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    My daughter’s art project made it to the top 300 in the state.
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    You all know that WoScrapr passed almost a year ago. Our boy (he's 24) texts me tonight out of the blue & says do you have dreams about Mom? I reply funny you should ask. Last night she touched my arm when I was sleeping. She startled me & I woke up. I think if I had not woke up we might have hugged. So young Scrapr says she came to me last night & hugged me & sang to me. I think young Scrapr was a bit freaked out about it. But he said the hug was really good Both on the same night. We are checking with other good friends to see if she came to them. I had only 1 other instance where I "felt" her presence but did not see her
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    From something that was easily portable to now 4 feet tall and over 75lbs. She's changed a lot in 5 years.
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    On Monday. I’ve been here for three years and like it here and the people are nice. The reason I’m quitting is that the CFO is being a pain in the ass. We met in late January and he said that the CEO wants to upgrade the talent in my position. It was up to me to come up with a plan to “upgrade the talent” Over the weekend. I found an online graduate certificate in risk management through Boston University. I used that to buy time to find another job. Last Wednesday I had a phone interview and in person on Friday. They offered the job Friday afternoon. I start the 23rd. Everyone but the CFO is sad I’m leaving, they saw no issues with my work. Good luck in your talent search dickbag. I will tell the CEO all this in my exit interview. The CFO isn’t very popular because he has chased away good talent before because he can’t manage.
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    Stopping in to say Hi. I'm at work tonight. Shifts will be very odd. I am dialyzing one patient tonight. ONE. She has been exposed to another patient that was positive. So now she much have her own shift. After two weeks of no symptoms she can go back to general population. Tomorrow I am at another facility to dialyze ONE patient who is positive. He has been released from the hospital. After two weeks of no fever, no other symptoms he can go back to gen pop. We had quite a scare at a different place Sat. She came in sick, had to send her out. Possible exposure. These days I am stripping down in the garage and heading straight to the shower. Kids are good. Emmy is bummed that there is no softball. G wants to race, but there are no tris. They start E learning from home Wens. It's been a little slower at times, but pretty stressful. Especially with my work. Hang tough kids.
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    This happened today-- my dad who dislikes small dogs and terriers got a Norfolk terrier. Picked him up today--- already planning his career. The world has turned upside down. 50 years of standard poodles and golden retrievers with the occasional English Pointer thrown in for good measure. Now look at him.
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    He has been having problems with his left eye, which was first diagnosed as 'dry eye', and thus we have been administering drops several times a day. We noticed more 'gunk' in his eye over the weekend, and took him for his scheduled appointment on Tuesday morning. The vet decided it was best to sedate him and really check for injury or other damage to his eye that might not be detected during the usual checkup. She was also going to administer a shot above the eye that would allow about a weeks worth of medicine to flow across his eye. During the checkup, she found that an ulcerated area on his cornea had given way, and there was only one layer left before the eye would have been destroyed. She performed surgery on the eye, repairing the cornea, and sewing an inner flap over the eye. He is home with a protective plastic collar that he must wear for a month (which he hates and tries to drag it off in the driveway) while things heal. He will be getting weekly checkups, and his sutures will be removed in a month. During this time he will not be able to play with the other dogs, and his outside time will have to be reduced to a minimum. We pray he retains his sight in this eye and does not have further problems with his right eye. Thanks for caring.
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    1. Everyone knows him...and he knows everyone....There is no place that we went..that he wasnt warmly greeted by workers or patrons 2. He is trying to kill his mom....(she is petite like me) and before she can get her azz up and into the vehicle...he is driving away poor lady 3. Do not visit him if you are trying to lose weight...I would have to stay at least a week to eat all the great food and restaurants he was suggesting 4. He is a great tour guide and he has a lovely wife..and mom.
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    I plan to use this thread to process our experience at the medical center today. We are getting ready to leave soon. Well, I am procrastinating. We have to be there 30 minutes early to go through pre-entry screening including temperature scans. then a TEE to look for a blood clot in Tim’s heart. Hopefully that is negative and while he is still under, they will do a cardioinversion. After recovery, I take him home. Honestly, I cannot even think of any alternatives to this scenario. I figured and was prepared to wait in the car but nope, I am still required to be there. Worry still seems to be is that people will come out of anesthesia and have no one to drive them home. If they admit him, I get kicked out.
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    Getting a lot of birds. Mrs. doesn't agree with the Audubon society naming. She seems to call them all wrens. But she really enjoys watching them. And I'm so glad I hung the thing up. Getting some Bluebirds now, gotta get a pic
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    We were slammed. You would never know that we are under a viral threat. It was take my money all day long. We are practically sold out of kids bikes until we restock. Mostly 8-12 year olds who are out of school for 4 weeks. Parents bought bikes, racks to take bikes on trips, we had six sales people and four in service and were busy all day. Total sales were almost $42k; an unheard of number for March. Those are July numbers when the tour is on. We had some good beer after restocking. Went home and had a good pie for dinner.
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    They are now making surgical masks instead of shoes.
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    We have not been hoarding. We buy what we need when we need it. I go to the store about once per week. Have not seen TP in my LGS in weeks. So this AM on jumped on my neighborhood FB page and asked if anyone wanted to PM me where and when they were finding TP. Within 5 minutes I hear a car horn and Romeo starts barking. A wonderful neighbor dropped off an 8 pack of TP on our front porch.
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    My husband asked me, "Can you cut my hair?" The dialogue was awesome and we were laughing the whole time. He has really awesome curly hair, and a lot of it. So, I set up the chair, and never having held hair hair scissors, I went to work. Hubby: You can't possibly do as bad as the cheap cut place. They give me a shitty haircut. DH: Well, this is going to be a free shitty haircut. Hubby: Should we watch a youtube vid? DH: Nah, It'll be fine. Hubby: Is this like your Salon Barbie head? DH: You don't want to be her Hubby: How long, before she was bald? DH: First day...hold still. Hubby: Try the clippers. DH: Honey, you love me right? <more snipping> Hubby: You are not instilling me with a lot of confidence with that statement. DH: It's not that bad. Hubby: <laughing> It grows fast. <more snipping> DH: Oh, oops. Hubby: Maybe cut a little and we can look and then cut more later. <more snipping> DH: We should have bought a flowbee. <more laughing> DH: OK, I think...yeah, that's OK. <Hubby runs his hands through his hair and looks in the mirror> DH: Maybe, take a shower, and it will look better. Hubby: We can talk about your tip later.
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    I cannot see myself doing any more work today. Time to ride my bike.
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    That was one of David Hobbs’ lines when a Formula One driver was working hard to pass the car in front. I had to rethink that phrase yesterday. WoW and daughter and I had a little time to kill before going to dinner. We decided to walk around at a mall near the restaurant. I hadn’t been to Macy’s for a couple years. They usually have a decent selection of men’s clothing. They had a few nice shirts but I wasn’t in a buying mood until... On a clearance rack was a light grey suit jacket. I have been looking for a decent suit lighter than my black suit. It’s a little somber for some events. Rarely does a jacket off the rack fit. If it fits my torso the sleeves are too short. Long enough sleeve mean the rest is too large. I know I can get them altered but it wasn’t a huge priority. But, I tried on the jacket (There were only 2 on the rack) and it was a perfect fit! Daughter found the matching slacks which also were available in my size! WoW had been to the ladies room. I told her I wanted her opinion on a suit before I told her the price. She rolled her eyes wondering what this was going to cost us! I put on the jacket and she immediately liked it! She was afraid to ask the price thinking I was looking at a $500 suit. Nope. $40 for the jacket. $20 for the slacks!
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    Aurora 'Rory' Briana. Our sixth grandchild. Grandma is floating on a cloud. Plans are to fly out to New Mexico to visit in April. Somehow Grandma is resisting the urge to fly out today.
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    From scratch, no recipe. Just winged it. I lifted the bottom so you could see my crust. Thin crust, Caputo flour. yum my man liked it.
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    My hospitalized 98 year old grandfather only has pneumonia (his words). His birthday is next month.
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    Here he is... after our walk and dog park time tonight.
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    30ish degrees...nice sunrise..now breakfast..we were out the door around 6AM
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    turns out it was not COVID-19. It was Saturday Night Fever. He is staying alive.
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    So we went and she made me get all spiffed up.. there is a pic of that somewhere I will add to this post later. Anywho.. the party was fun.. got to meet a few of her coworkers, had some dinner and played cards since it was casino night. If you played the casino games you could win tickets for gift cards.. we walked around when we got there looking at all the cards they had on the table we could want to win.. one stood out to me, and looking around the room at all the programmers, sales people, and demographic of nationalities I decided this one gift card was definitely going to be mine.. I sat down at the card tables and actually had to teach the black jack dealer the rules a little more then they knew.. sad, but worked in my favor. long story short.. I won the $200 gift card to cabela’s because I was the only one that pit into that drawing. now the question is what provisions will I need from there for the upcoming corona apocalypse? I’m thinking a few more boxes of my favorite FMJ rounds.. maybe a couple new fishing lures.. ok here is the useless pic we took before the party for your giggling pleasure
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    Oat and whole wheat buns Please avoid the negative stuff that wheat is bad for me blah blah. I am keeping my family fed. Bread is filling
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    We are a week into self-isolation and it's very upsetting for me to witness my husband standing at the living room window staring aimlessly into space with tears running down his cheeks. It breaks my heart to see him like this. I've thought very hard of how I can cheer him up. I've even considered letting him in. But rules are rules.
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    I re-washed the entire basket of clothes.
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    Yay! New puppies! Australian Shepherd sisters. Mini version.
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    I think it’s pretty safe. I got a phone call tonight from the CDC congratulating me on the fine care I’m giving my wife and telling me to keep it up because they don’t want her admitted to a hospital at this time.
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    I would tell the CFO your plan to upgrade is done.
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    Backstory: We have run out of Tommy's medicine and it has been relatively painful refilling it -- for obvious reasons. Well, he has been stuffed up and unable to go number 2 for the past week and only able to void little blobs of nuggets. Instead of his usual medication, we have been using Miralax instead, which was originally suggested by the Vet several years ago. Apparently, Tommy lit a huge one up this morning while I was asleep -- Tude witnessed the magical event. In times like these, you have to grab on any good news you find.
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    Our county parks are open but the parking lots are closed. Since I rode into the park, had wide open trails with just a few other mountain bikers. Nice 25 mixed road & dirt miles. Oh and the new rear derailure & gearing is suhweet. I noticed I have to push the lever all the way for it to shift now (maybe due to the clutch?) but it’s super smooth. About 3 miles in from the road, not a person in sight! Very rare for this trail.
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    My grandson is getting huge! They come over a couple of nights a week and he loves to rough house with me. The cool thing is when he poops out he crawls in my lap to snuggle. He’s either gnawing on me or licking me! Seems my daughter & I are his two favorites but he is a lover.
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    It's all prepped and I'm going riding today. I admit that I'm a seasonal rider but the season has arrived.
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    Tag was mesmerized by him, and is checking out the dog house for the kid in the last image. First 4 are mine and the last 2 are my wife's taken with her camera. She figured if she kept me busy taking photos, she could feed the hay, the way she wanted it fed.
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    My essential worker; keeping the shelves stocked with tortillas. This makes me smile. I had a green chili and bacon burrito for breakfast.
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    For today, kitchen table so I can keep an eye on Einstein. Regularly in a hidden basement office- pictures tomorrow. I do have two members of my security team keeping watch.
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    The people will be fine, but where are all the animals gonna go? This is crazy.
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    During times like this, I'm especially happy to have this community of people to help make me laugh and give me different perspectives. Thank you for making it possible.
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    Annie's corona test came back negative She has an ear infection.
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    Went for a ride in Northern Virginia. The W&OD to the Custis trail to the Mount Vernon trail and back to the W&OD. 27 miles. It’s a pleasant ride along the Potomac River with monumental views and the trees starting to bloom. Stopped at a local landmark. The Weenie Beanie has bee here for over 50 years. Never eaten there but it’s said that they have the best unhealthy food. Chili dogs, half-smokes ( a DC thing) subs, fries, wings and rings. No tables carry out only. The Seven is sporting new bar tape. Specialized S-Works. Grippy stuff, we’ll see how it lasts.
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    Ryan somehow ended up wearing all the neckerchief slides. The scouts said he was the woggle master. Just look at the look of dismay Our Troop acquired 6 new Boy Scouts last night at a cross over ceremony.
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    I took my wife to her monthly IV for arthritis today. While she is being prepped, another nurse starts prepping a guy in his 50's for his treatment. She asks him the standard questions including "Are you pregnant or breast feeding?" His response, "Are you serious right now, or maybe you need a biology refresher?" I just about fell over laughing although, he wasn't being funny.
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