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    I've been walking a lot since my surgery in October, 141 miles so far. Sometimes I walk around my condo complex, and sometimes mall walk when the weather is crappy or cold. I invited BCC to mall walk w/ me yesterday after walking we stopped for a few beers and some eats and chatted for a few hours great saturday IMO
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    So glad to see you at the baseball game. ?⚾️⚽️????
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    This morning in my fog, I accidentally put buttermilk on my cereal. gross The dog seemed not to mind.
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    Our delayed Christmas White Elephant Gift exchance and dinner went down Saturday. Throw blankets were the most common present at our 13-person White Elephant gift exchange, including a furry one and a weighted blanket. With one gift unopened, a flurry of stealing gifts from each other went on: a gift could be stolen a max. 3 times, you couldn't immediately steal a gift back after it was taken from you, but you could later. Finally, a gift I had stolen was stolen from me. I liked the throw blankets since I often fall asleep in my recliner, but had heavy ones and when I only wanted a light one had been resorting to big beach towels. So I elected to open the last unopened gift and it was another throw blanket - a "big" one, but not a thick one. So I gladly kept it. The game end with the first person to pick to initiate al last round of stealing, but he kept his gift. My nephews also got me a Lamar Jackson #8 Ravens jersey and a 20 oz. insulated drinking cup for when I go walking/riding.
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    I asked Mr. Aire to make a fire while I was in the shower. Came back to the family room to this. Not exactly what I had in mind.
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    Honeybaked also sells the ham bone after they cut most of the meat off. There’s enough meat left that it’s perfect for split pea soup or red beans and rice.
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    You spent a day in nice weather with loved ones - sounds like you won!
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    Definitely better than yesterday. That’s not saying much but it’s better than feeling worse. If it had been worse I’d have to call an ambulance for her.
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    @Square Wheels is a good luck charm for the Dolphins! Maybe his avatar should be the Dolphins' logo.
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    Apparently. We may not make the playoffs, but we didn’t lose to the Dolphins.
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    no problem, there was a thread awhile ago. Upper right lob of my lung removed due to a carcinoid tumor that was also removed. I'm okay now.
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    I mix in some walking. Normally just a mile or two. It helps with alignment of my spine being all natural and stuff.
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    But then I couldn't have Irish Alzheimers...Forget everything, except my grudges.
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    Loser pays. It is a family rule. I would never live it down if I did not pay. Next year, I won’t be the loser.
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    Not much of a photographer, but I bought one for bird and nature photos. Nikon Cool Pic 900.
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    I've never even been to a high school football game. It was a lot of fun. I even saw two people I have not seen in 20 years, we hung for a few minutes at half time.
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    It gets used in cooking. Flapjacks, biscuits, and the like.
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    I've been doing 2-3 miles walks 2-3x per week with Jake the Golden Doodle through 2019 when the weather cooperates. But, after what happened Friday, I need to do some hill cycling and maybe some regular workouts on the leg machine of my old but still functional Soloflex machine. Friday, I spent a lot of time wrestling a 100 lb, over 1 yard-long, unbalanced-weight metal lathe from my basement to car to BIL's house and Sat. and today my hamstrings have been really sore as well as some quad and biceps and lower back soreness. I'm planning to sit in my recliner all day and get help from the 500 mg Naproxen tablets left over from my shoulder surgery. I'm not even going to cook dinner: 2.5 min. nuked chicken nuggets with cocktail sauce and chips for dinner. My legs can walk a few miles without any soreness while holding a 100 lb dog in check and on occasion a few more miles has been fine while keeping up with my nephew, but those legs clearly need some stronger workouts. At least my heavily repaired shoulder is just fine after Friday's weight workout!
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    I also like peanut butter on them, depending on the type of pretzel.
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    (Psst. Emergency source: https://www.honeybaked.com/)
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    I'm sorry you're such a dolt.
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    It requires quite the skill set to descend quickly when safety is a concern. I doubt the majority of people on e-bikes have any knowledge on the matter. I imagine most feel empowered when they mount up. I know I feel that way on a human powered bicycle.
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    I did buy another rack tonight. That leaves two that need to be assembled. The first trick is to get all the stuff off the floor and then rearrange it in the racks later. Being able to actually get inside my garage to clean it will be incredibly helpful.
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    So you didn’t end up receiving stolen property. That’s a win.
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    I’m sorry - so sorry. I hope my heartfelt apology allows you some measured peace as you enter the new year.
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    It is not a crime to protect your home and family. Publicity about home intruders meeting their just rewards is a good deterrent.
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    These statistics are worthless. Everyone knows 88% of statistics you see on the internet are just made up. including this one
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    All of the above. Have you ever known a monkey that had standards for bananas!
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    losers that have the audacity to break in to occupied houses should be kept out of the court system...
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    I know my house better in the dark than an intruder would and I have people to protect. Bring the fight.
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    Dolphins side, 45 yard line, 8 rows back.
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    Chocolate milk works well
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    I wonder how long it would take to dispose of s body in my furnace?
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    What kind of study is that? How do they know what caused the injuries? When a car or truck hits a cyclist by not giving the required distance for safe passing those injuries were not caused by the bicycle.
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    WoJSTL are going to a winery and renting a cabin there so that I won't have to drive home.
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