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    From today

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    Doors are in

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    Just revealed this morning...

    The cover of the flash fiction anthology my short story "A Family Thing" will be published in. There were 452 submissions and 49 were selected. No too bad for my first submission to a legit publisher.
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    Tears Of Joy

    When I started my job one of my employees asked me to check into a raise he was promised by my predecessor. I called around and confirmed he was promised a raise but with his predecessor leaving and budget cuts all increases were frozen. The guy is solid and due an increase and I've been working this for months. Finally, yesterday we got our CFO to approve an increase for him. We had to actually reclassify his position to give him more money but his duties will be the same. So I called him today to let him know the good news and he started sobbing! Uh Reggie you good man!?!? Yes boss I'm just so overjoyed you were able to pull it off. Thank you, thank you.... Yeah it made my day!
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    Old and the new

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    51 weeks ago

    I had my first trainer session. Two weeks ago, at the intake with my new Doc, she was pleased with my muscle..considering "women your age are not building muscle"... He is still kicking my Azz....but damn..I am in way better shape than a year ago..much stronger! It has been money well spent...I respond well to the challenge!! I have enough sessions to get me to February.... I will re-evaluate then
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    The deer are larger

    So are Hoover and Bissell and I'm pretty sure we are overfeeding the Raccoons.
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    Well not really but close. As you may recall my Mavic Ksyrium cracked back in July. I took it to my LBS, who sent it to Mavic, where they would build me a new wheel w/ spokes & hub service for $305 because its out of warranty...and I know it is. So I authorized it since its half of a new one. Anywho, three months later and still no wheel yet, this is making me wonder what's going on? I'm not mad because I have another pair to ride on. I messaged my LBS who then phoned Mavic, who was waiting on parts (I knew this also). So today Mavic told my LBS that the parts were shipped which made me happy but to the wrong location Skis went to the wheel place and wheels went to the ski place. My LBS told me the Mavic guy was very apologetic and said to tell me the same thing...which they did. The good news is because of this debacle, Mavic said they will rebuild my wheel under warranty w/o any cost to me. This made me very happy So Mavic gets many points for this. I wasn't going to cause a fuss, but this is great on their part and their brand. Hopefully Monday I'll hear word when the wheel will be back. Stay tuned.
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    In the last two weeks my oldest son has gotten his learners permit, applied for, gotten and started working his first job, opened a bank account and set up direct deposit from his employer and set up $50 per paycheck to go into his savings account. He moves to a different drummer than I did, perhaps it is generational, not really sure, but I am proud of him
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    On Saturday afternoon
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    Almost a catastrophic event. The paper for the printer on the scale was running out. God forbid someone just remember their weight, they have to stand there on the scale yelling that "It's OUT OF PAPER!!". When you open the doors at 5:45 and the first person can't get off the scale then you have a back up of walkers and wheelchairs out the front door. It is pandemonium. Anyways I was able to jump into action. I hurdled a walker, dodged a wheelchair and got the paper replaced before any hips were broken. They are all sitting safely in their chairs bitching about how cold it is in here. That is much better than having them standing up bitching about the paper.
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    @Parr8hed walks into a bank, exhausted after a 20 hour shift. He pulls an anal thermometer out of his shirt pocket and tries to write a check with it. He looks at the cashier and says “Well! That’s just great. Some asshole has my pen!”
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    Todays adventure

    Most taken in Lamar Valley in Yellowstone National Park.
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    Bike for sale.

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    Our one trick or treater

    From last night.
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    October photos

    Took this on Sunday. It is actually a still from a video. An octopus tried to steal my camera
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    This is from Cincy yesterday. Dad didn't get him registered in time to get a good call up. He started dead last in a group of about 60 kids. There was a pile up of littles early on that get got caught up in. Spent all race chasing, riding at his limits. Crashed multiple times. Finished very respectfully. Very good training race for Nationals, which are coming up very soon in Louisville.
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    I'm Dr. Watson from the Sherlock Holmes books. Holmes my have solved the mysteries, but Watson told the stories. Seemed like the proper choice for a literary themed costume party.
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    Community park party. Food trucks, haunted bounce house and inflatable maze, trunk or treat, dj and adult beverages. Was a ton of fun. No pics during since I didn't have a spot for my phone. There was a few people snapping pics so I'll grab those from Facebook.
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    I was a naughty boy Saturday night.

    Our city is having issues with cars being broken into by kids. So as I was sleeping I was awoken to kids talking and making loud noises in our hood. This makes me sad. I got out of bed, and went outside in my PJ's just in time to see a couple hood rats running down the street trying to stay in the shadows. This makes me wonder. I walked back inside, called the po po. The nice lady in blue on the phone said they were busy and could not come for about 15-20 min. That's the closest vehicle they had to us.. what?? It's oh freak'n dark 30 in a low crime town..So I sat out on the stoop in the shadows with my bottle of pop and my paintball gun because now I'm awake and this makes me pissed off. The po po was a no show, but I saw tham little rascals at my neighbor's home screwing around in his yard. One little bugger called out to his crew about something in my yard.. this makes me curious. Now the games begain.. I sat all quiet in the shadow of the trees hunkered down on my stoop.. one of the little peckers walked up to my front window and gave it a little tap.. I was literally 15 feet from this kid and he did not see me. This made me really happy. I raise the barrel of the Spyder SE paintball gun that can hold 250 paintballs in it's hopper being careful not to rattle the hopper to make any noise. A different kid looks around and runs to my front door.. before he knew it he was looking dead into my eyes and down the barrel of the paintball gun. The look on his face was priceless.. like a deer in headlights. He stayed still as his friend freaked out. I grabbed the hoodie of the kid close to me and the other kid tried to run. Bad Idea.. I lit his backside up.. I let about 20 paintballs fly and got him at least 15 times from about 20 feet away. The other kid that I was eye to eye to screamed to stop shooting.. we are only ringing doorbells and running.. Innocent or not.. they are lucky I was not actually packing something a little stronger I told them. I let the one kid go after a little take about heading home. The other kid was at the curb swearing like a sailer. This made me happy. The PoPo still have not showed up.. bet they would have if I said I was toating a shotgun with rock salt.
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    October photos

    Early morning walk.
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