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    I’m your friendly medic today

    At the bicycle race. G got 3rd in the ITT last night. Pulled another 3rd in the RR today. We’ll see what the crit brings tomorrow. I’ve been very bored as the medic. So that’s good.
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    I’m trying to get my wife to eat so i’m Cooking stuff I know she likes. I made egg and toast for breakfast. That’s what she wanted. She wanted leftover chicken noodle soup for lunch. For supper I made a black angus rump roast, mashed potatoes, and mixed vegetables. She said it was very good. She ate a few bites of this and a few bites of that. It was very good, very tender and tasty.
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    Two photos from my wife

    A new lamb and a group shot
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    My wife took these about 1:30pm Saturday when the temperature was -6F. Smokey was warm to the touch, which says a lot for the energy of the sun and being able to use the hay to block the north wind. I wonder if Smokey is snuggling with the lambs tonight, as the temperature was -29F the last time I looked. We know spring is on the way. Here is what it looks like on a cold night in eastern Montana. Edit
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    Well I'm in trouble at work

    Problem solved. You're welcome
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    Temperature was 25F early this afternoon, but we were in the house and did not get over heated. I think currently it is 4F.
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    WOLJ is starting to eat again and her favorite thing is crudités. I have prepared them for her three days in a row at her request. Tonight I gave her a little bit of chicken stir fry too. She liked the veggies the best.
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    First Bike Ride in 2 Years!

    I only went 4 miles on my first ride in ages on a beautiful but windy day to see if all my body parts were responding as hoped - and it looks good so far. My out-of-shape legs, trapezius and lower back muscles were a little sore as I expected. I'm going to take my time getting them and everything else back in shape! Here's the end of ride picture a woman walking the trail was kind enough to do for me to mark the occasion. I wore a windbreaker during the ride but didn't need it afterward. This is at Sawmill Creek Park on the other side of the fence from the Baltimore & Annapolis Bike Trail. I averaged about 10 mph while moving on my 32 lb mountain bike and that's fine. My cadence sensor wasn't working and I stopped a few times to try ti adjust it. Apparently the battery was dead. I picked up a new CR-2032 battery on the way home and my Garmin Edge 510 recognized it, so I think I'm ok for next time. I stayed in 2nd front gear at what I think was around my usual 70 rpm cadence and got a good aerobic workout but no very-heavy breathing. My heart rate never hit my 90%-of-max 144 but averaged a little higher than wished at 132, but that was expected. Because the cadence sensor was out, I had to rely on GPS for speed measurement and it gets a little goofy on that part-woods trail - I guarantee I never reached 109.4 mph! The sharp drops in heart rate are red lights or stop signs when I crossed roads and the climbs are uphill - the biggest one coming right at the end. This is from the old Garmin "Training Center" software that I find more user friendly for simple stuff than the online info:
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    Slow moving traffic

    We skied in the park on Sat and Sun. It was amazing both days. Traffic was slow heading home. Lunch joined_video_5d3069a9eecb400789f1bd58dae55efb.MP4
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    My city's local paper anyway. Middle guy top right. Our club's touring director wrote an article.
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    Petite has nothing on this chick!

    You go girl!
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    Can anybody play?

    Angora kid wants to join the fun. Tag is the working dog, but Duke loves all the animals. He will often interrupt his play to go visit.
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    Changes Afoot

    They took all the vending machines out of the vending area where I work and they are planning to replace it with "free" snacks and beverages. They've already asked people to be considerate and consume in "moderation". I expect this plan will last about a week before they take away the free snacks and just leave a big empty room in its place.
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    Man down!

    Get a lawyer and don't accept anything from the woman's insurance until you are 100% sure that your injuries go completely away.
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    We don't own the ewes but the lambs will be coming home when weaned. This may be way too small a flock to interest @sheep_herder These 3 will be joining Indy and Candy on our farm. They Sheared their sheep yesterday. We will be shearing in a couple weeks. Pandora Yanek Herman Shearing Naked sheep
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    Esther’s Lunch

    She said roast beef sounded good today so I cooked a rump roast, smashed potatoes, fresh spinach, and baby Lima beans. This is the plate I fixed for her and she ate the whole thing and said it was very good.
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    A good time

    At the bike shop last night. Jens Voigt meet and greet. About 70 people showed up to hear him talk about his life, family and racing career. Very nice guy and entertaining speaker. He signed books, jerseys, posters, even someone’s bike.
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    Sunday was G’s 5th. Doesn’t seem like 5 years.
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    Guns..then and now

    Last year we actually did a pumping session before the pic...I just had the receptionist take my pic while waiting for a print out of this weeks session. It was a variation on the same workout I did on Tuesday..with 3 or 4 changes...like adding Russian twists, kettlebell swings and a couple of others..
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    Man, If you ever get an invite to the Overhead Crane Maintainers Ball & Awards Ceremony Don't miss it
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    We met with our financial planner today. My plan was to work til 62 but looking at our investments and the difference between going at 60 v 62, hard to justify staying those last two years. Where the heck did all that time go?
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    Eating something besides junk.

    I don’t worry too much about my wife’s recent preference for eating junk. Things don’t taste right and Cheetos, barbecue chips, and junk like that taste better to her right now than real food. I got her to eat a bit better tonight. I got her approval to try each of the items on her plate. She ate everything but one slice of cucumber and one tomato.
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    We made it and on time. Northbound I-79 had a five mile traffic jam, we were southbound and no delay. The James Street parking garage was almost full. While circling looking for a parking spot we saw a door with a sign “cancer patients enter here”. I stopped in front of the door and went in and got a wheelchair and got my wife inside then I went and parked. It turns out radiation oncology is snot in the cancer center but in the main hospital. Three elevators, a bridge, and many long hallways later we arrived at radiation sign in desk exactly on time. I’m in the waiting room now and they have free coffee. I need a beer.
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    Date day

    ..and it costed us about 10. Bike ride to three grocery stores. I bought some fancy organic cheese on sale at grocery outlet. Fancy cheese makes me happy. Then we went to another grocery store for a deli lunch and the remainder of our groceries. I got a free Fage yogurt that is like 32 ozs. I had a free customer appreciation coupon for a 17 oz., but they were out of that. We also scored free Kroger natural peanut butter...another customer appreciation coupon. My husband found some. Produce on discount....1 dollar. We also went to the truck dealers in town and did a little shopping. We had fun watching the sales guy try and follow us around. We had him chase us down about three rows. We recommend taking bikes when car shopping. We were just checking out prices today, but they were after us. Plus, we rented a Red Box that I had a free coupon for. I got a Star is Born for us to watch. Now, I shall makes some home popcorn. Kernel cost, about .10 Frugality can be fun. We are doing lots of things that cost very little money, if any. The biggest splurge was lunch. With the free stuff we got, it paid for itself.
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    She’s coming Home today at 11:00 they say.
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    So far so good. They told me to go home during rush hour. I would look for another job before I would deal with that every day. I still haven’t made it home. I haven’t had anything to eat since 7am so I stopped for a beer and a burger. Still waiting on the burger, this redneck bar has a hillbilly band playing tonight and it’s packed out.
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    Plus one that is in the house.
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    Weight loss..size change

    So a resident came to get me to check on another resident (a resident coordinated morning check system)..On the way to this lady's apartment, she asked "Are you losing weight?" Then she wanted to know how I was doing it..cos she wants to lose some too. I also havent worn these jeans for at least two or three months..and they are getting loose too. Scale still doesn't show much..but hey the comments and the clothes getting too big is great.
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    I got a bonus!?!?

    I knew my position qualifies for bonus but with me not even being on board a year yet and our company not doing well in 2018 I wasn’t expecting anything. My boss calls me in and in an apologetic manner states they could only give me $2,000 this year but next year should be much better. I told them I wasn’t expecting anything so it’s all good. A nice surprise to an other wise shit day...
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    Grounds for divorce!

    So I'm chilling in the garage and WoK comes out to see what I'm doing.. go figure I'm working and tuning up my motorcycle. all the sudden she starts telling me that I look like a Texan and started laughing... She is on my shit list today! I told her to take what she said back and she said no I told here there is a difference between a Texan and a redneck.. she agreed but called me a Texan again this is my cool weather flannel and damnit it I like it cause it's comfy!
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    Well, finally.

    Fourth doctor visit for my hip. I have been on one crutch for a month now. X-rays were good and I was cleared for full weight bearing on that leg. The PA asked have I walked on it yet. Nope. Too scared I was going to screw it up. He said take a few steps. That was scary as my leg felt like it was going to give way on the first step. Four steps one way. Limping. Four the other way. Limping. He said that's normal. I left the office and walked slowly to the truck carrying my crutch. Still limping. Then when I got home there were the two flights of stairs I had to deal with, but I refused to use the crutch. It's amazing how much strength I've lost in my dominant leg in just three months, and how the left leg has taken over. I'm going to ride my island bike to the 'Y' today (I usually walk but I think that's a little too much yet) and start working on that leg and pick it up on the rest of what I used to do. Don't tell WofTy, but I'm going to sneak out next week and see how I do on the road bike. I got a new helmet.
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    Man down!

    The fact the cops found Donk to be lucid shows how badly the poor guy was really hurt.
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    Grandkid therapy

    Esther was feeling the best she has in several weeks today. The medication they have her on is reducing the inflammation in her brain but the best thing was our son brought over all six kids to cheer her up. It worked very well.
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    Our Local Foothills

    I thought I’d share some pictures of our local foothills. These hills are normally brown 11.5 months of the year but have been lush & green for about 2 months now. More rain is on the way so the hills should remain green for several more weeks. The yellow is wild mustard that sprouted on the hillside.
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    N -1

    Sold my old cross bike for $200 today! I asked $250 hoping for $200. That puts me at a net $300 for my new crosser. I saw an identically spec’d Cannondale Cross bike at REI yesterday on clearance for $1,050. Still can’t believe I got that thing for $500, $300 now!
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    Happy Wednesday

    This morning’s sunrise.
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    I have not had a good day

    I had an interesting but good day yesterday, it went too fast. My CP four year old boy was a no show. His mom said he woke up sick but I’m guessing they forgot about the time change. I stopped on the way home to pick up snacks for my wife. She has developed a taste for junk since the radiation. She had me pick up Cheetos and barbecue Lays potato chips. I barely had time to fix the fire and start to clean the kitchen when my son and the oldest three granddaughters showed up to cheer up Nana. They gave her lots of snuggles and told her all about the birthday party that she missed. My son put on his bathing suit and asked the girls if anyone wanted to join him. They said they were going to stay with Nana. I followed Ben back to the spa room and was talking with him, he asked me if I was getting in. I said I was cleaning the kitchen but that can wait. We had a good long talk about life and plans and family. We probably talked for an hour until his 11 year old came back and said we had been in the tub talking for over two hours and she was getting hungry. She was chomping on a chicken leg she found in the fridge. We got out and got dressed. Ben cooked up a couple pounds of sausage and a dozen eggs to feed the kids. He is an amazing cook. I never knew you could scramble a dozen eggs that fast in one skillet. It was dark by the time they left but Nana had a smile on her face.
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    Square Wheels

    Nobody likes me

    literally The last time I won was March 23 2018.
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    Chick-Fil-A review

    Try going on Sunday when the crowds are smaller.
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    Yes, I am THAT guy

    It was snowing today, so I wore my Hiking boots. Rather stylish Merrills. Stylish, for hiking. Went to the gym at lunchtime. Forgot my sneakers. So if you're on another forum and someone is making fun of the dweeb old guy with stick legs working out in hiking boots, you can be all, like, yup, don't know him
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    Tonight adventure at Walmart

    While waiting in line, I got to witness some super trailer park fun. The lady in front of me started throwing a fit because another line was going to open up and the cashier was helping someone pull a large item off the shelf and took them to a closed register to check out. These people were in the store being helped as I walked in. Well the lady got her panties (if she had any on.. not sure.. didn't check) that this guy was taken care of before her. She started shouting about calling a manager up to the register so she can complain about it. The guy getting help just looked at her for a sec and finished paying. She got so crazy she got her mom all pissy with the cashier that was helping them. The cashier looks over at me and I'm trying not to laugh at what I'm seeing.. this grownass lady is throwing the biggest temper tantrum I've ever seen. After they left I quickly payed for my stuff and told the cashier not to worry about it.. told him some people are off their rocker. While exiting the building I get to see mama yelling at the people that they think took their spot in line, words were being tossed around like noting.. back and forth you hear the words like "whore, horse, fat cow, and even F'er". Back and forth these people are walking in front of cars just screaming at each other. Before I knew it a cop shows up out of nowhere and asked me what's going on.. I told him a few uneducated potatoes are having a spat about who was in line next. He laughed and told the people to get in their vehicles before they get arrested. Damn I love visiting Walmart!
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    March Photos

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    Three of my grandkids are in this video
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    How Many Scofflaws In The Cafe?

    I may or may not have torn off a mattress tag.
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