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    We got some rain in town, but it snowed above 8,000. A lovely way to spend Christmas afternoon. Made a keto dinner of prime rib, sausage and green chili stuffed mushrooms, roasted Brussels sprouts. Peace be, from the roadhouse.
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    From HoSmudge A kit with a drill driver, impact driver, circle saw, light, two batteries, and a charger.
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    I'll try to get a brighter one at a later date. This will have to do for now.
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    Not really, although my cat seems to benefit from a lot of my gifts, including a new cat bed that he's enjoying quite a lot. All the pets in our family make out well on the holidays, including the stray cats that my not wild sister feeds.
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    My friend nPaul came over. I haven’t seen a Paul in ten years. We got into the wine cellar. I haven’t seen Paul in ten years. I think we made it through three bottles. im drunk.
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    So mom and dad are ready to get out of the house and into assisted living. They put in an application for a two bed two bath apartment at the facility the live at.
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    Thanks... The Sad part is he has been an EMT/Firefighter since I was 4 years old... Him and I both darn well know the symptoms of a heart attack. The best thing I think that happened is that when he was not looking I marked on his door in erasable marker that he was partial deaf and you needed to speak loudly. I also put on there that he had dementia and only answer to his younger years when he was a stripper. Everyone was calling him "Candy Cane". I am definitely that kind of child
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    LAJ was approved to move into assisted living. So7 and I will drive out soon with a bed, assist chair, and a headboard. I’m sure Wo7 will add some things. We will rent a trailer and tow this stuff out and return with a Chevy LS3 motor for the rock buggy So7 is building.
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    So I said earlier that the doorman said "Oh, by the way, there are packages for you" as I was leaving for the airport with RO. I also said that I thought this odd, because I hadn't ordered anything online. I had no time to grab them (we were leaving for the airport, remember?), so they had to wait until we got back. I guess they had been there, but nobody bothered to tell me We got back today, so we opened the mystery packages up. RO loved the gifts that the mystery folks sent! It was a sloth theme, with multiple slothiness. She got some cool colored pencils to go with a "how to draw animals" book and another with whimsical sloths to color, an activity book and another book that was all sloth. To top it off, there was a highly detailed and massively cute stuffed sloth (a doll, not taxidermied, so I will assume that and a real live sloth are on the way)! Everything is awesome, and RO is in love with the doll. Pics to come... Thank you, awesome forumites!
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    The last intruder I had was on the lower level of the house. My wife woke me in the night and said someone is downstairs. I got up and grabbed my flashlight and went downstairs to investigate while still naked. The intruder was back in the laundry area routing through stuff. I turned on the lights and propped the door open so he could get back out and then I put a card table in the doorway to the rest of the house to keep him from entering the rest of the house. I still don’t know how that big raccoon got the outside door open in the first place. He wandered back out after looking around for a few minutes.
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    Speaking of horse drawn, do you know how to draw a horse? Just draw a unicorn and erase the horn. (Curtesy of a granddaughter)
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    My son said his ear hurt. I asked inside or outside. He walked to the door and stepped out, came back and announced "both". I think the college fund may be too large.
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    The sloth is incredibly detailed and really weighty and so soft!
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    was my most like photo of 2010, aka the great Cleveland meetup
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    He;s still hanging in there. It feels like one step forward, one step back right now, but he was definitely more alert last night.
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    ...remarkably, i dcouldn't tell yoiu were drunk from yourr typing..
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    How can you live in a place like that without a city around you? Lucky I guess.
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    Nope, not a fan of FL. I don’t mind the cold and snow and I like all four seasons. We are looking in the Bedford/Roanoke area to retire. Cycling and hiking is good. The mountains are pretty and it’s close to Smith Mountain Lake. This pic is from Peaks of Otter near Bedford.
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    Most of my gifts bear the logo of the most beloved NFL franchise
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    I just asked Einstein about it. He said, oh Jack told me he was leaving on the 24th and he son would be coming by to check on the place. Also his friend had bikes for the grandkids hidden in the barn. Durn, Einstein knew a lot and did not share. So he went over and locked up. Looks like Santa forgot when he stopped by for the bikes. Also the Mrs sent a plate of cookies which Einstein left in his shop. Hmm, I am not sure if he forgot to bring them in or was hoarding the good stuff.
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    As a frog, it’s hard to see over the boards. So it’s hard to see me.
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    I contribute each week from my paycheck to United Way. They give out a prize to a few people each year. I already have two Nest thermostats, I'll see if someone in my family wants it. It looks like a nice one.
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    As promised, I present to you Chopper Billy's bike. Dude works at 76 Station, has a goatee beard, and a single front bucktooth. I don't know his real name but Chopper Billy is a good alias.
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    But it must have been bad if there are these signs being posted.
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    You’re right. Snow isn’t required. But it makes for better contrast in the photo, no?
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    Don't think so. I'll probably stay in the mitten. I know a lot of good bike peeps here
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    Morning ride. Lots of fresh powder to plow through.
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    I probably would have left it up while I obsessively considered each option and the possible benefits and detriments of each option, ultimately being paralyzed by over analysis. Good thing you already decided what to do.
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    Totally unplanned Wo46 scored this awesome gift on the whit elephant gift. Monkey ears
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    I got a 2 hats, some socks, a 40 oz travel coffee mug... if there is a theme I haven’t uncovered it yet. We treated our Maui trip as my wife’s recent birthday present, our combined Christmas presents and my upcoming birthday present. Memories are better than stuff.
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    Kinda sorta. As I posted on a previous thread: plane tix (big seats); 4 nights in a suite-type hotel and a cool rental car.
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    Mostly as a way to give my 36 year old son a life experience with his old man, I've signed the two of us up for a two day class where we get to hammer on some hot steel, and take home a couple of knives that we will make in the process. https://www.thak.ca/events/category/classes/blade-forging/ The shop where the course is held is a five minute walk from the house I grew up in, and where my mom still lives. I'm so looking forward to it, and my son is mighty stoked. It's a lot of money for two days, but I think the experience will be priceless, and give the lad something to look back on when I'm gone.
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    Well I got one rack up. Will finish the other over the weekend. Once that is done, it'll be good to go.
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    Note in Miles City Star indicated this would occur as a lead off to a party for the Championship roper Haven Meged. That is all I know at this time. There will be a party and dance at the Agri Sports Center near the fairgrounds after the parade.
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    I just got another update from the vet: He's doing a bit better again today... more alert. She said he got upset over something she was doing and really moved his head to tell her to cut it out (bit her? maybe), and he pulled his own urinary catheter out, so it'll need to be replaced and he'll need a cone now. :( Good news, I guess, if still guarded. Thanks for everything, everyone :D
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    You never give the burglar your wife's real name.. Jeez, what are you, a Boy Scout?
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    ... and the border collie kept them herded in the den all evening.
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    Just got off the phone with the vet... Bruschi seems to be doing a bit better today, so fingers still crossed, but looking up. They gave him some red blood cells yesterday that seem to have helped, so they will give him the rest today..
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    We are traveling to Athens today to take Christmas to my parents. Mom is doing better
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    Watch your fingers!!
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    Nothing says Christmas like a trip to the beach with the grandson and family!
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    She decided to stay with me for Christmas dinner. We just finished Steak, baked potatoes, asparagus and Zinfandel. She’s going to her Moms in an hour, and I’m going to mine in the morning.
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    I missed the sunset, but here's the moon rise last night after dinner.
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