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A couple of pics from my deck


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I read that Minneapolis-St. Paul has a record February with 31.5" of snow and a week to go, breaking the previous Feb. record of 26.5"

I expected the record would be much more, though with the Great Lakes far enough to the east, I guess there's a limit to moisture in the air.

I was a college student in Chicago when we got whacked with the "April Fools Blizzard" of 1975 - which occurred the day after everyone took steel-studded snow tires off their cars by law. I was doing an all-night research experiment at IIT with a few other grad students and it began snowing around 6:30 am.  By noon, we couldn't open the doors -which opened out- on one side of Wishnick Hall, the Chemistry building, and were using cardboard boxes to sweep enough snow away on the other side so we could open the doors there.

In 2010, in Baltimore we had a 6" snow and another 19.5" the next day and then a 25" snow a couple weeks later, all in February.  Everyone doing any measuring said that official numbers - measured at a spot on the grounds of the BWI Airport (which is actually several miles outside of the city!) - were was too low.  The low spots in my yard were over 30" in each case.

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