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wholey cow the things that hide back in the far corners of my brain. I watch very few movies but I did watch that one. That was a long time ago.

When I had my shoulder surgery last year and returned three days later to have my bandages changed and to have the nurse show my wife how to remove and replace my cryo-pneumatic shoulder brace a really hot looking nurse came in to do it. She removed the brace and was telling me all the things I was not allowed to do. I made some remarks about riding my bike and she got serious and read me the riot act. She told me I Will not be riding my bike, taking my brace off except to shower, not move my arm while in the shower, etc etc etc.

When my wife and I were back in the car to go home I told my wife Miss Ratchet sure is cute but doesn’t know how to take a joke. I didn’t even remember where that came from until Ralph posted that photo. My Nurse Ratchet is cuter than Ralph’s.

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