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    The Story of my Trip to the LIbrary

    After living in this town for almost two decades, I finally decided to visit the library. Normally I don't like having a time deadline to read a book, but I wanted access to some of their online databases. This made me feel all eager to learn. I found the library which is located in a nice little town park with tennis courts and and a baseball field. It was pouring rain. This made me feel wet. On my way into the library I passed a cheery young woman who ran by and shouted "Happy Rainy Day!". This made me feel very welcome. I entered the building and a sensible elderly lady at the front desk told me I could apply for a card there. She asked me if I had a drivers license with a town address and I told her yes and handed her my wallet. She looked at my license very suspiciously which made me feel a bit like a suspect, even though I had done nothing wrong. She seemed pleased that I had printed off the application from online and already filled it in. This made me feel proud. She typed a bunch of stuff in the computer and then handed me my very own library card in a paper case and a smaller key chain sized one. This made me feel very accomplished. She then offered me a tour of the building and I was actually very impressed with the collections and the nice reading spaces. There was a mother and daughter working nicely on a jigsaw puzzle. This made me feel very neighborly. She told me there were ACT training classes going on in the activity room. This made me very glad I didn't have to take the ACT exams. I told her that the building was very lovely. This made her feel proud. I looked around the reading room and saw a magazine that looked interesting. I sat down in the one big leather comfy chair in the room and read it. This made me glad that nobody else was in the room and I could have the best chair. On my way out I noticed the road that passed the baseball field meandered up a hill. I wondered what was up the road so I decided to drive up despite the heavy rain. This made me feel adventurous. I drove up the road and discovered it ended up in a parking lot. That made me feel a bit let down, but overall I felt very accomplished. The End.
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    Merry Christmas!

    As this year wraps up, I am truly thankful to you all. Because of you, I have an amazing assortment of wonderful gifts to give to my daughter. So many so, that there are several that are being shelved until birthday or Christmas following. The out pouring of support as I came to grips with the diagnosis was even more so amazing than the gifts. I know that there is faith, fellowship, love, and kindness in this world. I just never believed that I was deserving of it from almost strangers. Even that is almost unjust. I've known you all for as long as I've known my physical friends. Know that not just on this day of celebration, but all others, you are my most cherished friends. Thank you all so much. Merry Christmas to you and your families.
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    Puppy New Years

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    Just finished sealing the butcher block counter tops. Backsplash is next
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    No meat for me at the shoot

    I shot better than I have in years and it got me nothing. Holiday trap shoot tonight at dad’s home club. Hit a green bird and you get meat. I saw one in 50 and missed it. Shot well overall but still came in 4th. My dad was 49/50, oldest brother 47/50, my sis in law 46. Me 45. This tied me for 4th with my 16 year old niece. It was a fun time. It made my dad really happy on a Christmas that had a lot of sad. Family won bacon and sausage and scrapple so I guess we will eat tomorrow
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    Everyone kept asking me if I was ok in the day of the wedding. Yep, good to go and I really was, until I wasn't. Standing in the room alone with my daughter as all of the groomsmen & bridesmaids walked out I had this vision of a little girl. Damn when did she grow up?
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    Wedding is over, people are out of my house and I'm going back to work today for a little rest! The wedding really went well with no hiccups (at least that were noticed by the bride). The venue staff just killed it and the weather was perfect for an outdoor ceremony. The food was fabulous and the reception was a blast. So many things just went right it was hard to believe. We got so many compliments of how much fun they had it was really cool that our family & friends had a good time. OK the other really cool thing. My FIL had a falling out with my two BIL's some years ago and haven't talked in years. All parties knew the others would be there and all agreed to be civil for my daughter. Well my FIL has two new grandsons (the twins I posted about earlier) who he didn't even know existed. Before the ceremony they all arrived and were forced to walk by each other due to the lay out. My BIL who is really a good dude was holding one of the twins and just introduced him to his grandfather. FIL about lost it and FIL, two sons and two grandsons stood there talking for a good 20 minutes. I was upstairs watching out from a window and saw the whole thing. It was really cool. Oh and the dreaded MIL had a surreal moment (alcohol definately involved) when she kept kissing me on the cheek & hugging me telling me how wonderful a father and husband I am!?!?!? All in all just an awesome night. I wasn't able to snap many photos but here's a few.
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    First world Garmin problems

    So.. I decided to buy myself and my wife new watched. I do have a forerunner 920XT and a Fenix 2, but I wanted something smaller to wear while working and just out and aboot. I picked us up the vivosmart HR+ watches for a good price. Welp.. looks like Everytime I ride my motorcycle it is trying to log it under a cycling exercise. I don't mind it much because it scores more workout points for me and the wife does not know..I wish there was a way to override the workout and have it ignore the cycling part. Garmin wrote me back saying it's because of the position of my watch while on the motorcycle that causes it. I say that fine and all, but why have the watch automatically stsrt logging a workout.. that's just silly. And if you just skipped to this point.. please like this post so I can have more likes then AWWC. Thanks!
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    It's hardly fair to make a review on my electric bike but I am happy to report it totally did what I was hoping. My wife and I just rode a 17 mile round trip across the valley where we conquered a good share of hills get to and from it. I typically ride my touring bike about an average of 14 mph in the flats and anywhere between 8-12 mph up lengthy or steep hills. With the lowest pedal assist setting on the electrical bike, I probably increased my speed about 2-3 miles per hour just casually riding -- and I didn't attempt to maximize this. That is, this was accomplished using the two lowest pedal assist levels and casually riding. But here's the thing. I haven't ridden really since July, and while an increase in speed is nice, I was able to ride up hills like nothing and they didn't wipe me out. And where I live, this was key. The number of route options to get to my home from the transit center has completely opened up. I rode also w/o any bike shoes trying to gain any extra mechanical advantage. The advantage is the Bosch motor running in the bottom bracket. That means I can travel roughly 10 miles in casual shoes and wear without getting overly sweaty or being wiped out racing to my bus. Not sweaty. Not tired. Faster. Hmmmmm.... Essentially, there are 4 levels of assist on my bike, and if I was to ride in on of the top highest two gears, I would be burning 50% less calories than if I had no pedal assist. Rding an electric bike in one of the highest two gears is akin to a brisk walk -- some of the best exercise out there for you. But I found that I can use the first two lowest levels of assist (and far less drain on the battery) very easily. and is pretty much all I need. Therefore, I'm surmising that by riding my electric bike in one of the two lower modes, I'm burning 75% of the calories as compared if I were riding a regular bike. So I don't feel bad at all, really, about cutting out some of the health benefits for improved performance and ease -- because without it I wouldn't be riding at all. The locale of my house has been a detriment and a riding blocker. I wasn't riding at all. But not anymore. It'll be interesting to see if i slack over time but I now have NO excuse not to ride during my commute to work. None. Since moving to my new house, I have done NO riding during my commute. If I fail, then I just threw a bunch of money out the window. If i succeed -- and I'm literally betting money on it -- then I save money over time and my health goes up -- and most likely I continue to lose weight. Riding my electrical bike is a lot of fun. I believe my commute just got a lot more fun as well.
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    Bye bye Deer Slayer

    So Long John, are you out of the meth business for good ?
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    It's probably easiest just to buy a new truck. 14K miles is a lot.
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    Net gain, -.4

    Knowing my wife would be pissed if we made a Christmas feast and had friends and family over to enjoy it only to watch me refuse everything, I decided to fast the 21st through 23rd. No problem, I can go 4 or 5 days very easily when in ketosis. Christmas Eve and day, I went all out. Ate more carbs than I have had in the past 6 months, everything from candy and baked goods starchy veggies and fruits etc. The body goes from a fat consumer to carb consumer in the flip of a switch and cravings for more come back just as fast. Today will be another fast day and I will be back to high fat, low carb eating tomorrow. I got on the scale this morning and am down almost half a pound. Everyone is happy and no one felt guilty about my not eating.
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    Tonight's Christmas display.

    Took the kids out for Christmas lights.
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    Our definition of rare sort of special evening when we go out: 1. We wore dark jeans, clean warm fleecy jackets and rain jackets since it was a showering off and on. 2. Then we walked over to Vietnamese restaurant, downtown Vancouver. We had a great meal. The restaurant in an older building with mouldings..sort of French café aura. Like colonial French feel. 3. Took transit train and then transferred to transit bus to university in dark evening. It took about 60 min. in total. With hundreds of other Vancouverites who also were taking transit. (Very normal in this big city.) 4. Got off in the dark at university where I followed dearie to the concert hall. About a 15 min. walk. We couldn't quite get it right in the night time..since we normally bike through the campus during day. (There are beautiful bike routes from downtown that go by Pacific Spirit Regional Park or from along the inlet ocean beaches...I used to bike daily those routes for fitness/sheer pleasure.) 5.Attended a baroque, classical orchestral music concert. A brilliant star violinist from..the U.S. Very electric. Vivaldi (16thh century composer) famous "The Four Seasons", etc. Some women were overdressed in bare shoulder dresses while others were like us, in dark jeans and decent shirts, etc. 6.Had coffee, dark chocolate bar during intermission 7.then we took bus, transit train back, We marvelled how many shops and restaurants there were which we don't see because we went along a street we never bike. Lots of people taking transit along the whole route after 9:30 pm. 8. Stopped at a French restaurant, where we had wine, 3 appies (grilled octopus, a French flatbread with anchovies and vineagraette, some smoked salmon, etc.) 9. Then 5 min. walk was home. 10. I clunked out asleep within 1 min. of hitting pillow. It was only 12:30 am. Some alcohol makes me sleepy /tipsy fast,
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    Tybee says hello

    He says he is progressing well and is now a master of crutches. He is rationing the good drugs and is off PBR for a while, now he is into Midol and drinks Tab primarily. He seems in good spirits, btw, and says the sponge baths are nice and "invigorating".
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    @roadog @Rick5234 @Randomguy & me at some watering hole in Youngstown OH
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    He put RO to work. looks like a big $$$$ union job.
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    My wife & I were out to dinner, the waitress looked like she should have been working the Playboy Club, and was playing to her strengths. After she brought our order my wife made some wiseass undeserved remark about putting my eyes back in my head. I very suavely smoothed things over by telling wifey it was OK, I don't care for those perky things, I like em flopie, like your's. It was a quiet meal.
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    Who has the oldest vehicles?

    1954 JC Higgens.
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    Sneak Peak

    T minus 36 minutes
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