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    This weeks foster. 4 month old from a pack living by the trinity river.
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    ...of the third James McCarthy book. I am emotionally drained. I need a three day nap before I start the edits and rewrites.
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    I caught a pic of the two of you together
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    I told him a joke about a wolf trying to blow down a she-shed.
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    The session was called Hippy Core. No joke. @Randomguy I feel so great. Started using my fitnesspal again. Tracking food. Man, my diet is pretty healthy. A little high in fat, but it is all good fat. Still high though. I have lost 17 pounds, since my heaviest this year. My clothes are comfy, and I am walking better. Good Golly Gosh, I am inspired. Namaste.
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    I hope you don’t hear them start huffing and puffing in the middle of the night. That is basically a house of sticks.
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    So you asked for 8 feet!
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    He has golden eyes and is very sweet. Everything is new to him. He is loving being loved. He follows Martha every where, even into the shower.
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    Stopped at Menards in Marquette on my way to camp. Had to get trim for the corners of the shed. Need to cover the gaps where the siding panels meet. The trim was in 16' lengths, so I used the chop saw they have to cut the trim pieces to 8' lengths. Also picked up some of these vent chutes to divert the wind away from me when I'm trying to sleep in my loft. I think they will help for now. Tomorrow I will paint the trim pieces and then install them.
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    I heard em! They were not far away! Definitely on our camp property!!!! A couple long howls and then the group yippin' that they do. It only lasted about half a minute, but no f'in way am I leaving this shed until full daylight!!!!!!
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    My wife's roughly 3 year old and not cheap Lenovo Yoga laptop would not turn on. Google and Tom said to unplug it and hold the power button for 20 seconds, and lo and behold, it worked! Whew! It went right into Windows updates so I blame Bill Gates!
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    not fat? I made mashed taters, stuffed pork chops, gravy, butternut squash, and peas for supper. I might even have seconds when I finish this.
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    You can't win a staring contest with an Australian Shepherd. I could've saved her a lot of time by telling her not to try, but where is the fun in that. For those that may not know, the intense stare is one of their best tricks used in herding, Intensely staring down the animal they are herding to get them to turn around and it worked again as the wife finally turned around.
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    Our Aussie would stare at us until we agreed to take her for ice cream.
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    Texas airport - "Do you have any firearms?" "No" "What do you need?"
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    Come on, DH. We all know you well enough to know you were talking about suspension travel...
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    One of our granddaughters spent some time with us on Sunday. She liked nana’s Walker. Grandkids are another thing that’s underrated.
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    Should have to pay for two seats, not assume I don't mind sharing mine. Have I mentioned that I hate flying?
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    For the wife. Traded the MINI. Replaced the thermostat and housing 3 times this year in the MINI.
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    In the hill/bluff behind a shop and coffee house in Alma, WI..statues..water feature...formal and not so formal..oh an Pooh bear
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    You had me shaking my head, this is not the Aire I've come to know Then I read.... and all is right in the world again
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    No color in tonight's sky
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    Country Roads Take Me Home
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    Lean in to folks like that! They are often very "soft" - almost pillow-like.
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    I'm convinced the reason writers build their own worlds is because we need somewhere safe to escape the real world.
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    At the airport myself, homeward bound. We flew United from Denver to Tampa and I thought it hilarious that we were getting in a freaking Airbus 300 that seats well over 100 passengers. The ticketing agent was telling everyone “we can only accommodate 40 roller bags, if you are in boarding groups 2-4 you MUST check your bag”. We were in group 2 and my wife started into a mild panic. I called BS on the 40 roller bags knowing the math didn’t quiet add so told her to hold on to the bag. There was more than enough room for our bag...
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    At 4:43 am I officially decided I'd had enough fun for one night. I made a mad dash for camp from the shed and lived to tell the tale. It's about 900° in here. Wood stove works too well. Thank you @Longjohn and @sheep_herder for keeping me company while I was worried about wolves.
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    They are circling around the she shed. Usually if you shoot one the rest will run away.
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    Honda exhausts are made of stainless steel pipes bolted together with mild steel flanges. Somewhere around 150’000 miles the flanges rust out. I have a guy that cuts off the flanges and welds a stainless splice in place. Good for another 150’000 miles. All for under $100.
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    I'm working on: 1) Chopin, Waltz in A Minor, Opus Posthumous 2) Scott Joplin, The Entertainer 3) Joe Garland, In the Mood - Glenn Miller arrangement 4) Hoagy Carmichael, The Nearness of You - Nora Jones arrangement I may play the Chopin piece at the ACE Recital of the Peabody Institure of Johns Hopkins Univ. in May. The photo below was me playing Chopin's Prelude in E Minor there a while back.
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    I think this might be good for dear leader
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    And I had to google borscht belt.
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    You should build a shed for the wolves stocked with nice food and comfy beds (and heat). Then they'd have no reason to be wandering around at night. You may want to get cable for their shed as well.
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    I am staring at you right now *strawberry
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    We drove southwest along the Minnesota river..with stops in St.Peter and New Ulm..lunch in St.Peter..a B.B.Q. place that had some tasty meats...I have pork my neighbor had beef..drove through some small towns looking for possible shops or maybe an antique store...Blue sky and lots of fall color..oh and lots of farm fields...we didn't do any photo stops...
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