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    Well, nobody walked out...

    and those that came in stayed and had a few drinks. My debut last night went fairly well. I messed up more than several songs, both lyric and chord wise, but I just kept playing like it was normal. Several people came up after I had finished and said they liked it. I can do better so I'll have to polish it up a bit. Totaled about 2 hours of playing time. My finger tips need more callouses.
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    Well that went excedingly well

    Just had a phone interview, was supposed to be a screening interview with the hiring manager so she could decide who she wants to bring in for an in-person interview with the entire team. By the end of the call we were discussing when I can come in and she wants to do it quickly. At the start of call she was talking about getting back to me in a week or so to setup an in-person. Best part, this is the first interview I've had for a job I actually want. Keep your fingers crossed.
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    Best advice from a doctor ever

    Had my 6 month follow-up appointment with my knee surgeon. My knee has a new trick (a click when I extend it), but he decided it's just scar tissue. We chatted for a bit and then he gave me the best advice from a doctor ever... Ride your bike as much as you can. Go be an athlete. Well alrighty then!!
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    My life has be default been broken into two parts, the before the navy part over which I had very little control and the after that when it was my life. Of the former part, memories have faded, badly for the most part as until today I didn't really remember what my dad looked like. An old next door neighbor stopped by today and brought a batch of pictures from the middle of the last century to remind me of things forgotten, sometimes intentionally forgotten. This may be a bit long but here from prehistory is a bit of me. My father and the 4th house he built outsourcing only the concrete work and the well work. Me and Ted, the kid who moved into that house. I may have been teaching him to blow grass whistles here before we stopped to wet our whistles. Alas, dad passed away when I was 10. Mom remarried and my stepdad brought along my new stepbrother whom we adopted. It would turn out later that new dad was a drunk, a mean one and unfortunately later in life stepbrother had difficulties with booze and drugs as well. Mom, new dad and new brother Things were good back then. I helped raise michael and as you can see we were cyclists and airplane nuts even then. The pictures remind me of good times, but I suspect that my brain has wiped those memories on purpose.
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    to stay married to my sorry ass for 21 years, but there is.
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    Ya, RG isn't the only one with a cute daughter.... And the silly pic at the end....
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    Wo46 got new leathers for her birthday. Wo46 is going to try her hand at sidecar racing this summer. We ran across this set of leathers that are in her size when we were in Chicago today.
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    We’re backkkkk

    Got home around 1:30 this morning from Haiti. Great trip! Lots to share. Ms. Aire, the supplies you sent went to two schools and two orphanages. They brought lots of smiles. The laptop you all bought was greatly appreciated and put to immediate use. We are starting a sponsorship program at a new school and we set up a ledger so the school can keep track of income and expenses. The program will pay Teacher’s as well as provide a feeding program for the students. The picture is Pastor Isaiah and Wolten, the school director with the laptop.
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    New ride

    Crap tons of fun. My friend's baby hauler Ride pics.
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    Yesterday morning, one of our Angora goat does had triplets. We have been raising Angoras privately, since the mid-80s and do not remember any of our does having triplets. The first born was breathing a bit hard, and my wife gave it an antibiotic. We do not know if he will make it, but so far they are doing fine. All were sleeping under their lamp in the barn alongside their doting mother at the 4:30am check. I also found a new set of Lincoln twins at that check and moved them to the barn. Most of the Katahdins have lambed, and now the Lincolns are starting. This is early for the goats, but we feel fortunate to have 5 kids in the barn. The first set of twin goats born last week are already jumping and playing. They have a great mom that produces a lot of milk.
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    Well, that's that

    Just signed and emailed back acceptance of a job offer. Still got to nail down a start date and go car shopping since for the time being I'll have over an hour commute one way. Good bump in pay which is nice but no benefits. I'm a stressed out wreck. This one happened fast, phone interview yesterday morning, I had an offer by the afternoon. My head is spinning.
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    Bags are packed

    85 lbs of peanut butter, 1400 packets of garden seed, three wedding dresses, crayons and markers thanks to Airehead, 24 pairs of kids school shoes, writing paper, pencils, 3 new pillows, some kitchen supplies and a laptop in my carryon.
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    My guns...

    Guess which ones
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    No hipsters allowed

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    Made It Non Stop!!!!

    Rode to the top of Bommer Ridge which is about a 1.5 mile super steep incline to the top of the Newport Coast. I've climbed it a couple of times before but have never made it non stop. My winter gym workouts are really helping as I'm not really riding all that many miles right now but I felt strong all the way up!
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    Winning at life

    Got taxes done. State owes me less than $10, Feds owe me a few hundred. Arms are getting bigger and I am noticeably stronger than I was last year Speed on the bike is increasing I keep getting invites to all kinds of fun ride plans. There are chocolate bars in the pantry
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    Martha and I met in 1993 but I did not ask her out until a few months later. We were introduced by an old girlfriend of mine. We dated for 4 years, much of that time was spent racing sailboats all over Texas as we both crewed for friends who owned boats, much of it on a Merit 25 named Bob. I did foredeck, when involves all the head sail changes and Martha trimmed the headsails. So I decided to propose to her in a way that a foredeck person should propose to the person that flies the spinnaker that he puts up. I got a spinnaker donated by an friend at one yacht club and got the lettering from another friend at a sail loft and my room mate and I laid out the message. After asking her father for her hand in marriage, and buying a ring, and telling my parents, the stage was set. My parents and hers were on a spectator boat at the Texoma Easter regatta in 1996 and as we sailed back to the docks, we decided to test a new spinnaker. Martha was so busy watching the edges of the sail, which is how you tell how it is working, to actually look at the whole sail. When she finally did, she sat down on the deck. I had to wait until we got back to dry land to give her the ring, as there was no way I was going to trust my clumsy ass to take that rock out on the water. As we sailed back in, we reversed the sail so the message was facing the marina and all the boats began to honk their horns. We were married at the church she grew up in, Calvary Baptist, in Garland Texas by her youth minister from her childhood. We chose Feb 15th because neither of us had races that month and Martha said the 15th was a payday so she could remember it. BIG MISTAKE, as now I have to battle with all the Valentines day romantic schmucks to get my wife flowers or take her out to dinner for our anniversary. This story was brought to you due to a generous donation by @AirwickWithCheese to our 21st anniversary entertainment fund.
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    Heading to Vancouver to drop Daughter 2 off at the airport. After three years of travelling and then two years back in Canada, she has decided the pull of Australia is too strong and she leaves to head back 'down under' for a 4 years school program. I am part sad she is leaving..... Part proud of my adventure girl..... and totally stoked that I will have a reason to go to Aussie and a free place to crash. If she were a Mountain Biker, she'd be a bad ass. This is her heading to Everest base camp last Spring. and with her puppy (that is staying behind)
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    I've lived in 3 different provinces. Each cumulative experience in each region of Canada has deepened my love for the country where I was born. For my birthday celebration, we went for a gentle hike several days later and what you see above is in Banff on our way to Banff Springs Hotel, a 5 star hotel ...just for early dinner-snack. Though snowy cold winters or wet rainy weeks in Vancouver can be inconvenient, I do love living in a world with 4 distinct seasons. Maybe I seem like a coddled Canadian not wanting to live in a very different culture / society. Shrug. I seriously beg to differ: I have lived cultural-linguistic shock when I didn't learn English until kindergarten --even though I was born and lived in Canada my whole life. It was tough but children do have it slightly easier in such adjustments. Then after being required to learn French .. elementary school, then university (for an English lit. degree at my university, one had to also graduate with 1 university level foreign language course), and still reminded reality of a mother who doesn't know English plus interacting with some first cousins in Canada my age, who don't much English (they immigrated as adults), it doesn't feel like a "coddled" life to me. I admire people who want to go mountaineering, climb dangerous fearsome mountains in the Himalayans.. But for me, I've climbed other "mountains" in my head and in my heart. That's enough for me. Because of earlier life experiences which were tough, I wish to enjoy learning without drastically different cultural shocks in another foreign country. I like my life in Canada..
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    Ylva is very tired.

    And, she wants to bite AWWC. Couch
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    particularly those that let him get over a fence.
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    Square Wheels

    Thank you

    I don't say it enough. Thank you for your participation in this great site. Clearly without all of you, we have nothing. Thank you for the financial support for those that have purchased it. This I definitely do not say enough, thank you to all past and current moderators. This is a tough site to make a happy home for everyone. Everyone is quick with their criticism when a post gets moved or hidden, or when doesn't get moved or hidden. The moderators here have my full trust and support and have done an amazing job. Thank you
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    I stepped on the scale and it has started going down..3.5 pounds as of today...last time I checked was 10 days ago and the trend was still up then.
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    Something is bothering me.

    Over the last couple of months, people have really been judgy with me about my diet and choice to take meds. Not sure what is in the air, but I've had several occurrences here and there of people trying to be "helpful." What they should realize is that everyone's life is to be lead their own way. A few weeks back I lashed out @Square Wheels in a pharmaceutical thread. It was wrongly directed. I am sorry that I lashed out, but it was like that last additional straw for my week. I'm sorry. That wasn't nice. When I was diagnosed with MS, I did a ton of research into diet, meds, natural remedies, etc. I did not blindly just start taking meds. It was a thoughtful choice to go on disease modifying behavior. My diet was decent but not great, before diagnosis. I did change my life and diet tremendously. After the denial and anger phase, my fighter mentality took over. I did my research. I chose the best option for me. Recently, I have had several people try to "help" me, by suggesting that I change my diet. There are lots of different diets. Many of them are even contradictory of each other. Paleo, Vegan, Vegetarian, the Swank diet, and others. From what I am studied on the matter, these diets work on some but not others. There is no magic bullet for this disease. Right before I had lashed out at SW in a pharma thread, this came on the heels of two very rude and inconsiderate comments about diet to me. One person was pushing vegan to me. Another one was pushing Paleo. I swear there was something in the air, recently. The comments that were made really angered me. One person suggested that I go vegan. I pushed back and basically said that I was not interested in that. In a snotty way they said "it's your choice to be well or not." Another person was pushing Paleo on me. I explained that I did not agree completely with that diet and that really strict diets cause me stress. Stress is worse for me than cheating on a diet here and there. The Paleo person said to me "Meds are always easier than changing your diet." Both of these comments were so rude, invalidating and insulting. They said these things, as if I don't care about my health, when the opposite is actually truth. I care a great deal. Not to mention the fact that I have not had a major attack in over ten years with my current plan and actions. I looked in to nature remedies as well. I've seen a naturopath, a chiropracter, an acupuncturist and the like. The studies I have seen have mixed reviews. It works for some and not others. Studies come up short with this disease. So much is unknown. I don't love the idea of being on meds. I do it, because there is much to lose to not go this route. The meds seem to work for me. My doctor has seen people go off meds and some of the results were very sad stories. He tells me I am doing great and not to change a thing. There is also lots of snake oil out there. People try and push things, maybe to sell you or in a way they want to help. I have wasted so much cash on snake oil. These days I am very skeptical, when people try to sell me on things like that. Three months ago an aquaintance tried to push this machine on me that costs thousands of dollars that works with electro magnetic or something. I read about it and it made no sense at all to me. It will heal you and you can get off meds they said. <eye roll> Sorry, I just had to get this off my chest and give some background about why I may have lashed out the way I did. It really had a lot to do with timing.
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    Mortality bitch slap

    Want to meet at 4:00 for dinner at the Golden Corral tonight? It's filet night on the grill and I think that the chocolate fountain is working again. We have to be home by 5:00 so I can take my back pill and my sugar pill and watch my stories.
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    Baby Penguin!

    @AirwickWithCheese often spanks me for not updating on daughter Megan and her job. Hey Dude, they had a baby Penguin born, with a couple more sitting on eggs. If this doesn't bring a smile to the cheese face, I don't know what will
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    Will probably snort some powdered graphite off a roomba's ass and do some brake fluid shots.
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    WTF chronicles of the ER 2

    Ok, Ralph told me to: I walked back to my car with the can of gasoline. Poured most of it into the gas tank but saved a bit in case I needed to prime the carb. I cranked and cranked and it didn't even fire. I opened the hood and took off the top of the air cleaner and poured some gas directly into the carb. When I tried to start it the carb/air filter/and engine caught fire. I ran around and opened the trunk where I had a pair of coveralls, tried to smother the fire with the coveralls but it kept breaking through. I grabbed a six pack of beer out of the trunk and started popping and pouring on the fire/coveralls. I got the fire out all except the paper air filter element was still smoldering. I grabbed it and threw it to the curb, got in the car and it fired right up. I drove back to the gas station to return the gas can and fill up my tank. When I drove back up the road I saw all these flashing lights about where I had run out of gas. When I got there I saw a firetruck and two police cars and they were squirting a fire extinguisher on my smoldering paper filter. I kept my eyes straight ahead and slowly drove past them while I innocently whistled. There may have been more alcohol involved in this evening than just what I used to put out the fire.
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    New place

    Wife, son and I went to look at four rentals yesterday. Lease on the apartment is up April 30 so we need to find something soon. Last place we looked at was it. Submitted an online application last night. It's fairly close to everyone's work and not far from the cross county trail. Five beds, three baths, 3,200 sq ft on a wooded acre.
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    It all started just over 20 years ago. We departed New York at 9pm and enjoyed the summer sunset until it began to rise again. Such is a summer Atlantic crossing. You never quite get darkness, especially when the great circle route takes you up to 74 degrees North. After an eye burning sunrise, even though we had covered most windows with paper charts, books and clipboards, we started decent into Yerevan. The sky above was clear and we enjoyed the 11:00 am local sunlight splashing off the slopes of Mt Ararat. It was beautiful. After the storm troopers had boarded, checked and stamped our passports and Visa's left, we buttoned up the airplane for our 5 day internment in the recently Soviet state. The town still had an oppressive feel to it and there were still many hammer and sickle monuments about. The brand new Mercedes bus winked us through the streets of Yerevan. It was hired to take us to the hotel and supply ground transport for our 5 day stay. We pulled up in front of a brand new building and were whisked into the lobby... of a Mercedes dealership. Our baggage had already been removed from sight and I asked the driver if we were near the hotel. Yes, yes, of course. A response I must have heard 100 times already. Some very well dressed and beautiful women approached and asked for passports and Amex. They brought fresh coffee and cognac with tiny biscotti. It was all very nice. The ladies stood in front of us as we enjoyed the snack so I asked if the hotel was nearby? Yes, yes, of course. After 10 minutes, the manager introduced himself and asked us to follow. We went in an elevator and he instructed the operator to take us to floor 10. On the 10th floor, we were shown a beautiful bar and were introduced to George, a well attired Nigerian and the only black man in Yerevan. George offered more coffee, drinks, pastries etc which we all declined. The lack of sleep was starting to take effect. We were taken to our rooms and once shown how to operate the sink and toilette was left alone. I went to lock the door and noticed there was no locking mechanism. Huh! I was tired, had a shower and went to sleep on the plywood mattress with 1/4 inch foam on it. After a couple of hours I woke up, got dressed and decided to go for a stroll. I stumbled across what I would later learn, was the Vernisagge Market. An open air market with vendors selling their wares. I came across Ivan. Ivan sold antiquities. Specifically, Armenian silk and wool rugs. They were beautiful, some colourful, some pastel but from age and wear. It was the latter that caught my eye. I asked Ivan how much and he started at 700 USD. "Nyet! Sto" was my response. He sneered and walked away. OK, he was not impressed with my 100 dollar counter offer. I left and wandered around the market and picked up a few pottery items. As I walked by Ivan on my way out I said "Dva Sto!". Nope. He shook his head and I left. Over the next few days I would swing by for another look. I really liked the rug and wondered when I might, if ever, be back. I tried him again at two hundred and he countered with 600. OK, he is interested. I stood around and managed to find an English speaker to translate. I mean, I was leaving the following afternoon. As the sun set and the rugs were being rolled up for the night, Ivan signalled me over and poured me a brandy in an old clay cup. We had a drink, he had a smoke and we gestured and laughed in my very broken Russian. He never mentioned the rug, we parted and I went back to the hotel. Departure morning, I got up, and cleaned up. Went down the hall to see George and enjoyed fresh squeezed orange juice, coffee and amazing croissants. After that, I took one last stroll through the market. Ivan just opened up and was unrolling rugs. When he stopped, I noticed my rug was not there. I stopped Ivan and asked about "rug". He gestured me to come to his store where he said "Tri stoni". Finally, a price we could both live with. I asked to see the rug and he handed it to me. Rolled and tied and covered in paper. I gave him the 300 dollars and we shook hands and smiled. I went back to the hotel, got changed and met the other crew with my purchase. I was so happy. When we got to the airport and went through security, the guards were very curious about the package. They opened it and pulled me aside. The asked for my antiquities permit. My what? This rug is an antique. You cannot take it without a certificate. I asked where to get one. "It is Sunday. Office is closed". I think I had the look of panic on my face. Another guard approached me as he had seen the little turmoil. "For 20 US dollars, I take it to you". Where? I said. He said, "Go through Immigration and security. Out of building look to right". Ok. I went out and looked right. The security guard was at the fence. He threw my rug over the fence and I gave him his 20 dollars. Broke a law but dammit, I fought hard for that rug. When I got it home, I had it cleaned and appraised. The guy said it was worth about $4000 but was not an antique. It was about 20 years old but hand woven and very well made. I think the airport guards were trying to stiff me for USD. It resides in my living room to this day.
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    basketball this weekend

    Em's travel team. They have not been together long. I expected to go and get our teeth kicked in this weekend. Team did really well. Won 2 and lost 1 on Sat. Got to Semi's on Sunday. Lost in Semi's to a very talented team. Won our consolation game for 3rd place. Ended up 3rd out of 8 teams. Emmy came off the bench in 3 games on Sat and contributed 15 points, plus various steals and rebounds. I didn't keep stats on Sunday's games. She continues to amaze me with her grit. In the game that we lost on Sat (to a very aggressive team) with two key defensive rebounds and drove the length of the floor to beat the press. The look of determination on her face was just priceless. A lot of the parents were laughing at her "pissed off face" She started our last game. Another girl got the tip and it went straight to Emmy. She turned and drove to the goal and drove right over the top of another girl who was out of position. Got the shot, the foul and connected on the free throw to put us up by 3. Really set the tone for the game. I told her coach that her game is softball. He laughed and said that he had never seen her play softball, but assured me that her sport is basketball now.
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    She’s a very pretty girl
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    Getting a new bike

    At least this one I do not have to peddle This has been my dream machine when I first got into pavement riding. I called the dealership yesterday and they are holding it for me until I can pick it up. Looks like on the 10th I will be riding it back home from Houston This is my 2009 Ducati Monster
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    Photoshop Phriday

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    I like flexing my biceps

    Laugh, and I'll make you bleed. Haha
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    Duke this morning

    -11F did not feel to bad after -22F low. Suppose to warm to 14F today, but we'll wait and see.
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    February Photos

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    February Photos

    Actually was intending to take different photos at the site for a project (which I did) and ran into these as I walked around the lake.
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    We’re backkkkk

    This is Ma-Moon with the bathroom you all helped get built. She sends many thanks.
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    Photoshop Phriday

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    The Story of the Oven

    I cannot remember how much I have talked about the oven on here. This is because I am forgetful. My oven element went out a while back (2 weeks?). Since we hated the oven and it was old we ordered a new one. This made me happy. But we have to pay for a new one. This makes me sad. New oven came in last Friday. This makes me very happy. But I had to take off a day of work. This make me sad when I knew that I would have to pay for the new oven. When the new oven arrived it was AFU. Top was all bent to shit. Not usable. This made my angry. Since Friday I have been on the phone with the place where I purchased it numerous times, getting bounced around from the delivery service to the place where I purchased. This had made me extremely frustrated. I finally have a new oven on the way again. This makes me happy. It will not be here until next Tuesday. This makes me mad again. If there is anything wrong with this new one we may see how much force is needed to shove an oven directly up someone's ass.
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    My background check and drug test went fine, and my references said good things about me. I start the new job on the 5th. Yay!