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On 4/18/2019 at 12:55 PM, MickinMD said:

How do you do the temperature acclimation at the end?  Float a bag with them in the aquarium?

I have a small heater in the tub with them. It warms the tub to the same temp as my tank. 


On 4/18/2019 at 1:24 PM, bikeman564™ said:

is the doggy the only person amused?

Nope... I am also very amused.. I can't believe how much I have missed having a tank.


On 4/19/2019 at 4:16 AM, Airehead said:

May we have more pictures?

Better yet.. (you don't want to know the price on the anemone) but our clownfish is starting to have a symbiotic relationship with it. She is starting to test out and build up the mucus membrane so she can host it.


Here is also a video.

Soon after acclimating to the stings, she'll be playing in it like crazy.

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12 minutes ago, smudge said:

That is cool!

I am so mesmerized by this happening. It is amazing to watch nature like this. I have never had a clown fish host before.. typically they said "Fu am not playing your stupid games". ?


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5 hours ago, smudge said:

Wait, what? You hand feed them? The anemone? I know nothing of these. Please explain.

What would you like to know. An anemone is an amazing creature. The tips can be little, long, bubbled.. there are over 100 species of anemones. 

The one I have is called a rose bubble tip. Also known as an RBTA for short. The tips of the anemone have really small hair like spikes on them you can not see. They grab food like fish, shrimp and so on if they get close. The tips are just the far outside of the anemone and the bubble tips cover over the oral disc which is where it's mouth and anus is. 

The bubble tip I have is about 4 inches across if the tips were deflated. Another interesting thing is with some anemones like the bubble tip. It is the host for microalgae that lives in the tips and that's why it bubbles. 

What else would you like to know?

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3 hours ago, smudge said:


What??? That I never got a rash like other people, or because I'm nutty enough to put my hands near something that could sting me. :)

Here are a pic of what the stings could look like, but I have seen worse on some people where the skin has raised bumps like a fire ant bites. 

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48 minutes ago, smudge said:

I don't get the hand feeding thing.  Seriously, I guess I thought they just filtered stuff from the water for nourishment. How do you hand feed them??

I take a 1/4 by 1/4 square hunk of uncooked shrimp and place it in their tentacles, they then grabbed it and put it in their mouth. It would just be like in the wild something falling onto them and they will grab it and eat it

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13 hours ago, smudge said:


I seriously had no idea ..... That is really cool!!! Thanks for the education! 

No problem.. I'm a nerdy geek when it comes to marine animals I like. 

I am putting an order in soon for a few more anemones, but different colors.. I want to get a rainbow and a green bubble tip. 

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2 hours ago, smudge said:

Will the clown fish have a significant other? Is that why it's so excited about the anemone? Is it making a nest? Or does it just need a place to live?

an anemone is a place of safety from other animals in the wild. We have two clownfish, and sooner or later they will pair up if they care too. 
Clownfish are the most interesting fish to have. When born they are genderless, in puberty they are all males. When you get two of them (you can also have just one)... one will become dominate over the other not letting the one grow as much as the one in charge. The one that does not grow stays the male and the other will over time change gender and become the female. If you happen to only have one clownfish in the tank it will become female as well because it is looking for a reason to bread and have offspring. Now some people buy one clownfish now, and another a few months down the road. If doing so you want the second one to be smaller than the first by a 1/2 or less so the first one is in charge. 

I personally like getting them both at once.. there are lover spats where one will ram and chase the other, but then you can also watch them a few min later swimming side by side and the larger one will actually kiss the side and face of the smaller one. Clowns are amazing to watch. 

Anyhow enough about that... They only use the anemone for safety.. they will lay their eggs in the small cave I made for them out of rock. (I placed a small flower pot in there for easy removal of the eggs). I am thinking about transferring them to a small 10 gal tank and trying my hand at raising the fry and seeing if I can sell them down the road if they ever mate. This pair is hard to come by and the babies can go for about $20 a piece. if I get about a 20% to hatch and survival rate off of 1,000 eggs... I will make roughly $4k for each spawn. The fish store will sell them off for roughly $90 per fish. 


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