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Can you imagine a world where cats where thoughtful?

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My sister had a cat, no deceased, named Gus that would climb on the backs of chairs or couches where people he liked we sitting, and then lick pur hair "clean."

He was a "lap cat" and mostly liked to jump up with his claws at your shoulder and lay on your chest so you could pet him.  He purred like crazy.

My sister's other cat, Slinky, avoids laps but she'll get next to your chair on the floor and meow to let you know she wants to be petted.

Cats are not friendly like dogs.

The dental assistant I had today said her sister believes dogs hibernate and that wearing COVID masks can cause suffocation due to breathing CO2. When my dentist and I, both Catholic started swapping Catholic school stories and jokes, the assistant asked what's the difference between a Methodist and a Christian, because she's Methodist.  Wow!  I wonder if their mother thinks Elvis is still alive and thunderstorms cause crab soup to go sour!

I had my 6 week-old root-canal temp crown removed, permanent crown measured, new temp crown until Mar. 15)   I couldn't get a same-day permanent crown due to potential temporary swelling because of the root canal.

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 Dogs might be better listeners capable of grasping more words, but cats are better talkers capable of trying to communicate more with their humans friends. Dogs may know 100 words, but they can only vocalize about 15 different sounds. Cats may only understand 25 to 35 words, but they can make about 100 different vocalizations.

And let’s face it, few among us even tries to train our cats, so how do we know what they are capable of?

https://blog.mysanantonio.com/animals/2012/07/the-intelligence-of-dogs-and-cats/#:~:text=Cats may only understand 25,friends%2C not around other cats.

I am someone who takes the time to train and talk to cats.  Some cats are much more responsive than others, but each one is an individual with their own personality and ability.

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IMO you will have a better relationship with your cat if you get him/her at the youngest possible age.  That way you become family before too much of that cat survival instinct molds their personality.  For an indoor only cat I'd recommend a female cat.  Male cats are more driven to go out and stake their claim on as much territory as they can control

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I felt my cat was pretty thoughtless this morning, playing behind the nightstand with the window shade cords at 4 am. She thought she was pretty smart finding something to amuse herself with while everyone else slept.

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