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    Square Wheels

    My little one

    National honors society. I am many years away from being able to help her with her homework.
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    Wow, Facebook makes this easy. They selected these pictures and asked if I wanted to share them. I love the comparison of the river trail picture and the one with our sons when they were tiny. It still looks like us. Esther still has the same beautiful smile. Our boys don't look quite the same, they turned into handsome men. I am so glad to have Esther in my life. These 42 years have been quite the adventure and it's not over yet. Happy anniversary Esther, I love you. this picture was taken this summer by our granddaughter This one was taken 35 years ago when our boys were little. We haven't changed a bit. This was at my in-laws with my wife's whole family and this one was the last time we had all of our sons together, this was up at the cabin I rented at the lake. Hadn't figured on my wife having to have major surgery the week before. She only made it up to the cabin the one day. She is doing much better now.
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    I stopped at the guard shack and asked about the lost & found. The kid asked what I lost, I told him I had found some cash. His face lit up and he asked $80.00 ? "Yep" "Oh man you just made somebody's day. You don't know how much this means to..." One of the cleaning people. Probably a big chunk of her check. I got a warm & fuzzy worth way more than $80.00.
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    Look who I found

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    Holiday update

    Been absent from the forum for a bit. Things have been pretty hectic: Got laid off. Owner thought he can replace me with his son for operations between all stores, bring in an immigrant jeweler for the main store and have all others have a longer turn around. Just to save money as he puts it ”My salary has become unmanageable" even though we've had record numbers each month this year. I've found a position with Tiffany and Co but it's far from certain since they brought me in so late in the holidays and they don't have total approval from corporate for my ASM position. Though I go-to Parsippany NJ this week for Manager and Security training. Everything happens for a reason though. I have a third interview with a synthetic cadaver company to work their software and robotics engineering dept. Cross fingers. That would mean better salary and a normal schedule. Daughter is awesome and completely oblivious to all this. Getting bigger and more active everyday. Here's from a little shoot I did with her today.
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    I love this picture....

    ...and just wanted to share. I call it Trio of Trouble in evening light.
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    My nutty commute story

    So, there is this doggy on my commute. We'll call him Growly. Growly likes to jump up and pop his head over the fence to growl and bark at me, as I ride past his backyard on my jaunt down the alleyways. One of my recent mornings, I see his head above the fence and he is yelping and something didn't seem right. As I get closer, I see that his leg is stuck in the fence slat. He is completely freaking out. I jump off my bike to try and work his leg out of the slat, he just keeps pulling harder and tries to bite me in the process. So, I ran to the door of his owners house. The car is gone. SHIT! So, I run back and try some more to work him out of the fence. He is screaming loud as hell. Again, he won't cooperate at all. So, there i was, terrified and worried. So, I started screaming too. HELP! HELP US! SOMEONE HELP US! HEEELP! Kitty corner from this house is my buddy Wes. Wes hears the screams. He comes running over. He sees the situation and jumps in to help. His tactic for help was much more intelligent than mine. I had tried to work the dog's leg up the fence slat. He just put two fingers below the dog's leg and pushed upward. The arm gets freed and the dog drops below the fence line and runs off. WHEW! Wes is a smart dude. Several other neighbors heard my loud ass screams, and before long we have several people there. My town is pretty cool this way. People help one another. After the episode, Growly got very quiet for a bit. I wondered if our daily hello was completely over. Today, he was back growling and jumping at the fence. Everything is back to normal. The end.
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    Thaddeus Kosciuszko

    I Helped

    I recently purchased a(nother) waterfall book: After I placed the order, the author emailed me to mention that a few of the falls made it into the book because he'd heard about them through me! After looking through the book, all of the falls that might (ahem) fall into that category were ones I'd visited by bike. Out of the total of 50 falls listed in the book, I've visited 16 of them and again all of those by bike too. As a surprise to me there was one within a few miles of me on a creek I hadn't yet fully explored, a travesty that will soon be addressed. I bought the book because roadside falls are ideal destinations for a waterfall nut on a bicycle. I'm going to start planning some self-supported rides so that come spring I can make some loops to take in several on the same ride.
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    Scaring Old People

    I happened to be on Tybee Island this morning. I was riding down the road and I saw an old dude up on the sidewalk walking really slow. He looked like he had just had a hernia or something the way he was holding his belly. Anyways, I came up on the sidewalk and got right behind him and yelled into his hearing aid "ON YOUR LEFT!!!!". He started clutching his pants (I think he poo'd himself) and started yelling something about getting a PBR. Good times.
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    Thanksgiving pictures

    Ok I took some sunrise pictures this morning. I had to put on pants to get these photos. I hope you appreciate it. The first picture is from my deck, I decided I needed to walk out past my pine trees for a better view.
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    Crazy ice on the creek

    Four hours on the fatbike. Crap ton of climbing. I'm whipped.
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    Eldest daughter just messaged that the PET scan was all clear! Thank you everyone for thoughts, prayers, vibes and messages here!
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    Sitting in the hospital...

    He's out of surgery and everything went well. Now comes the road to recovery. Thanks to everyone for the prayers and good vibes.
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    Look who I found

    Randomguy';s dad!
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    Turn these boxes of rims This box of hubs, and this pile of spokes into.... so, if you don't hear from me for a couple of days, send food, and maybe some beer.
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    the bike store called

    my bike will be there tomorrow, however I'll be getting it Saturday yay bike love
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    TIB (N+1)

    A brand new shiny 2018 CAADX w/ Ultegra I've been thinking (as you're aware) of getting a CX bike. Well I did. It'll be used mainly on my club's gravel night rides which are a blast. I should have it in a week
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    I rode my fatso to dinner last night (same place I had the kick ass burger in last weekend's thread). I ate, I drank...drank some more. Eventually a friend showed up to do the same so the evening was going well. Made chit chat w/ other locals, that was fun. The place got packed. Anywho it was the restaurant's one year anniversary since they opened. So they had free raffle give aways for wine, gift cards and such. I didn't win any of that. So when the time to get my check and scram, I asked the barmaid for my bill please. I was expecting it to be around $50. "It's been taken care of" she replied. I was like by who? The house paid my bill. I've never experience that before, I was blown away. So naturally I gave her a more than usual tip. She said "want change"? No I said, it's yours. She was quite thankful. I really do like small neighborhood restaurants over chains, they feel more like home and they typically take care of their regulars. Never did I except that to happen, but I was pleasantly surprised. The end.
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    Our jeep club had a toy drive tonight to raise about 5,000 toys for homeless, orphanage, and low income children. We did more then our goal, and the company that is getting the toys to wrap was more then excited. Here are some pictures of the North Texas Jeep Clubs convoy for kids. my jeep all light up i had to wear my fancy Christmas suite
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    A day in the life of Smudge

    Hospital regulations require a wheelchair for patients being discharged. However, while working as a nurse, I found one elderly gentleman – already dressed and sitting on the bed with a suitcase at his feet - who insisted he didn’t need my help to leave the hospital. After a chat about rules being rules, he reluctantly let me wheel him to the elevator. On the way down I asked him if his wife was meeting him. “I don’t know,” he said. “She’s still upstairs in the bathroom changing out of her hospital gown.”
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    2.3 pounds gone...but Muscle weighs more than fat...and I have been working out for 3 weeks...so...I have only lost 2.2...but my size is changing... Oh and my diet has been very flexible with the holiday and such... so I am sure there is more to come... I hope so....2 to 3 months.....
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    So another year has gone by.

    #46. Of course she thought is was #45 until I did the math for her.
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    Carol Burnett

    One of my brothers just called me because as he was watching the reunion show he remembered all the nights I made us (older) kids popcorn and we stayed up late to watch CB. What a fun thing for him to remember.
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    The real key to weight loss

    You should break up the commute into manageable chunks. Stop every 30 minutes for a snack. Some McNuggets and a large soda or a Big Bite and Big Gulp.
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    I got a new coat

    Made of puppies
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    Yesterday. more details later. I’m heading to the gym for pt.
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    of my bike club so... I officially start January 1st.
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    December Photos

    Some shots from today. A Wolfeel A White Anemone surrounded by Feather Stars A Moon Jelly A Frosted Nudibranch A Sea lion (not a good shot, but a cool position he was holding as he went by) I don't claim to be a photographer, just a random dude who takes pictures now and then. The good news it it looks like my repair job on the camera housing worked
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    December Photos

    Here's my view of Lake Michigan on my way home from work. It sucks to not be able to see corn stalks, or steel mills, or shopping malls, or urban blight.
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    Thanksgiving pictures

    My Dad hasn’t quite mastered the art of photography with a smart phone
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    Racing in Nap town tomorrow.

    Just looked up the standings for the series and Gman is #6 out of 41!
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  34. 9 points

    Down almost 20

    244 in boxers this morning. Sub 250 fully clothed. Was up over 260. Hoping for 230 by next checkup on 01/25/2018. A bit more active but primarily really cutting out the between meal and evening snacks. I think 225 will be my goal and then we will see from there. I could not image 200 or sub 200, as even in my high school football days and college days, I was over 200 with a 32 to 34 inch waist. Between a 38 and 40 right now. 40s will not stay up without a belt.
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    My Dad, and the summers up in the Catskills - one of the few times this city girl could ride her bike, play in the streams, go for long walks and let my imagination run wild. We didn't get tv reception, so I'd have nights playing cards with my Mom and Grandma, or reading a big stack of books I'd bring up with me for the summer. In the afternoons, I could ride my bike down to the general store and get ice cream sandwiches to bring back to my Mom.
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    For Random guy

    I wouldn't fly in that plane again. It seems to have a lot of trouble.
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    Password Protected?

    This is why we can't have anything nice.
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    11/26 miles & such

    Took the CAADX out for 21 miles. Hit some trails, where it performed very well. Great bike IMO.
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    11/26 miles & such

    First ride on the Days River Trail since the accident in July. Daughter and I walked the first loop the other day, and I decided to forego the Roubaix ride and get back on the trail. I only did the first into the second loop with a final full lap of the first loop (I avoided the killer third loop ). It was great! Felt good. Trail was easy, but I didn't feel like a total noob. Knee/leg felt good. Ya, I wanted to go more; but I know my conditioning isn't great, and I have PT tomorrow morning. Damn . I still celebrated with pizza and beer post ride.
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    11/26 miles & such

    22.5, some of the most glorious miles I have ridden! A Perfect Day, except for a tad of wind, but even that added to the York Peppermint Patty effect of 50-ish and sunny riding. I had a great time ambling along and stopping in the sun for pics. I sort of toured a couple of McMansion neighbourhoods which was nice. I preferred the older one with lots of land to the newer ones with more ornate houses but much smaller lots. I'll post some of the pics in the November pics thread. Filled up the darn iphone, time to clean it out! The lack of traffic was awesome!
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    And took it out for 16 miles. Some trail, mainly road. It's a very comfy bike, mainly due to the 35mm taars I suppose, but damn I like it. The color is blueish/gray and the decals are fluorescent yellow (pic doesn't show it that well). It has Ultegra 6900 and shifts so amazingly well, better than the 6700 on my road bike IMO.
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    Actual Biblical Names

    My 9 year-old nephew, Adam, is very bright: he's been the banker when we play Monopoly ever since the age of 5 and last year, after a baseball practice, asked me, "Why do people buy stocks?" So this Thanksgiving I thought he was ready for a thought provoking topic: what the REAL names of Jesus and Mary were in their original language: Yeshua and Mariam. "Adam, you're studying Spanish, right? Well, we call him 'Jesus' in English, but it's not pronounced like that in Spanish is it? "Hey-zoos," he replied. "But," I said, "Jesus and Mary didn't speak English or Spanish. They spoke a language called Aramaic. What do you think Mary called Jesus?" He smiled and replied, "Son."
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    November Photos

    From yesterday's hike.
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    No, 24.4 is not Razor's Edge's IQ. (He doesn't have the extra .4). It's the number of pounds I lost in the Department Weight Loss Contest which began around Sep 25. I think it will get me $75 (second place) or $50 (3rd Place). There's a lady who lost 31 pounds, that started at an identical weight to mine. It goes by % of body weight, so in my case that is: 10.2%. Planning on taking a cheat day today, and a couple next week, then work hard at it till my Dr apt Dec 19th. I think ChrisL just did a similar contest. How'd you do ChrisL?
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    I have an injury

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    I survived, but just barely

    Here I was enjoying the last few hours of my staycation before going back to work tomorrow, and the power goes out. I go outside to see if my neighbors also lost power, but nobody was around so I just came back in. Imagine the horror, no tv, no radio and no Alexa!! I wasn't even sure I'd be able to microwave my dinner tonight!!! Luckily I took a nap with a comfy blanket and my cat and when I woke up everything was ok again. Yay, disaster avoided (this time)!!
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    From a great little restaurant mile from home. Bbq sauce, bleu cheese, smoked applewood bacon, And a side of homemade slaw. And an Alaskan Amber.
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    Sunday miles

    13 for me on the fat bike. Rode w/ 5 other friends on single track for my friend Jimmy's birthday ride PS @Dirtyhip I'm no bad ass, I can't thrash downhill like them dudes...or you I'm sure. edit: here's us
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    Send me positive vibes

    Anticlimactic mother pleaded guilty to avoid more serious charges, unclear whether I lived or died on the hill--- time will tell, and Lind ate the Kleenex.
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    Thanksgiving pictures

    We had good family time today. Everyone had enough to eat. My nine year old granddaughter sat at the girls table with nana until she heard one of her twin brothers fussing. She moved over to our table and shared her dinner with him. It was so cute to see her taking care of her brother. The apple pie was the favorite today.