a night. No weights either. I know part of it is my body probably feeling the extra time I had on the bike over the weekend. Part of it is the run outside was so refreshing compared to the treadmill. I’m ready for DST so I have some daylight to run outside after work. 

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Did you opt for the 5:30pm workout? Or have you wrapped up the 7am one?

I find winter is a great time to take it easy and dream of spring, summer, and fall activities.  Not totally slack off, but simply coast for a while.  Cycling in cool temps already is at a disadvantage to warm weather riding.  Denser air, more clothing, wind chill, shorter days, risk of ice, etc., make the blessed arrival of spring the perfect time to ramp up activities again. I simply try to keep a modicum of winter fitness so March & April aren't "recondition my ass to sitting in a saddle for a few hours" time and can instead be longer rides and focus on getting back into summer shape. 

For you, a break or reduction in February will neatly coincide with the crowding at the gym, and you can ramp back up in March & April as the treadmills and other stuff is freed up.

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