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    I'm not dead yet!

    I'll report more later, but first beer. Then food.
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    Just so you know..

    I accepted the new job. Now I have to resign from the old one but will do that Monday. Stress and grumpiness are gone. Well, at least on the back burner.
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    Pray for me!

    I survived! It was a rough start, but then I found my groove. My first pedal stroke with my bad knee was a bad one. I wasn't ready to do it, knee wasn't warmed up...ugh. I went about a half mile and went home. I shed my jacket, and I took the 90° flexion stopper out of the brace. I still kinda pedaled with a gimp, but by then I could do a full pedal stroke. And all was well. It was slow, but it went well. Thanks for your support!
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    Square Wheels

    Happy Anniversary

    It's been a terrific four years. While it's likely I'll never actually meet most of you, we are still a family. A modern, internet family. We know each other, support each other and get along well. This has been a great four years and I look forward to many more to come.
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    I cleared top dead center!

    I was at PT today and on the nasty Schwinn exercise bike. I hate that thing. It's too tall for me (of course), the wheel is weighted and pushes my knee around, and the fat-ass seat is tilted UP. Hate it. So I was on it pedaling forward then backward because I don't have enough bend in my knee for a full pedal stroke. I wasn't paying close enough attention, and one backwards pedal stroke got out of hand. Oof, stop!! It didn't hurt, but it pulled pretty hard. I kept going and got a little distracted again..... Hey wait.. did I just do a full pedal stroke??!! I carefully tried the next revolution, and sure enough! Full pedal stroke! I was perched on that stupid thing frantically looking for Paul, my PT guy, to tell him the good news. I was all giddy telling him about it! Riding a real bike any day now!!!
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    ride pics

    A few photos from my ride tonight. Sorry they are a bit blurry. I was riding down a gravel road. Sheep!!!
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    Alexa Grace- 3 months old
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    Pray for me!

    I'm giving this a try. If I can do a full pedal stroke on that behemoth at PT, I should be ok on the Roubaix. Fingers crossed!
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    A few more photos

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    For TK and others

    Earlier this week
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    A pretty good deal

    They are building roads in our area for a windmill project. We keep getting Fedex and UPS deliveries left at our house for the company doing the project. I usually just bring them to the office trailer up the road on my way to work. The job super keeps apologizing because his main office gave our address instead of the correct one. Today I brought three packages up before they got done for the weekend. About 5 minutes after I got back home the Super pulls in. Says for our troubles they are going to resurface our driveway with crushed stone. First, they will grade it, lay down 6 inches of crushed limestone and then compact it. Considering our driveway is 700+ feet long, that's a pretty good deal.
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    Bluebird day

    Temp in the 40s. Nice day to ride some gravel roads.
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    Last night our friends in Haiti, Isaiah and Judeline welcomed baby Isaac into the world.
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    A little blue

    Second day of all terrier trial. Lindy ran twice and came out on top both times. There were 28 dogs in his class. I am very proud of him. If I don't choke. He may get a new title tomorrow. I would be thrilled. He would still just want love and steak.
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    Baby update

    She's 3 months old this week. Growing fast, starting to be more vocal, rocking on her hands and knees. It's great fun. Sleeps mostly through the night. We put her in the crib around 11 and she gets me up around 3 then around 6. Very easy-going baby.
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    Dammit 2nd Place

    Came in 2nd, lost 22 lbs 9.4% total weight loss but the winner lost 10.5% 22 lbs... Still get a grand for 2nd but dammit wanted the win and was working hard for it.
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    Thaddeus Kosciuszko

    Manor Kill Falls

    Today I decided to set aside a few moments from an otherwise agenda-driven weekend to stop at Manor Kill Falls. I'd stopped here several years ago but today since I was driving within a hundred yards of the falls I made the stop again. This time I discovered there was a trail along one bank of the kill (or creek) - not a clandestine trail but a real trail specifically set aside for hiking. A sign said something about the "Long Trail' so maybe it was part of the Appalachian Trial; I haven't looked it up yet. Anyway, the trail ran close enough to the upper part of Manor Kill Falls to get, I thought, a rather nice view Walking back, I knew there was a lower falls just by the sound, so again I followed the trail. Sadly the brush and trees blocked a decent view of the lower falls, so at first all I got was this which in reality was only slightly better than what this picture shows. So I looked around a bit and found a place that I thought might provide a better vantage point. I clambered down this which was right above this Just beyond that gap between the two trees was a vertical drop of about 50 to 60 feet or so. The footing wasn't all that here great either. The picture makes it look like the ledge was level but it sloped rather steeply to the trees. I found a couple of crevices in the rock to jam my hands into so if my feet gave way I wouldn't skid off the ledge and splat on the creek bed. Once past this point I could brace myself against a third tree to get the pictures. Anyway, once there I found the view was much better. I experimented with a couple of settings on the camera; I'm not sure which photo I like better Once I got the photos I clambered back out and back to the car. It was a good stop for me. The sights and sounds of the falls, and the quiet of the woods I found most refreshing. Even though I'd seen the falls once before I realized that today I saw them anew.
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    I got a reprieve. Whew!

    I've been stressing out and grumbling about having to go back to work after only four weeks off for my surgery. Why the heck does everyone else get at least six weeks?! Ugh.... Come to find out, I actually don't go back until October 9. Whew!! I had a copy of the last schedule I knew about, and it showed me going back this Monday. I went to the department meeting yesterday and then went to talk to my manager. Our supervisor said, "What?! I don't have you scheduled to come back until October 9!" We looked into it and called the benefits helpline, and sure enough; I will have six weeks off. Thank God. I was really stressing being able to keep up and how pissed off my knee was going to be. whew.....
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    So today......

    ,,,,this happened. Off now to a very good foster home.
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    Run clean, Run fast

    3 days and three blue ribbons. He also completed his title and now moves up to play with the big boys.
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    A short time ago on this Forum FRoS and I threatened that we would meet up to ride our bikes on the snowmobile trails near Woodgate, NY and see Sand Lake Falls. Today we made good on our plans and found ourselves at the trailhead on Bear Creek Rd. FRoS had his fat bike. At one point I hefted it, and the thing is so light he has to put a water bottle on it to keep it from floating off in the breeze. I had a Trek 800 mountain bike. When I bought it I think the specs said the frame was made from cast iron. The whole ride was going to be about 12 miles or so. We picked this trailhead as the starting point because the hiking guide said the other way in was through a swamp that had knee-deep water. More on that later. We started out on a gravel road, and I'm thinking 'This is going to be a piece of cake!' After a short way the gravel ended, but we continued on an old road. Still good riding, not as fast as the gravel road but we moved along. Then that trail ended and the real snowmobile trail began. Or should I say, the Boulder Garden. The underbrush was cut way, but there were rocks everywhere. Now if we'd had DH with us, she would have glared at them and they would have kindly stepped aside. I guess once you get 4 or 5 or 8 feet of snow on top of rocks 1 or 2 foot in diameter it doesn't matter. Me, I struggled to find a line and eventually had to walk a good part of that. Once we got past that the trail returned to a leaf covered logging trail, and I could ride a fair part of it . We eventually came to a bridge where the deck was about 2 feet off the ground. It was intentionally built that way. Even at that height it would be buried under feet of snow. This was the creek at the bridge I thought it interesting that a tree next to the stream sat right upon a rock and ran a root off to the side to reach the soil From here the trail conditions really varied. Sometimes we rode, sometimes we walked around boulder gardens, and sometime we had to portage FRoS kindly posed to demonstrate how the Eville Adirondack Mud tried to suck his bike into the Pool of Woe we were trying to get around. There was no warning when something like this would happen. We'd ride along on what seemed to be reasonably firm ground next to one of these pools and the front wheel would vanish hub-deep into a leaf and grass covered sink hole. And I quickly learned that a mountain bike could not go everywhere a fat bike could. All the same, even with the sink holes and the portaging and the Boulder Gardens I was enjoying the ride. We saw no one on the way in, and only one couple with a dog on the way out. The Adirondack woods were quiet, and beautiful. Nearly two hours later we'd stopped to walk across another snowmobile bridge. FRoS said 'Listen...' Very faintly we could hear the sound of the falls. And so, onward. We arrived at the lean-to near the creek, and through the trees we could see the top of the falls. Now, I'm not trying to disparage FRoS' image as a grumpy old bastard, but he very kindly waited while I wandered all around and took a bunch of pictures. I'm grateful for that... The creek that creates the falls starts at Sand Lake You can almost turn around from this spot and see how the water started carving away the rock to form the first set of small falls At the foot of this small cliff are the first falls A short ways below these is another small drop at the top of a large pool After the pool the creek burbles over some rocks and makes a few bends Then it reaches what I'd call a slide, and the water makes a 90 degree turn into the top of the main falls. Off to the right side of the picture you can see the rock that the water flows over in the spring or when the water is high. The main falls are about 15 or twenty feet high. I'd forgotten my tape measure, so I'm guessing here The pool at the base of the falls was bounded by a low wall of rocks, with cracks in all kinds of places. The stream splintered, going in several dozen directions to find it way out of the pool. Like this, where the water flow not only past a large boulder but out from under it as well. There were easily a dozen little drops like this one scattered below the pool Most of the water flowed out of several large cuts in the bigger rocks opposite the falls A short ways downstream, the stream shot a small rapids before descending with less energy but with still considerable beauty along its stream bed. I was reluctant to leave. But man does not live on waterfalls alone, I only had a couple of granola bars with me, and there was no stock of canned goods in the lean to. (Although there were a couple pairs of boots and some empty liquor bottles). You know, now that I think about it, some of those bottles were full when we arrived... Hmmmm.... We headed back. We both found we rode more of the trail and walked less. FRoS told me how he rode his bike over the limbs across the trail, so I tried it. It worked! I am happy to say I may now have one mountain biking skill. I think we may have ridden most of the first Boulder Garden we encountered. Even so, it wasn't easy for me. At one point FRoS commented 'This is probably the hardest you've ever ridden to go 2mph.' And he was right, too. But it was one of the best 2mph I've ridden as well. Would I do it again? I think I might even though it was one of the more difficult rides I've done, and certainly one of the most difficult this year. But before I did I'd have to follow a suggestion I'd heard. Something about getting a fat bike fitted out with pontoons and an outboard motor...
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    Home depot run

    Since its raining today I decided that Home Depot has a two drink minimum. On the way home from the store just as I stopped at the stop sign a car pulled out of the rock star parking spot in front of the bar.
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    I don't know why they send the PA in to see me. I have an appointment with the doctor. The PA isn't helpful cuz she doesn't know this stuff well enough. So I asked to see the Dr. I thanked him profusely for the tiny MCL scar. Another lady from AZ had her surgery two days after mine, and her cut was huge! He basically said he was trying something with my knee, and it worked. I told him I was very grateful. He blushed. He checked the stability and said the knee is good. No more brace unless I'm in a situation where I know I should have it. Yay! Said I'll have PT for a total of 3 months of PT. Wut????? sigh, ok. I asked if the swelling was normal (7 weeks post-op) and if my knee was gonna ever look normal. He chuckled and said it actually looks better than many he's seen at this point. Oh. Ok! Best part: doctor said I need to get on my bike as much as I can. It's good for my knee. He said it more than once. Well, ok; doctor's orders!! So I went home and road the Roubaix 11 miles. Doctor's orders!
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    I hope people don't mind if I talk about grandchildren. They're fairly accomplished people, so I apologize in advance if it sounds as if I'm exaggerating or bragging... This is my grandson, who is a vice president at multi-national firm that conducts safety testing for most of the major toy manufacturers. He's written nearly all of their testing protocols and actively oversees the laboratory work to make sure the tests are properly run: My elder granddaughter, who has her doctorates in animal genetics and continental climate studies. Here she's collecting data on the adaptation of African large animal species to the temperate North American deciduous forests. My younger granddaughter, who just completed her Masters in Hydrology. She's known for immersing herself in her work. In this case she's completing a project on a prototype system to economically transfer torrential rains from weather events like hurricanes to areas of the country where there are water shortages:
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    Gravel, mud, rocks, and snow

    I finished. In a shit ton of rain. The race started in the dark. Ben Weaver read a poem. My riding crew was there to send me off. They all rode the 60 mile race. The three of the them took 3 of the top five spots. I had a one hour head start on them and they passed me at mile 43. I heard my name and saw a flash of green and orange. I slogged through 120 miles of gravel, mud, snow, rocks, and a marsh. Just under 11 hours of riding. The conditions were brutal. The first half of the race was great. Mostly dry roads, temps in the 40s, nice weather for riding gravel. Then we had to climb to Two Top. Mile 68 to 83 is uphill. The first portion is gravel, then you are on a muddy ATV trail. Rocks, mud, and snow. Finally reached the top and the rain started. Hike a bike section through downed trees and snow. Then a meadow, no trail, just signs to guide you. Then a marsh/wetland section. Back on the gravel and the sky opened up, tons of rain. I was soaked by the time I reached the last checkpoint at mile 101. Soup and PBR did the trick. The last 19 miles were a grind through muddy and soft roads. 8700 ft of climbing. Getting passed. Hike a bike Meadow Where's the trail? Looking back at the marsh. Driving over the pass to get home.
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    I did it.

    I rode bike every day in September. Part of the Chain Reaction Bicycle Project fund raising campaign. Rode 960.8 miles this month. Today was the party at the brewery to celebrate the end of the campaign. WoD_P won a growler of beer and a stocking cap door prize. I wish those of you who donated to this project were close enough that I could share it with you.
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    End of an Era

    A great guy started a running club 6 years ago here because our schools (elementary) didn't have athletics anymore. No budget for them. So all of our elementary schools (12 I think) got cross country teams and participated. This year we had over 650 kids. That's 650 kids that ran approx 25 miles in training and racing. That's 650 kids that were not on their wiipads or exbox thingies. I was an assistant coach for that first year for G's team. The next 5 years I was head coach 2 more years for G and 3 year for Em. Last night I coached my last race. My girls won first. I have not yet coached a team that at least boys OR girls didn't take home a first place championship trophy. My successor is the dad of a second grader. He helped this year and will continue in our winning tradition.
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    So, this vid just came out on Pink Bike, TODAY! I am feeling like the luckiest girl, right now. I watched this, and started to cry. This life I am living, is so amazing. Just being able to ride the way I do, is a gift. Being able to live somewhere like this is like a dream coming true. Look at the amount of people that showed up for their trail work party. This is going to be a great journey. I am verklempt. Check this out: https://www.pinkbike.com/news/from-sawmills-to-singletrack-video.html
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    Welcome to my new forum.

    SquareWheels and others have been laying the groundwork for my arrival. Now that I am here, let the excellence commence. Also, if anybody calls me a FNG, I shall cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war.
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    Enjoyed a quiet Sunday afternoon...

    all by myself. The tide was high. The water was cool. The beer was cold. And the house and dock looked like they wanted their picture taken. I am 90% finished with the cleanup from the hurricane so I took a break. All by myself.
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    ...I would have taken a picture of our dinner. Fresh green beans, lightly steamed. I riced some cauliflower and mixed in a little butter and freshly roasted garlic. Then the main portion was a portabella mushroom stuffed with a mixture of carrots, onions, kale, peppers, and feta cheese. I mixed a bit of hot sausage in at the end for flavoring. Then stuffed it in the mushroom and grilled until the cheese was gooey. It was delicious.
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    Weight Loss Challenge

    Not sure if I posted here but I entered a Weight Loss Challenge at work. $100 to enter, $1,500 for the winner, $1,000 for 2nd and $500 for 3rd. If we loose more than 10 lbs we get our $100 back as well. So we are 5 weeks into the 6 week challenge and I'm down 16 lbs! I've lost the most weight so far but I'm in freaking 2nd place as it's measured as a % of weight lost, not total lbs lost. I'm about 1% behind the 1st place person.... By my estimation I need to drop another 5 lbs to win. The person in 3rd could catch me too as she is only .5% behind me but not likely as shes a little thing to start with and i dont see her dropping much more. Part of my joining was for the money but I really needed to drop some weight for diabetes management and it was a good motivator. I'm really not doing any fad type diets either, just eating right, in proper proportions and excersizing regularly. Proper proportions is the key for me. I generally eat good food, just too much... If I can maintain where I am now I'd be happy. One week to go, hopefully I get that last 5 lbs!
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    I played with this schralping badass bike chick once. I won. (I cheated a lot, but she can't prove it) @AirwickWithCheese there is still time. Isn't @Randomguy coming for a visit?
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    Would a different type of bra help?
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    Yup.. it really happened and here is proof. What a beautiful ride in the Jeep today without doors and a top... We had to make a run South for a few goodies for the Jeep so we stopped to see the munsters house. They were not giving tours this year, but we hope to get back down there next year to see the house they built from watching the tv shows.
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    Volunteer work

    Tomorrow I start a volunteer position at the local elementary school. It's a partnership between work and school. Every other Friday morning I read to a group of three or four kindergarteners for about half an hour in the cafeteria. This will be fun. I'll report back tomorrow.
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    My 2009 Giant Defy Advance 3 Triple was starting to show its age. Both Shimano 105 brifters and derailleurs were original and had well over 30K miles on them. I had changed the cassette, chain (multiple times) plus the middle chain ring on the FSA triple crankset. I’d also swapped out the original Tektro brakes for some older Ultegra brakes. I been missing shifts plus not all that happy with the triple when it did work well. Replacing the cables and housings didn’t help anymore. The frame, fork, seat post, handlebars, etc. were in good shape still. I’d had the headset and crank bearing replaced last year. So I had to choose between getting a new bike for about $3000 and fixing up the old Giant for around $800. I opted to buy a Shimano Ultegra 6800 compact double groupset from Chain Reaction Cycles in the UK for $600 which included shipping and taxes. I went with a compact double with a 50-34 crankset and 11-32 cassette. That actually gives me a higher high gear and lower low than the 50-39-30 / 12-27 setup that came with the bike. The kit arrived pretty quickly; however, it needed a few things to be complete. It didn’t come with brake cables or housings. The brake cable kit was about $20. It came with derailleur cables but no housings. I bought 25 foot of the cable housings so I’d probably never need to again. $28. It didn’t come with the small alignment tool needed for the front derailleur. $8. My old 105 had derailleur adjustment mechanisms on the brifters while the Ultegra brifters do not. I need a pair of frame adjusters which were pretty cheap. About $12. Most disappointing was that I needed a new rear wheel. My old rear wheel would not take the 11-speed cassette. So that was another $200. I also put on a new tire and tube for $75. New handlebar tape, but the old tape was dirty and frayed anyway. $20. I took my time and did the install over a couple of days. My biggest worry was the crank. The groupset came with a threaded bottom bracket; however, the Defy uses BB86 pressed-in bearings. Fortunately the crankset fit perfectly with those BB86 bearings. Everything else was straight forward except the front derailleur. I mentioned the FD alignment tool, but there was much more than that! The downloaded installation manual was 18 pages that you need to read very carefully. I almost missed one important step plus was confused about two little pieces of metal in a bag. Also make sure that you have a 2 mm Allen wrench as you’ll need it. A simple thing like a front derailleur was the most difficult part of the upgrade. The second hardest part was wrapping the handlebars as I’ve never gotten that right the first (or second) time. After getting everything installed and adjusted, I took the bike for a 29 miles shake-down ride. I brought a bunch of tools but didn’t need to adjust anything. The bike shifts and stops better than it did when new and quite an improvement over what it has been doing recently. It’s going to take a while to get use to the different gearing, but I’ll do that quickly. Before upgrade with the triple: The old cable setup. Notice the derailleur cables coming out of the brifters. After with the compact double. Much cleaner looking cable routing.
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    Today’s lunch

    Dining at it’s finest today’s menu
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    Cx is here

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    Give us an update on your children

    Daughter #1 - Big news she shared Friday night is the tumor is gone! Still some cervical scar tissue and they are watching the lymph nodes. Some followup care going on there, but the Drs are pretty confident they will be able to say "cured" at the 90 checkup! She and her BF are traveling to Michigan this week to see his grandmother who is not doing well. After that, she hopes to return to work. BF has been awesome through all this and appears to be a keeper! Son - Manages a Subway, drives with Uber, manages the warehouse for Pink Gorilla Events (they run several large races). In his spare time, he runs, rides and sends inappropriate humor to his sisters! Daughter#2 - Lives about 15 minutes from Daughter #1 in Phoenix area. She works at a call center and is big into photography. She would like to turn that into her living. She has already been featured on a couple travel web pages. Her BF and her just celebrated 5 years together. They have long term plans, but marriage is way on the back burner...
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    I regret not inventing Facebook before Zuckerberg did. Then I could be rich and own a plane, hire @Wilbur and we would travel around and do group rides with all of you.
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    Seeing that I'll soon be a refugee from a closing forum, I'll make a post and say "Hello."
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    i was was adding a med for a patient. While trying to search EPO I had a mistype. I hope I didn't conjure any spirits.