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There really is no reason for me to start a Hollies thread with you bastards, no?


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I mean the complete uncaring attitude is as pungent as spraying an entire can of Airwick in the house. 

Seems wrong though, they really were quite excellent and with most of you punks being near the age of 50 you should at least have one Hollies story to share. Then again, I really don't either but it's just nice reliving the music. 

Still, you all suck. 

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well, there was the recent stint playing for Fearless, we learned Long Cool Woman

but the tune of theirs that I really liked playing was years ago in Texas we put together a band playing 60s covers one summer to go have fun and we did "Carrie-Anne"

I remember playing that one at a nudist colony

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8 minutes ago, AirwickWithCheese said:

Now see? Would it have really inconvenienced you Nate to share that tidbit before and not make me feel like I'm on a Hollies island alone?  

"inconvenienced" no, it really wouldn't have put me out any

I mean, you had to wait, what...2 minutes to get a Hollies response?

its those cell phones. They make you crave instant gratification

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