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mr.’s aunt is visiting for a few days. They’re going skiing tomorrow. We invited her to dinner tonight for taco Tuesday, and so mr.’s parents are coming, too, since she’s staying with them. I would like to watch the POTUS tonight. Maybe they’ll be ok with watching it on PBS since we don’t have cable stations. Maybe they’d prefer not to watch at all. We didn’t think about it before we asked people to dinner. 
I can probably watch on YouTube later, anyway. 

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Fortunately I plan on going to bed at 9 tonight because we have to get up early tomorrow.  I honestly don't remember when I last listened to a State of the Union address.  I prefer less spun versions of the health of our country.  Tonight you're going to get snowed that it's much better than it is.  It's been that way since .................... maybe since Kennedy was shot.

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