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I think I was at a superspreader event


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Close friend, Son got married at home months ago, they held the postponed reception Saturday.  We told them we could miss it if they needed to keep numbers down.  They said it's all outdoors, no dancing, masks, etc.

The venue had to shuttle us from the parking lot.  Filled every seat in the mini buses.  Oh, they had the little wristbands to say "Stay AWAY!!" all the way to "I'll suck anybody's face"  We chose a nice yellow, "talking not touching".  outdoor wedding, 3 rows of close seating, then kind of spaced, all assigned seating.  So my wife and I had our 2 lone chairs behind the photographer who never moved but took enough pictures that maybe someday we'll see it.  Cocktail hour - indoors.  At least the Hors d'ovaries were individually packaged.  We hung out outside.  More shuttles, all full.  Dinner under a tent, but it started raining, so for a bit, the side curtains were down.  No dance floor.  No one said a word about no dancing, after dinner the DJ dove right into everyone's favorite dance tunes so they all crammed in the tiny space that wasn't a dance floor.  And the volume was so loud, everyone had to shout to be heard.

We hung out outside the tent.  Odds are about 1 in 1000 of someone being infected around here right now, but if that one was on the not dance floor.....

Oh, but it's their wedding, GOTTA have a party!   NO.  YOU.  DONT.  Sucks, but how about just having a nice dinner and keep your family and friends alive?  And all the speeches about how HARRRRDDD this has been for the couple.  After all, they had to WAIT to throw a hugely expensive party for 100+ friends!  And they already had the family party with the first wedding.

BTW, the bride and Groom both had COVID already.  She's a medical professional.  You'd think people would get it

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