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Piece of cake...


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I'm down 5 pounds and holding for about a week now Petite.  I've reversed the tide these last two or three weeks and plan on marching slowly downward throughout the year.  Plan is be consistent and constant and not fall back any significant gains.  The 2-3 weeks it has taken to be put into this position can be wiped out with a couple of horrible meals -- which can occur in a 24 hour span. Losing a single pound a week I think is doable.  Losing a single pound a week puts me into the weight zone I want to be in. And if it turns out I can only do half a pound a week then it takes me another year to do it.  So be it.

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Someone used to bring a cake to the family gatherings, that was yellow cake with a bunch of 1/2 inch diameter holes poked in it , then pour chocolate pudding over the cake as frosting and it fills the holes. I could go for a good sized piece of that right now.

It was easy eatin.

And I'd like to try chocolate cake with raspberry pudding....  

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