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Weekend Plans? Weekend Plans!


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Which category are you in?


I am in the second.  Repairing bikes for the single parent family ministry at church, then dash home to change for a Eagle Scout Court of Honor then home to change and head to a neighborhood block party.


Sunday I have church, yard work, a scout pack committee meeting to chair and hopefully time for a bike ride.


What is up in your nape of the neck?

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Bike ride - 40 miles starts in about 10 minutes

Work on the tree house



drop car off at the shop to get the front brakes fixed

trip to HD for more treehouse lumber

a little work on the treehouse

bike ride - 30 to 40 miles

serve in kids ministry a church




birthday party for 4 yo grandson



The weekend just starred.......... NOW.  



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Saturday we (wife and I) are taking a kayak repair class to learn about different materials used in kayaks and repair techniques.


Sunday is dog park with Mycroft in am, and puppy training I with Mycroft in evening.

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I rode yesterday..20 miles and grilled brats last night.  This morning I walked at a local park about 3 something miles..then hit target and trader  joes...gonna try t get a few chores done and a little laundry..Laundry should add stairs to my fitbit...and I hope to do at least 1 lap here as well...Sunday...well if it isn't wet...a short ride.

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