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I am tempted


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Go for it! Just don't do what I did on my last century.. I was passing people that were huffing and puffing going up a hill with a cigar in my mouth not even breathing hard.. I was puffing smoke like the little engine that could up that hill in Minnesota 

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16 minutes ago, Airehead said:

Are you ready physically?

Of course he is. Metally? Mentally? Not so much. :D

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Too damned early in the morning to spel.
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If the entry fee is reasonable compared to what you think your chances are - go for it!

If it's not reasonable, but affordable, and the large purse means you'll meet some of the top people - go for it.

When I was almost 17 in the summer of 1967, my high school track coach finagled to get me a membership in the "Baltimore Olympic Club" where he was a shotputter, and then as the BOC's runner in the mile run of the All Eastern Meet of the AAU held at Morgan State College - then one of the preliminary qualifiers for the 1968 U.S. Olympic Team.  I think the Club picked up the entry fee and Coach picked up the Club membership fee.

I walked up to the mile run starting line and there, next to me, I recognized Dave Patrick, then the world record holder for the half mile run.  I then realized the really tall guy in the line, about 6'6", was Charlie Messenger, Patrick's acclaimed teammate on the National Cross Country Champion Villanova College Team.

I got to talk to them for a couple minutes as we stretched and jogged near the starting line to loosen up before the start of the race. I will never forget it - talking to them as a fellow runner, not just a fan!  I was on the other side of the quarter mile track when I watched Patrick edge Messenger across the finish line, and I only finished 12th out of 14, but it was my fastest mile, 4 minutes, 45 seconds, and a great day in my life!

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4 minutes ago, az_cyclist said:


I decided to do the ride.  I will be leaving for Tucson this afternoon.  

Should be a scenic ride, but will be warm and windy in the afternoon.  Most of the elevation gain is in the first 60 miles, so, with a 6:00 am start I should get that done while it is cooler.

Woo-hoo! Get you some, az… Wait. That doesn’t sound quite like what I meant. 

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