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    I wasn't sure who this was from even though there was a name on the return address area; I only know most of you by your forum names. I opened the box, and the first thing I saw were streamers. Kirby! Then there were two pwesants to open. I went with the little one first. It's adorable! And just the right size for my ankle, which has been really hurting lately. Then I unwrapped the large pwesant. I kinda figured it was a puzzle. I don't do puzzles much, but I'm looking forward to working on this one!!
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    I bought Nixie a house

    Tomorrow I close I should feel excited, but I instead I feel totally drained and somewhat sad - I know weird. I'm hoping to take a week off from teaching most of my classes to move, clean, paint, settle in and find time to pick blueberries.........
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    Leg is feeling better, my healing always seems to involve walking round the lake
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    Look who I met

    Scrapr. What a nice guy. We had a lovely chat. He brought us delicious pasty too. Bad pic. We are not pro photogs. Stupid shadows.
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    Bebek update

    Two weeks old today. All has gone well so far. Nursing strong, lots of milk stocked up in new chest freezer, and housework somehow remains getting done. Mother and father are still here and still helping out, amazingly. Sister still useless but if your expectations are low enough you'll never be surprised. Babies weight hasn't changed much but her feedings have been long and fulfilling so Dr not worried yet. We have another weighing on Friday and hoping she's pit on some ounces. She got a bath and a full bottle to get her catatonic:
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    So I threw some darts at the map and decided to ride in Central NY. I dug around on ridewithgps and mapmyride and found a ride I liked. The ride metrics said the average grades were around 1.3 - 4.3% and I thought 'No worries, I can handle that.' Well, permit me to say 1.3 - 4.3% my a--, I mean, foot! The ride started pleasantly enough, mostly flat. I found this little waterfall making its 'water music' just off the route Then the climbing started. This is at the top of the first climb. You let me know if it looks like 4%, because the bottom of this climb actually maxed at 13%. Nice view at the top, though! In the distance is the city of Utica. The route took a sharp turn halfway down the hill, apparently to start another climb. In the middle of this climb I heard 'Sprwong!' and knew I'd busted a rear spoke. I rode to the top of the hill and confirmed the suspicion. I adjusted the spokes either side of the busted one to semi-straighten the wheel, taped off the loose spoke with some electrical tape, and then proceeded to go down the longest steepest descent on the route. I topped out at 47.5 mph. I think I could have exceeded 50 but I was a bit nervous about the rear wheel and feathered the brakes a bit on the way down. At the bottom was a neat little building which used to be located at a nearby sulfur springs. Apparently these folks relocated it and are now using it for a shed. Partway down another descent I saw these falls Not a large drop, but it was shady. The water falling over the rocks reminded me I'd had a very busy summer so far and I was right to take this day to ride - even if only to spend just a few minutes here absorbing the tranquility and timelessness of these falls. And - bonus! - just a short way along the routes was this set of falls. I don't know what happened, but somehow I missed the last drop of these falls in the photo. Local hops... Another of those 1.3 - 4.3% climbs The route passed by Chittenango Falls too! Unfortunately for me I had my road shoes on so going down the staircase to the base of the falls and ascending them was out of the question. Even so, I really enjoyed being here for a while. I took a seat in the shade and listened to the water... After the Falls you guessed it! Another climb! At this point my mind had gone numb I was getting used to the climbs , so it really wasn't all that bad. Plus, another spectacular view at the top. My camera wasn't good enough to show the detail but this view includes Oneida Lake and a bit of Lake Ontario. I climbed a 'little' more, again to a pretty nice view After this the route was virtually all downhill! This was a neat building, formerly a church but now a wedding/banquet house Ok, I groused a bit about the elevation but I really did enjoy this ride. I admit, I was s-l-o-w on the climbs but I didn't walk any and I didn't stop on any either. Final numbers 62.5 miles, 4075 elevation, 12.6 mph avg. And the rear wheel held up for me to make it back to the start. After the ride, I found this local restaurant and decided to treat myself to a late lunch. I had some smoked ribs, potato-and-sweet-potato salad, cole slaw, ginger beer, and pie with real whipped cream on top! The food was the best! It's funny, I was rather tired after the ride and can't remember the name of the place, but I'm pretty sure it was called Gus' Diner. I do know I could find it if I'm ever out that way again.
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    You guys will be proud of me

    This weekend, I cleared Momma Bear jump. It is a 5 foot structure to flat, and the lander is about 3 feet from there. My husband says it approx 12 feet of distance lip to lander. So, I was heading into it, following my man. He was pacing for me to just follow. As we are riding down to it, I was talking to myself about how it is easy, how I had done it in 2015. Mind games work. Although, telling yourself not to hit the brakes is the hardest part. As I neared the ramp, it looked way steeper than I remembered. I kept my speed and trajectory with my k. Entering the ramp I wished I hadn't scrubbed so much speed. I rode upon the platform. It was way up in the air. I could see the lander below. It felt high. Focus. I gave a spin of the pedal and rolled off the lip. Time slowed down. I am in the air for what seems like a longer time than usual. Butus lands nose heavy. I felt out of control for a brief second. It no doubt looked sloppy. I thought i was gonna crash when i touched down. I did not crash. One black run, lots of PRs, and a go at Momma Bear.
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    I do appreciate you guys and all the laughs you give me.
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    By far the best vacation of my lifetime so far - I have to consider that it may never be topped. I seemed like everywhere we looked there was something we wanted to take a photo of. My son pulled up a halibut that the boat captain estimated at 100 pounds - too big to get onto the boat. His other catch, a "tiny" 11-pounder, was filleted and will be shipped home. My daughter and I did a 15-mile, mostly downhill ride along the Klondike Highway into Skagway. We saw quite a few waterfalls on this trip but the one we got a good look at on this ride was the best. The highlight for me was the train ride from Anchorage to Seward where we boarded the ship. The scenery was stunning, and we spotted a few moose, bald eagles, and a small bear on a snowbank. Also went to a musk ox farm, a reindeer farm, and a sled dog camp. At the end of the cruise we ended up with about 6 hours to kill in Vancouver (I thought it was going to just be a quick stop/transfer). We walked to Stanley Park and I was impressed with the bike/ped facilities there. One bridge beneath the highway had separate cartways for pedestrians, bicyclists and skaters. The photo with the dead trees is a "ghost forest" near Girdwood. In the 1964 earthquake this area settled something like 10-12 feet and the intrusion of salt water killed, and then preserved, these trees. I found this fascinating. I spent a week on a cruise ship with multiple AYCE facilities and I managed not to gain any weight. We did a lot of walking, and stair climbing, throughout the trip.
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    Six months

    at this job and I'm having an effect already. My boss started riding his bike on weekends. He has a Schwin hybrid and is increasing his distance each Saturday. He is up to 30 miles with a 50 mile goal. He told me yesterday, "I think I need to get a road bike. I see these bikes on the trail passing me by. Is Specialized a good brand? How much are the Cervelos?" So we're going shopping in a few weeks to get him a road bike. Over the years I've been able to get a lot of people into cycling. Makes me feel good.
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    RO and the first dog she walked

    She was very excited to do it when it was suggested. The dog wondered wth was going on for most of the short walk, then saw another dog and took off, jerking RO briefly airborne. Even still, RO was happy about walking her first dog.
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    I'm back from what is I'd say the best vacation ever Three days of riding w/ great people. 258 miles, ≈7300 of climbing. The weather was great, sunny and between 74°-82° w/ only 10 minutes of sprinkles. We stayed at the Traverse City camp ground. We started out w/ 6 people, but one guy could only ride a day and a half before he had to head back home. The rest of us stayed up there. This was such an amazing time that is impossible to put into words. The 6 of us get along so well and it was all fun and full of jokes and shenanigans. I didn't want it to end. I was awarded the polka-dot jersey for my climbing I was crushing them hills. Grades ranged from 4-12% in many areas. Here are some of the many pics taken, I hope you enjoy. Day one we rode 104 miles around the leelanau peninsula. bike club chick and I On the TART trail (traverse area recreational transportation) half way Lunch stop in Leeland one of our few ice cream stops Day 2 part one was old mission peninsula, 47 miles Day 1 part 2, ride around torch lake 49 mile This was a 12% climb Day 3 tunnel of trees, on M119, 47 miles start in Petoskey Harbor springs Lunch stop at Legs Inn, in Cross Village view while eating luinch
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    Hit a milestone today

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    All in all, a good weekend

    Took the motor home north for a few days to get out of the heat. The dogs seemed to like it.
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    Rode the rail trail today.

    About 24 miles on the GAP. I was hurting at the end, got to spend more time in the saddle.
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    Today's ride

    Photos will be forthcoming but I'm too lazy right now. I put the bike on the car and drove about 30 miles upriver to Frenchtown, so I could explore some roads to the north. In Phillipsburg, NJ the front tire went flat. First flat on these Gatorskins - instantly I remembered the problems I had getting them mounted. Thankfully I had a pretty easy time - I doubt I was stopped for more than 15 minutes. [sigh of relief] I briefly crossed the river to Easton and rode up the hill to Lafayette College - nice place. Many years ago for work I had to do parking counts there and I ended up doing it on the bike - so these were some of the only roads on the route that I'd ridden before. The real goal of this ride was to try "Fiddler's Elbow Road" which showed up on some lists of the toughest climbs in the state. It climbs about 540 feet over 8/10 mile. I was humbled, my friends. No no, more like - I got my ass handed to me, my friends. I had to stop three times - and then I got to the really steep part, which supposedly exceeds 20% and I believe it. I must confess I walked a little bit of this climb and even that hurt. I simply couldn't get enough momentum to clip in and get going. I don't remember the last time I had to walk a hill, and this might have been the first time since I got back on the bike three years ago. Around mile 50 I developed a craving for a slice of pizza and a coke - and I ended up riding around a town for five miles looking for a place. Around here if you're in town you can't spit without hitting a pizza shop but this wasn't Trenton, I guess. I rolled back to the car, exhausted, with 69 miles (almost a record) and 4,500 climbing feet (1200 feet more than my previous best). Happy happy.
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    So there I was.. a cycling story.

    My normal road ride started the same direction every day and that took me out to the country and up to the top of the Niagara escarpment. The road I take is a hilly side road that has a couple of switchbacks. Once on top of the escarpment, you can run a long way along quiet country roads and scenic farms so it really is, cycling perfection. Except for this one guy right at the top of the climb... a guy who would become my nemesis. This guy, a mid sixties aged RC car fan would run his cars up and down an already narrow road and would buzz you as you road by. Not a big deal going up hill but coming back down at 60-70 km/hr, it could get in the way. Over time, I kind of got used to him being there and anticipated his stupidity. Every now and then I would make a comment like "Really man?" "Do we have to do this every day?" He would smile in a sinister sort of way and make a comment like "You aren't that fast" or something. Even now and then his wife would be gardening, see his silliness and tell him to leave the cyclists alone. As the summer progressed, the guy got ballsier with this thing and would race you down hill sometimes getting within a couple feet of me. This was getting annoying so one day, I slowed, turned around and rode back up the hill to talk to him. I may have sounded a little confrontational in tone but, he had it coming and I was pissed. I asked him what he was hoping to achieve other than take down a cyclist and his response was "Just having' fun man, ride faster if you don't like it". I decide that I am getting nowhere with his thought so tell him nicely to keep it away from me when I am riding. He suggests I take another route if I don't like it. I rode home a little angered but vowing not to let a childish idiot ruin an otherwise perfect ride. About a month later, and a month without seeing him, I came down the hill and rounding the corner by his house, the obnoxious smoking 4x4 contraption comes tearing out his driveway chasing me. This thing was pretty big, fast and loud. I take a quick glance back to see this maniacal smiling idiot at the controls and he has upped his game. And budget for toys obviously. Now, not only is he chasing me, but taunting me as I ride faster to escape this thing. He is pacing me just to my left and keeps getting closer and closer. As I get further down the road he starts zig zagging back and forth just in front of my front wheel. Then suddenly, he slowed to turn the contraption around. I don't know what his intent was but I had slowed to survival speed just in case he hit me with it. As I approached, the car shot just in front of me and got stuck under my front tire as I stopped. I was thinking how I would resolve this. I was leaning towards a bloody beating but my carbon fibre four inch mini pump wasn't going to cut it. For some reason, I got off the bike while holding enough pressure on the trapped smoking and screaming car/truck menace. I picked it up as the owner started to run down the road toward me. I tucked it under one arm and rode off. The wheels were spinning and the guy was yelling for about a quarter mile. Once I got around two switchbacks and out of sight, I came across a farm whose drainage pond came up to the fence line. I casually tossed it over the fence into the bullrushes that surrounded the pond and happily rode away, smiling a sinister smile like the Grinch when he stole Christmas Day.
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    These are the drops that I speak of. The middle one is my goal this year. This posting should clinch my win for most likes today. If you look closely, all the little flying things around me are butterflies.
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    I skipped the hike though the bottom, but enjoyed the trip.
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    Square Wheels

    The poor woman

    10 years ago today, she had no idea what she was getting herself in to.
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    Bike Talk

    Last year fir Petite's great adventure, I located an old Trek 800, (very similar to the first mtn bike I ever owned and learned a lot about mtb on)that was in bad repair, but salvagable, and I built it up to tour. It worked very well. Anyway, I've recently had some nostalgia and a desire to do some old school rigid mtb. So i took a few days and rebuilt the bike to technical singletrack worthiness and took her out on my regular trail. It rode like a dream and climbed better than my other rigs. Can hold a line almost worth of trials riding. This is at a small juncture about 100 yards from the most technical climb: Complete with old bull horn bar ends and canti brakes! Very much the replica of first Trek. Anyway, was so much fun, I keep taking it out. Going to put the rims from the Mongoose on this bike. And just bought these to put on the Goose: This is my contribution to SW bike talk day.
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    When I was just a little tadpole, we'd go up to the Catskills in the summer. We were city kids who didn't spend a lot of time outdoors, although we'd hang out in the neighborhood park a bunch. But when the summer came, we'd go up to the mountains and finally have a chance to ride bikes, and hike up the road to go play in the sttreams. It made me feel very free and adventurous. One summer I got ambitious and decided i wanted to ride my bike to the next town over. We didn't have a car with us in the country, so you were stuck in your little town until my Dad drove up on the weekends. Going to North Branch was a wild adventure! I felt very excited. My mom agreed to come with me because she probably didn't want her dopey city girl riding alone. Google maps tells me it's only about 5 miles each way, but at the time it seemed like a huge distance (especially on our old hand me down bikes). When we got to North Branch, we went to the General Store and got ice cream treats. Then we rode our bikes down the path to the abandoned church building and explored while we had our ice cream. I felt very accomplished and proud. At the time I enjoyed the adventure, but as I grew older, I appreciated my Mom doing this when I assume it's the last thing in the world she probably wanted to do since I never saw her biking anywhere else. That made me feel very loved, sort of like the formerly unfortunate and not spring green pink tumblers. Years later I was on vacation and saw a framed print of an abandoned church at the end of the overgrown path. it reminded me of my great bike ride, and that print is the only picture that I've carried with me through a number of moves. It hangs in my bedroom right now, and when I pass it each morning it makes me smile. The End
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    My lunch date

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    ... some guy yelled out his truck window, "Roadrunner!" That weirded me out. It turned out to be a guy who remembered me from when I owned my 68 Roadrunner. He didn't remember my name, so he just yelled, "Roadrunner".
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    Denver report vol 1

    I got in to Denver around 9:30 am Saturday. My cousin Kathy picked me up and we drove to her friend's house in Longmont. We then drove up to Estes Park going thru Lyon. We passed by the Oskar Blues brewery there. I wanted to stop but time wasn't favorable. We walked around Estes Park and saw the Stanley Hotel. Stephen King used this as a setting for his novel, The Shining. The hotel was built in 1911. It's a popular destination for weddings and such. We had lunch and walked along the river that flows they town. Very nice place but also very crowded. We left there and drove back to Longmont to drop of Christa and then home to Littleton where Kathy lives. After cleaning up we went to a neighbor's house for BBQ chicken, homemade coleslaw, lemon pie and mass quatities of good beer. We played s few hours of Cards against Humanity. Fun day and slept deeply all night.
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    Fight back with the only weapons you have. Shorts that are too small and tootoo tight. crop top tanks. knee high socks. Old man moose knuckle!!!!!
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    Tonight's sunset

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    This will not impress@jsharr, it's still cool though. Pay attention at :50. That is where the log feature is.
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    I think I plateaued.

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    Update on my daughter.

    It has been 4 weeks since my last trip down to help EDoW get to her cancer treatments, run errands, help around the house, etc. the difference in her demeanor was night and day. While she still gets tired easily, her color is back and she is doing more about the house and looks forward to getting out of the house now! We all went out for dinner Thursday night. That was her first evening out in about 6-8 weeks. This was her first week of internal radiation. Which for cervical is just what you don't want to imagine. Imagine getting a sunburn inside! The good news is the main tumor is shrinking quite nicely. The lymph nodes are still needing a boost so they will add some targeted external radiation on them. This week, the nurses complimented her on her composure. There is another patient having the same treatment, about the same age. She is not dealing with it so well. They asked EDoW if they could give the other woman her number to be a strong shoulder. She has a blog of her journey at caringbridge.org. PM me and I will give her name there if you would like to read it. Entertaining but totally unfiltered!
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    I'll like who I want

    At the end of the day the like totals fall where they may. I enjoy getting a 'like', somebody enjoyed what I had to say, it's like a pat on the back, or a smile and a nod. I'm sure every body likes being liked. But it ain't a competition. Visit the forum, smile a bit, pass out a few 'likes'. Post your thoughts, get a few 'likes'. Help me make it through the night.
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    F_in Ray Of Sunshine

    8-13 miles

    Did this: Took these: @Kirby, here’s the little church I was talking about: Pan-o-Rama from the start of a descent: A waterfall for TK - too bad he wasn’t here to take a better shot of the upper half. ....and another: Came home, ate ribs, drank beer, had pie. Life is good.
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    So there I was...Finale

    On my escape with the RC machine, my hands were full and I had only been feathering the rear brake on the way down the escarpment. After discarding the now silent WMD, I set off for the most fun part of the ride. A set of rollers with a significant downhill grade. Pedal like I was shedding pent up anger and get a little air off one of the crests. As I approached an intersection I touch the brakes only to hear the annoying sound of a deeply scratched 33. My heart sank. These were brand new custom wheels and new tires that idiot had just attacked me with. Being the front wheel, I figured it was worth reaching down to feel the tire and rim. Damn! Yep, a slight bulge and a sharp spot on the rim. I get off, have a look and there was a small chunk of missing sidewall. I rode home at a reduced speed just in case. My anger was growing by the minute but when I got home I showered up and had a cup of tea. Then I got a bit of a rage wave and went up to talk to the offending dude. I drove up in my truck and approached his wife who was tending her flower garden. She really kept a spectacular garden and had an astounding view of the lake and Toronto skyline in the distance. I asked if her husband was around and she said yes, but he was napping after taking his medications. I explained who I was and why I was there which was really to rip a strip off him but I didn't say that. The lady invited me up to her back deck and offered tea and some fresh apple pie. I was losing my angry edge. She was a really delightful woman who couldn't stop apologizing about the damage to my wheel and couldn't stop laughing at my taking and disposing of her husbands toy. She said it was about time someone reacted in a non violent manner. I had the thoughts but didn't action them. There is a difference. Apparently a number of cyclists have threatened him and yelled obscenities as they were harassed. After our 20 minute talk, the maniacal RC operator awoke and joined us on the deck. It was then I noticed a slight slur to his words and a telling droop on his face. He was really happy to meet someone new but looked a little shocked when his wife explained who I was. I was starting to feel bad. His wife explained his slurring of words. Apparently the fellow had had a significant stroke and RC cars were just something he used for therapy. ( OMG I AM AN ASSHOLE!) How could I have done this to the guy? He quickly and sincerely apologized and claimed not to have known his habit was endangering people. Now I had to come clean with the location of his toy. I told him I tossed it in a pond not far away. I drove him down the road in my truck and showed him where it went in. We then drove to the farmer house and explained the predicament. The farmer sent his grandson down to the pond on a little 4x4 to have a look. About 30 minutes later the kid came back with he RC toy in arms. He couldn't stop drooling over it having recovered it from the bullrushes. My now friend and stroke victim came alive talking to the boy about it and asked if he would come up to his house. Off we go again, now a crew of four in the truck as Grandpa came along too. The former operator of this smoking menace was now the nicest guy I had met in a long time. He went into the garage and came out smiling and gave the boy the radio for the car. "You take it and be responsible with it" he says. ""I hope you will be more responsible than me". I dropped grandpa and the new RC car owner back at the farm and went away feeling pretty good. Gord, (the stroke victim) and Mary, his delightful wife remained friends and I would often drop n on them while on rides. Gord still ran the cars up and down the road but was more mindful of us cyclists. He passed away four years ago and Mary moved to Victoria to live with her kids. She still sends Christmas cards and we still chuckle at how we met.
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    Ok, Petite, the 4 day total of steps: 14,680 Friday 15,842 Saturday 21,421 Sunday 11,141 (just a half-day today, as they left at 2:00 So, 63,084 steps in 4 days, 22.8 miles. Enough, I am going to go burn my legs.
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    I rode on a velodrome

    An old dilapidated one anyway. This is the Dorais velodrome which opened in '69 in Detroit but hasn't been used in decades, sadly. Our ride yesterday went to it, and while it's all beat to hell, there is still a line that can be used to ride it. So I did twice. This was the first time I rode on one and it has bad ass Freaky riding on that much banking, but still way fun.
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    Little League World Series

    Floyds Knobs Indiana. It's about 2 minutes from the lovely city of Greenville where I live. The girls softball 12U all stars won state, regionals, and are now playing in Oregon in the World Series! Most of them play for the same travel program that my daughter used to play for. They are all same grade as my son and go to the same school. A couple of them live in my subdivision. They went 3-1 in pool play, getting the number 2 seed. They played their first bracket game last night on ESPN live and won over the Czech Republic 8-0 with their pitcher throwing a no hitter! I mean really, how cool is this? They are playing on ESPN 2 tonight at 9:00EST. Tune in and watch!
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    8-13 miles

    26.2 with a bit of climbing. Not sure if you can tell from the photo but we started in the valley. It was 2 miles at around 7% to where I took the picture. After that was 4 miles at 3-4%.
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    8/12 miles and such

    148 miles. One day ride across Michigan. Included 2 deluges, thunder and lightning. And bbq and beer at the end. Loved riding it with bike club Chick. We're in Bay City Michigan for the night. Now more beer and hot at the holiday
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    8/12 miles and such

    I rode a bike!! Put flat pedals on the Roubaix. At first I rode like a peg leg pirate; I couldn't make a full pedal stroke. After a couple miles the knee started loosening up, and I could pedal with both legs. It wasn't pretty, but I was pedaling! I think about 11 miles. @Randomguy was right; the brace kept catching on the bike. But I worked around it. Good times! And now I'm on the couch with ice on my knee.
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    Upon hearing that her elderly grandfather had just passed away, Katie went straight to her grandparent's house to visit her 95 year-old grandmother and comfort her. When she asked how her grandfather had died, her grandmother replied, "He had a heart attack while we were making love on Sunday morning." Horrified, Katie told her grandmother that 2 people nearly 100 years old having sex would surely be asking for trouble. "Oh no, my dear," replied granny. "Many years ago, realizing our advanced age, we figured out the best time to do it was when the church bells would start to ring. It was just the right rhythm. Nice and slow and even. Nothing too strenuous, simply in on the Ding and out on the Dong. " She paused to wipe away a tear, and continued, "He'd still be alive if the ice cream truck hadn't come along."
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    132 over 78

    My B P. Better than over 90....I will keep at it.
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    We did it, maybe

    We put an offer in on a farmette last night. It is noncontingent because there is another offer. We could own two houses soon. That will suck. I'm feeling all over the place about this.
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    In the past, I've mentioned that in a former life, I was a juggler. Everyone who juggles has to have a hook; something no one else does. My thing was shot-puts and bowling balls. Every once in a while, when I was feeling particularly dangerous, I’d borrow a set of 21 inch knives from one of the other guys in the group and toss them around. This gained me a reputation as someone you didn’t want to be standing anywhere near at practice. Friday, I was perusing one of my favorite thrift stores while waiting for my wife to finish with her pedicure appointment. Something shiny locked up in a glass case caught my eye. When I bent down to take a closer look, my heart skipped a beat; it was a beautiful set of stainless steel Brian Dubé juggling knives! I’m sure I was salivating when the attendant opened the case and handed them to me. When she told me the price, I almost passed out – Twenty bucks! Can you believe that? Twenty dollars for a new, never even been dropped, set of knives that sell for $150! Needless to say, and much to my wife’s chagrin, I bought them. It’s only been twenty-five years (see the attached picture) since I juggled with knives, but it’s just like riding a bike, right? Honey, keep the dogs in the house for a while . . .
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    Aire girls are sweet

    Heard from 2 of 3 today for the Toad Hall Arts Benefit. DoA1 is going to perform Live Like You are Dying. You may remember the theme is Remember When. Also our memories of their dad are entwined with the Arts in Chestertown. DoA2 said she is performing Cheeseburger in Paradise. . She first sang it at a Toad Hall coffee house when she was 3 or 4. Her daddy was on guitar Oh and she also told me she got a tattoo I think both are nice tribute songs to their daddy. I tabled the idea of singing Pick me up on your way down----no clue yet. Maybe Maggie May
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    Denver report #2

    Sunday woke up at 6:00, coffee and banana bread my cousin made. Walked the dogs and then cooked some breakfast, eggs with green Chilies and O'Brien potatoes with more coffee. We drove up to Boulder and up Lookout Mountain. A lot of cyclists were grinding up and speeding down this mountain road. I like the fact that it seems like everyone approaches outdoor activities like they're getting paid for it. We saw Buffalo Bill's gravesite. Nice place to occupy. Drove back thru Golden but we didn't stop to sightsee. I'll have to come back for that. Stopped at the grocery store for dinner stuff. I'm cooking barbecue shrimp, strip steaks on the grill. Baked potatoes, mushrooms in a red wine sauce, roasted garlic bread and cauliflower. pictures are of the Lookout Mountain road. There are two cyclists in the picture. The peak is close to the antennas in the background. The other is Boulder. The athletic fields in the foreground belong to the College of Mines. The complex at the back is Coors Inc.
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    This town I am in is isolated

    We are spending a little time in Shelter Cove. We are riding Paradise Royale today. It's a fantastic trail system built to IMBA specs. This place is in the middle of nowhere. The drive to get here is gnarlier than the riding, IMHO. The mountains around here are steep ups and downs. Anyway, we opted to leave the trailer at home. We brought it here once, and that was stressful. So, I have rented us this cozy beach suite that over looks some tide pools and a dark sand beach on the Pacific Ocean. We have a deck that is steps off the beach. The accommodations are swanky. It's got a full kitchen, fireplace and a separate bedroom. It could only get better with a Jacuzzi tub overlooking the ocean, but I dream. The beaches here are rugged, rocky and have dangerous rip currents. It is super beautiful though. You can hear the ocean from inside the room. There was a bunch of seals out here last night. There was a ton of them. They were lounging on the rocks and hunting for fish or whatever they eat. Last time we were here, we saw a couple of local kids riding bikes. Those were the only two we saw ALL weekend long at the camp and trail system. I am in love with this place. My husband told me that we can't live here. There is only that one trail network here. There is one market and it is way up this crazy hill. It's like a maze of steep roads that are mostly interconnected. No doubt, it would bore me in a week, but I am living the dream right now as I pretend that I am living here.
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    So.. today was her birthday.. She got a new washer and dryer, stove, and fridge.. to top it off she got a new to her VW Beetle convertable.. best part for me... I only spent roughly 11k... Sears was had a closeout sale for all appliances 55% off, and the Beetle was a 2015. 25,000 mile deal. Got a great trade in price for her SUV, and only had to tell the dealership to shove their price up their rump twice. Over all it was a good day
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    Wifey and I

    We cycled out this afternoon as there were no afternoon TV distractions and the weather was great