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Both Kids Dug Deep Today


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Em had a sinus infection.  We thought maybe strep, but negative test.  She wanted to run the race so we let her with instructions to not go too fast if she didn't feel good.  Poor thing finished, but felt like crap.  Her race was 25 yd swim, 1.5 mile bike and a .5 mile run.


We thought that Was Griffin's race as well but he actually stepped up in age group at this race.  His other races this year have been much shorter, still considered one of the little ones.  But at this race 9 year olds had to run the bigger kids race.  so he had to swim 100 yds bike 3 miles and run 1.5 miles.  He finished, but was cooked.


So a little perspective, most of his swim races were 25 yds on the swim team.  His cross country runs are 1 mile.  I think that the distance he did today was a pretty tall order for a 9 year old. 


Pretty proud of both of them right now. 


There are pics up on facebook.  I didn't have the big camera. 

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