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The Story of my Weekend


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3 minutes ago, bikeman564™ said:

Super awesome. Riley is a top notch athlete, and her family is so kind and welcoming. I'm very glad to hear this worked so well. Emmy must be ecstatic.

She completely spazzed out when Riley wanted to follow her on IG.  Of course I posted a photo and tagged Riley and Emmy and Riley replied.  Emmy spazzed out again.  This is the good part of social media. 

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8 minutes ago, Kirby said:

So nice when the people we admire turn out to be worthy of the respect.  How nice of Riley to take all the time with Em.

How did Em get to be a fan of Riley's?

A while back when Emmy was getting started we were looking on the youtubes a lot for drills and things.  I saw this video that had gone viral on the facebooks.  Riley has a very non-traditional softball swing.  Her mom talked a lot about the video and how it all came about.  But because of it Riley has become somewhat of a sensation on the interwebs.  She has numerous opportunities for employment teaching, on line coaching, etc.  Sadly she cannot do any of it right now until she graduates.  (she is a senior).  She is engaged to a pro baseball player and just last week she got drafted by the Peppers to play pro softball.  Anyways, she has a bright future ahead of her to play a few more years and then teach and/or coach.  She is a very polarizing personality.  She will do great at whatever she choses. 



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