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    We are at the cabins. Let the fun begin. I had a trailer load of bikes. Seven Treks, one Next, one tricycle, twin plastic motorcycle push bikes, and a Burley trailer. Three kayaks on the roof.
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    The Story of my Whisky Sour

    When I was young, the family cocktail was always the whisky sour. I guess my Dad grew up in an era when that was considered a "ladies' drink" so he would serve that when my Mom would have a drink with him. That made me curious. When we got older, we'd sometimes be included with a very weak version. That made me feel very grown up. Many family moments, big and small, were celebrated with a whisky sour, and sometimes it would just be a time when we'd all sit and chat. This made me feel very Mad-Menish and cool in a 1950's sort of way (even though it wasn't the 50's). Even when my Dad was in the hospice with just a few days to live, my Mom would bring a thermos with whisky sours for us all to share a final few cocktail hours together. This made us feel a little devilish, even though the hospital permitted it. Today is my Dad's birthday and when I spoke to my Mom today she mentioned that she was going to have a whisky sour to celebrate. This made me feel nostalgic. So on my way home, I stopped at the grocery store and got some sour mix. I also went to the liquor store to get some whisky. Unfortunately, I don't really know anything about whisky or what kind to get. This made me nervous. I remembered sometimes it was Seagrams 7 so I asked for that and the clerk told me "they didn't carry stuff like that" and acted as if I'd asked him to sell me a pile of dirt. This made me very sad. Luckily there is another liquor store in town, so I went there and they had some Seagram's 7 which made me happy. That clerk was very nice and was having a discussion with the guy from the gym next store about whether it is weird to have a wine tasting of low calorie wine at the gym. This made me laugh. So I came home and made a whisky sour, and now I feel happy, nostalgic and sort of sad all at the same time. The End.
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    The house on the left. Looks way better with all the green stuff.
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    Well we survived

    Finished our 8- day Cape Bretton tour yesterday with 60 really windy miles. 366 miles total and lots of hills. Saturday was the most challenging day I have ever done riding. North Mt. was 4.5k @ 12-16%. On the decent, which was even steeper, I overheated the rear break and flatted at 30 mph on a very steep section. Was able to unclog and get a foot down and then locked the rear brake before the tire came off the rim. Slid about 50-60 feet to a stop. Killed the tire but not a scratch on me. McKenzie Mt. was around 4K @ 12-14% but pretty steady so just a long grind. Pic is from the decent down French Mt. spectacular scenery.
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    Square Wheels

    New Bike

    I can make this so much worse than @petitepedal and car shopping. I've been jonesing for this bike forever. I may or may not apply for my current interim position. It's a lot more responsibility, and a lot more hours, and a little more money. I get almost no free time, and getting days off is really hard. That means I have a ton of vacation time. I may cash it out in the spring. I have a friend at work who wants a new bike, and also wants to lose weight. I'm going to offer him my current bike for free if he loses the weight by spring. I will then consider this. I'd get stock wheels for now, no need for 4 thousand dollar wheels yet. Should one ride a bike they are not worthy of?
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    Gratuitous pet picture discussion

    DeeJay loves her team! She said deal with it!!
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    You walk into the pitching barn for the first time. Tom's walls are decorated with clippings, pictures, trophies of his pitchers being bad asses. Winning everything. You are with your little 9 year old hoping that she can just get the ball over the plate. A year later I walked in (yesterday) and he's added Emmy's first news paper clipping to the wall.
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    Two baby pics

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    Ideas needed

    Thanks. I took @Indy‘s idea and am ordering them hookers and blow on Amazon Prime.
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    No, not an Isuzu Impulse, but a palm tree. It makes me happy wafting in the breeze on the patio as ruby and I relax. And it was fun driving home in a fern bar.
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    ...are Manny's selfies! Tom
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    Gratuitous pet picture discussion

    We as visiting one of my daughters, this is one of her doggies. Diesel is not as good at hiding in the long grass as he thinks
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    One from my wife's trip

    Just downloading and getting started on editing.
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    So we're walking Jack last night and a couple with a mini Aussie walks by. The Aussie is an exact replica of our first Aussie Pepper that we had in the early 90s and passed in 2007 just smaller. Pepper was "my dog" in that we lived with my sister and technically she was her dog but Pepper and I were very close. Pepper loved to crawl in my lap and roll on her back and I'd rub her tummy. After my wife and I got our own place whenever we visited my sister Pepper would jump in my lap so I could rub her tummy. Well if you know Aussies, they are really reserved towards strangers and when this little cutie saw me she craned her head like Pepper would and got all excited. I got down on a knee and she jumped in my lap and started licking on me. I rolled her on her back and started rubbing her tummy and the dog was in heaven just splayed out in my lap. Owners are shocked and the wife says she's never ever done that to a stranger before!?!? She was dumbfounded by her taking to me like that. After a few minutes I let the dog down and my wife said maybe that was Pepper reincarnated? Man it sure seemed like it...
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    Waiting on cat scan, sucking up WiFi. lots of grandkid pics, haveing a wonderful week. We had two birthday parties each for three birthday girls with birthdays in July.
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    Thanks!! Stupid umps. That 4th inning Emmy has 2 outs. Had 2 girls 3-2 and walked both on beautiful pitches right in the middle of the plate at the bottom of the zone. Right at the knees. It was stupid. And the hit batsman was a girl leaning into the zone trying to bunt. Got hit in the hands. Horrible call. Emmy still had plenty to get out of the inning but coach had the luxury of going to another great pitcher so she did. Good to see different looks anyway. Reglardless we won. Emmy want 2-2 and a walk at the plate. Great team effort.
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    Gratuitous pet picture discussion

    Another glamorous shot for my doggy Her and I got dressed up over the 4th and went out to dinner.
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    Miss Gracie's glamour shot. BTW, this was not posed. I walked into our bedroom and found her on our bed.
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    Gratuitous pet picture discussion

    Toby TWGJRT
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    Where the fuck is Chris?

    Taking a break from all you thin skinned snowflakes
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    July Photos

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    Here's Lucy's glamour pic.
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    10 U is coming to an end

    Emmy's all star team won districts Friday night. Emmy pitched against a very good New Albany team. In 6 innings she gave up 3 hits, 3 runs, 1 walk and 15 strike outs. She played her last 10U travel tourney of the season Sat. She pitched the second game for them and the other team's pitcher was off. We batted around the lineup 3.5 times in 2 innings and hit the time limit. Two innings, 5 strike outs, one walk (and they caught her stealing second base). A no hit shut out with a total of 27 pitches thrown. Score was 13-0. after that game the rain came and the tourney was cancelled. She is back at it Friday for Little League State tournament. This will be the last of 10u for her. It's flying by.
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