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    Wo46 got her race license today

    Since I didn't have the sidecar project finished for this weekend Dale took Wo46 out her test. She was a little nervous getting ready. Getting up to full race speed Now we can't get the smile off her face. So she has to take her final test at Road American next Friday. How cool is that.
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    Forumite Pics of Yesteryear

    23 years old
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    The Story of my Very Good Day

    Today I got to sleep in as late as I wanted and I didn't have to set an alarm. This made me feel very rested. Once I woke up I decided to bring some old sheets to a nearby animal shelter. When I got there one part of the gate was open but the other part was closed and there was a sign that said closed. I decided that the open gate controlled, so I drove in and dropped off the sheets. This made me feel a bit adventurous and happy that I could help the animals. On the way home I saw a grocery store that was from the same chain of stores that I usually go to, but a new location. I decided to try it rather than drive 15 minutes to my regular store. The store was smaller than my regular one, and more crowded. This made me feel a bit claustrophobic, but I got my groceries and that made me feel accomplished. I also felt glad that my usual store isn't so hectic. As I was driving home, I passed a local park that was having their first farmers' market of the season. I decided to stop and see if the guy who sells yummy fruit tartes was there. He hadn't been the last few times I went to the farmers' market, so I was hopeful but not overly optimistic. But there he was and I got nice fruit tartes to bring to my Mom's and into work on Tuesday. This made me feel very pleased. This park also has a farm area where they have some animals and nice flowers. It was sort of a rainy day but that meant the park wasn't too crowded. There were some fun goats, cows, horses and a giant pig. But best of all in one of the barns they had a variety of different types of sheep, each of which had lambs within the last week or so. Two of the lambs were only two days old and still struggling to walk. Such cuteness made me very happy. Then one of the volunteers at the park asked if I'd like to pet one of the lambs and this made me feel very sheep-herdery. Then I came home and had lunch and a nice nap. The End
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    Road Runner

    Forumite Pics of Yesteryear

    I was looking at my vast array of old pics on this Sunday afternoon, and it occurred to me that it might be fun to post pics of ourselves from long ago. I'll start. Here is a pic of me on the slopes with some snow bunny I happened upon. Circa early 80's.
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    Gravelly goodness

    I love riding gravel roads. 62 miles today, 6600 ft of climbing. Two five mile climbs that were 2000 ft each. It was hot. Four us showed up. Doing a race here in August. I had planned to do the 100 mile but I think the 60 mile will suffice. Stopped by Melvin brewery on the way home. The way up. Were heading up to the mountain on the left. Looking down, we came up that road. Wildflowers
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    What a awesome weekend

    This was a totally awesome weekend. Wo46 did her first race as a sidecar monkey and did a fantastic job. My and I were in the same practice session in the morning. My son is faster in the corners and I was faster on the straight aways and we would pass each other 3 and 4 times a lap. I think I'm going to spend the money to buy some of the photos of the father and son battle for the faster lap time. ( I was 3 tenths of a second faster ) Here some photos of some of our sidecar racing friends. Even though we dropped out of Sundays race with engine trouble the weekend was still a success. Number 309 won the race and had all the other racers sign the trophie and gave it to Wo46 and I for finishing our first race weekend.
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    Art work by DH

    @AirwickWithCheese Here is my 3rd. Piece ever. Created on recycled cardboard.
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    70 miles.

    Just a couple of 10ths under for May. Not a lot for you rhodies but this was all on gravel with no rides any longer than about 10 miles. Not bad for an old man making a comeback.
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    C&O Canal pics

    Several weeks of steady rain caused the rivers to flood the C&O Canal. A friend and her daughter rode the trail yesterday. A lot of downed trees and debris littered the trail. At Harper's Ferry, the bike stand was almost washed away. A Obligatory turtles, the official mascot of the C&O Canal. An aerial shot of Harper's Ferry from Sunday. I swiped the photo from a Faceybook post. The Shenandoah is to the left, Potomac to the right. Lower right is the canal (flooded) with a short section of exposed trail. For reference purposes, the bike rack seen earlier is located under the old railroad bridge (lower in the pic). There are stairs that lead from the trail up to the bridge to reach Harper's Ferry. The stairs are not fun with loaded touring bikes.
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    And give me 11 likes for this post. Thank you.
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    T.I.R. (Today I Rode).....

    This!! ( @Page Turner you may want to swallow whatever whatever you are chewing so you don't choke when you start laughing at me.) I bought the same model I had, because I loved it and wanted the same feel/ fit/ ride, but at WofZ's insistence, I upgraded. It is a Giant Defy Advanced Pro 0. It comes with tubeless tires ( for now) and carbon fibre rims, which was not a big seller for me. It has Shimano Ultegra hydraulic disc brakes, which was not a big selling point for me, and it has Ultegra Di2 electronic componentry which was a big point for me. This is way too much bike for me, and it is a much better bike than I am a rider, but as my wife says, riding after work is my therapy and helps me keep work in perspective. I rarely spend on myself ( I don't even have a personal cell phone) and it was a bit of a struggle to do this for myself. I took it for a 40 mile rip today, very responsive compared to my old one, and the shifting is pretty extraordinary. I am not sold on the stock saddle, but will give it a couple hundred miles and if I do not settle into it I will pull my saddle off my old one. I set it up with the same measurements as my old one but after the ride I need to tweak a few things that I missed. It has been quite the week.....
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    Well I almost died....

    Did the race today and as luck would have it some dumb mother fucker took me down. I was setting up on the left side of the course going down hill and about to go into a sharp right turn. Dumb mother fucker tries to pass on my left where he was literally riding against the tape where there is no room, eats shit and his body hits my bar and takes me down. I slid about 10 feet, got up, got my bike off the course, did a self assessment, did a bike assessment and then checked on dumb mother fucker who was still doubled over in the fetal position. I asked him if he needed help and he said no (he looked like he did) but since he crashed me I left his ass. I finished the race with my bars and saddle askew and if you recall this was my first actual ride on my new Anthem so was a little unsure of the handling to start with. Well it made the race interesting to say the least. I finished 17th in my age group out of around 50 people. Not so bad considering I had to pick myself up off the dirt and ride a wonky bike. I honestly think I can get too 10 in my age group next time if there is a next time. The new Anthem has a nick on the top tube but otherwise no worse for wear. Part of the reason I like Al frames. Time for a shower, got gnarly road rash on both arms and legs and off to bed.
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    Square Wheels

    Mt Washington run 2018

    Well, I planned, I trained, I made it to the top, but it was from what I hoped for. Thursday night I had a family / personal crisis that is going to take months, probably some court dates, and a lot more pain to resolve. I did't get to sleep until after 3am. Then silly us, two friends who ran it with us came over last night and we stayed up late chatting, got about 6 hours of sleep. Woke up still a mess from Thursday, still now, will be with me for a while. I'm not going to share more about it here, it's too troubling right now. The weather at the base this morning was perfect, probably low 60's. I stood in the front today for the start, just behind the elite guys. I didn't run nearly as fast, and also feel I didn't get in their way, but it was cool to be in the front. I "ran" the first half, no walk breaks. There is a timer at the halfway point, I was at 1:03. Not what I was hoping for, I walked the rest. It was a very windy day. The treeline goes about halfway up the mountain, then quickly thins to nothing. Once I cleared the trees, the wind really picked up. About 20mph for the rest of the run, 90% of it a headwind. It was brutal. This years winner finished about 10 minutes slower than last years (who also ran today). It was also pretty cold at the top, I heard low 40's. I had a cycling jersey and running shorts. I don't have an official time, but the race clock and my Garmin both said 2:10. Same as last year. Very disappointed. I trained hard for this. Even though I've been a lifelong couch potato, overweight most of my life, the past 5 or so years have been a big change foe me, I really expected under 2 hours this year. I finished well before my friends. The last few hundred yards are 22%, that's kinda tough at the end of a 7.6 mile run at 12%. I went to the bottom of that part of the run and waited for my friends. I forgot my bag of warm clothes at the bottom, so a lot of shivering was involved. I saw the guy friend come up first, he seemed OK, so I just high fived him. He actually was pretty dehydrated and felt sick for a couple of hours after. Next I saw a women a little wobbly, I was yelling some encouraging words. Her hat blew off (remember, 20mph winds). I yelled, loudly, a couple of times, I'll get it, just keep going). I think she was delirious and didn't hear me. She bent over to pick it up and face planted. She stayed down for a bit, didn't appear seriously hurt (probably broke her nose), so a few of us picked her up. She wanted to continue. So me and another guy grabbed her under each arm and ran the 22% with her. We got her across the line and we brought her right to the EMTs. This was the coolest part of my day. I went back down the 22% part, saw my girl friend and she was having a tough time. I took her under her arm and got her near the finish line, then she completed it on her own. Also pretty cool Back down I went, saw the wife. She was doing OK, I ran next to her, and she didn't need any help, so I let her cross on her own. I hate making excuses, but the personal issues are weighing heavily on me. It was horribly windy. It was not the race I hoped for. I finished, I will do it again next year, I will train harder. My coach is awesome, he did a fantastic job getting me as ready as I could be. The failures are all on me. I needed to lose 15 pounds that I didn't, I needed to get my head into the race today, I couldn't. Here's a pic with me, George (98 years old and a 2018 finisher) and my wife. Me finishing (yellow cap) My (and some stranger) helping (some other stranger).
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    Found a deal too good to pass up Giant Anthem 29 1. Aluminum framed but specd with SRAM Eagle GX, Level TL brakes, Fox Elite SC fork, fox float rear shock and carbon hoops. A bit spendy but this should be my last bike for a loooong while. I really like how they put high end kit on an Al frame to hit a sweet price point.
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    She had asked me a while ago to help her clean her gutters. She doesn't have a tall enough ladder (and honestly she can't be getting on a ladder.) I finally have a few days off, so I took some of that time to take a ladder to her house. Got there and realized the ladder I brought was too short. Damnit; now I have to get the aluminum ladder. We went upstairs to try going out a window rather than use a ladder. Nope, not gonna work. But there was an air conditioner sitting in that attic room. She wasn't sure how she and my nephew would do carrying the unit and installing it. I picked it up and carried it to the window. Air conditioner installed upstairs. We both went to my house to get the aluminum ladder. We hung out for a bit, and she got to meet Gray Cat. Back to her house. It was scary going up that aluminum ladder, but I got all the crud out of the gutters. It was pretty wet in there, and it smelled like sewage. The remaining water wouldn't drain properly, but she was just glad to get the mini trees out! We hung out in the back yard for a bit and watched the doggies enjoy the outdoors. It was a good afternoon.
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    Loading the car Friday night...driving 500 miles on Saturday...Looking for @JerrySTL on Sunday...vacation baby
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    Essentially, we had water, water everywhere (but lots to drink). We had the expected snow, the expected rain, glaciers, rivers, waterfalls, lakes, the Puget Sound, the Pacific Ocean, and even some sort of sleet/hail. Talk about a lot of WATER. Anyway, my wife has most of the good photos on her phone, but here are a few I got: Tom
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    My fridge...and my panties

    Are clean ... did some "hand wash" laundry and cleaned out my fridge...so I can fill it up upon my return... Tomorrow night load the bike and 1/2 the gear...Ready to Rock 60 on the Katy Trail. A couple of residents sent me off with cards today
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    Jumped out of his crate in the driveway and headed for the field across the street. He was back wandering with the sheep and goats when I was feeding.
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    I live in paradise. the view of town today. winter
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    I think we would need a GoFundMe to pay for the psychiatrist who treats the psychoanalyst who has to listen to RG.
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    Sorry, the better view is into the sun so it comes oot too dark.
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