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    You spent a day in nice weather with loved ones - sounds like you won!
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    Definitely better than yesterday. That’s not saying much but it’s better than feeling worse. If it had been worse I’d have to call an ambulance for her.
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    Loser pays. It is a family rule. I would never live it down if I did not pay. Next year, I won’t be the loser.
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    I know my house better in the dark than an intruder would and I have people to protect. Bring the fight.
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    Dolphins side, 45 yard line, 8 rows back.
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    I added Savoy cabbage, an onion, a few cloves, chicken stock and ground black pepper and made Soupe aux choux. It was enjoyed by all for lunch yesterday. This is an incredibly easy dish to make.
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    It's all in the news this morning. A NC couple thought they heard an intruder downstairs during the night, so they hid in their closet and called the police. The "intruder" turned out to be their 2 day-old robot vacuum cleaner. Apparently it went into some sort of automatic mode and started vacuuming and bumping into stuff which caused the brave homeowners to go into hiding. The police arrived and subdued the wayward robot. Everyone had a good laugh. But if I was the husband in this case, I could never hide from the intruder. I'm not the bravest guy in the world, but I'm going to take some sort of action to confront or chase the intruder away to protect my wife and my home. I'm absolutely certain that I would not just seek safety by hiding in a closet.
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    Got my laundry going..then got jumped about the ice on the sidewalk...found what I hope is ice melt and spent a good 20 minutes putting salt out by the scoop 😱 Such are the joys of wearing the crown..
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    WoJSTL are going to a winery and renting a cabin there so that I won't have to drive home.
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    Notice went out you are all welcome...walk Pike Island at Ft Snelling State Park...by candlelight 4 to 8pm. Pizza and whatever at my house afterward.
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    Going to my first football game tomorrow. It was supposed to rain, but it looks like it won't start until midnight at this point. Yay.
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    At least you got to smell the awesomeness of gun powder
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    You were probably distracted by the beautiful December weather.
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    My vision is getting worse, I have my next appointment in Feb. Hopefully I can wait until then.
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    I start a “new” job on 1/2/20. With the same company, so really just a “highly modified” version of my current. But I hope it will be career reinvigorating.
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    Does ND football count? Their MVP for the season is Canadian.
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    Your eating ham is like my having frogs legs for dinner!!!!
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    ...your browser history probably reflects your recent efforts to hook up with heroin dealers.
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    One pot recipes, lauded by cavemen the world over.
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    It's probably just the 24 hour variety. Does someone you know pee on their hands?
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    I’ll take bad habits that spread like wildfire for a gazillion, Alex.
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    With all of Ylva's faults (extreme insanity as the main one), Ylva would defend and protect Tude from an intruder. Ylva would trade her life. Ylva would leave me high and dry, however. I'm on my own if someone breaks in. That's okay though, I look forward to a good fight. If I die, AWWC can have all my stuff. Mudkipz
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    Let's unpack that. I'd bet the people that are getting serious injuries are using motors 3 to 4 times more powerful than mine, on cheap bikes. IOW, they get going real fast and zoom past not only their skill level, but what the bike is capable of managing safely. I've seen other reports about injuries that say head injuries are common on all sorts of electrically powered wheeled widgets. Prob not wearing a helmet. I always wear one.
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    Well I got one rack up. Will finish the other over the weekend. Once that is done, it'll be good to go.
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    In my neck of the woods shooting intruders is considered a civic duty.
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    It is your civic duty to shoot crackheads inside your home, even if you invited them in.
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    Ok, progress. I actually thought about getting up and getting some coffee. Nothing can really be accomplished until this step has completed.
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    ...this tastes like the best grapefruit you ever ate, but better. It's a pomelo hybrid, so sweeter. Not too sweet, but just sweet enough. Like @AirwickWithCheese.
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    If it hasn't done so by now, I see no reason it will next year.
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    Holy crap! Lane Kiffin fired one week before the championship game. Not a fan of Kiffin, but this might be another nail in the coffin for Bama.
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    The second one back looks like she needs to lay off the Little Debbies and Cokes.
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    I shot like an 8 year old today. Pull, shoot, aiming optional. Form terrible. It would have been laughable had I not been crying. Lunch cost $181. I made the high gun— my dad—pay the tip. I cannot ever remember stepping to the trap line and doing this poorly. Even @Parr8hed would have beaten me. This is was the semi final I wasn’t at the line
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    The daughter-in-law for the LSU OC was killed in a plane crash this afternoon, with 6 other people on their way to the Peach Bowl. He’s going to coach tonight. They showed him on the field during warm-ups. Staring up to the heavens, tear filled eyes. I can’t even imagine. 😢
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    I hear you. I thought about this too, but I think maybe Clemson has the edge here as well. They lost to Bama last year and they may want it more. Plus they seem to be playing loose as the "underdog" and lately Bama has looked a little tight and off their game. I'm a Bama fan, been one since I was a kid, but if I had to bet a bunch on this game, I think I might pick Clemson. I'm hoping when Saban retires, Swinney will come home to coach at Alabama, just like Bear did.
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