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What is your story?
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So i told people about how i thought mind control could be implemented. I had a feeling that i was a target possibly from as high as the government. I had reasonable reasons to believe this that i cant explain for legal reasons and other vulnerability reasons. I had some doctors tell me in Dartmouth General hospital nothing specific information that was contradictory so if i repeated this to any doctor i would look insane. The way the suggested that i had a brain implant and other things back in 2006ish, referencing steive jobs being murdered by conspiracy, ranting to me something about me calling japan saying nuclear key words, telling me about our climatologists and other scientific Fields indicate there going to be hit by a tsunami telling me that we rigged there power plant. lecturing me never to make these calls again. they gave me all kinds of personal information about other clients at other hospitals, and continued to reinforce that im going to be genie pig unless i want my family dead and unless i want to live longer. They even said the medical community wanted to take my genitalia off.

The next time i went to Queen Elizabeth 2 hospital I was told some of the same information then they tried to use poorly conducted NLP on me, and threatened my life some more and attempted to stimulate emotion. The looked upset when i played dumb in questioning. I still want to break her neck, But you cant do that when your in a hospital and or being watched outside. The law enforcement contact each other county by county in regards to me. The workers at this hospital made me sign red papers to and alleged foreign nation, along with other things. They also patent trolled me, with comedy central material that at the time haded been published.

I told many people that some doctors from two hospitals made indications to me that there some how going to make me schizophrenic so that i hear voices. I told them i didn't believe i had a brain implant. I told them i believed in the possibility.

So some guy after moving to Nova Scotia before getting my apartment used information that i described to individuals in there homes as to what i believed would work for mind control, used it on me, he talked in paragraphs of information mixed with nlp and literaly gave me volumes of information as well as the source code as to how it worked, he told me information that relates to a very large pool of professional fields. Just picture the lady strapped to a chair and forced to watch fast moving clips with eye droppers. The trick is to slow down and read body language to see indicaters that there is retention and focus. If you say to much they wount remember withought the external stimula, Now some how they "they whoever" got a bunch of people to do a act around me to damage me, I now hear voices so schitzoprenia is like the ultimate cover up. Every scientific detail is discrediting with this disorder. there was way more to the use of the mind control and making it worse.

My pychologist keeps reinforcing that nothing of any of this is true, shes like talking to a wall. she makes poor arguments. she works for the Province of Nova Scotia, and is trying to build up a case to keep me into a pychatric hospital where I can be experimented on discretely.

The voices are boring they dont scare me they're just fricken anoyying, Its slowly dissipating. I am not taking medications for it.

and thats the short version of my story.
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I'd taken that, and modified it slightly, from a Psychotic Today website.

Likely, this person is allowed to drive a motor vehicle.


Hey, you look fat in your avatar.  Did you take that off of the obesity anonymous website too?


Oh, I'm sorry.  Totally uncalled for.  I'm turning a new leaf here.  So let me try that it again.  


You look pretty macho and husky, Digger.  You're probably are like that because you live in Nova Scotia.  What a brave, strong lad you are.

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