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Do you think the sun serves a useful purpose?


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Yes. It is snot perfect though, causing skin cancer and premature aging of everything its darn uv rays come in contact with!  Can’t we filter that shit oot?  Oh yeah , thankfully ozone does some of that for us. But can we turn up the gain?  I guess we did with getting rid of flourocarbons. Fricken chemical engineers and chemists!  But beer helps atone for their sins. 

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2 minutes ago, Randomguy said:

I saw a movie on Netflix where an outpost on the moon was mining it and sending it back to earth. 

In my googling, I learned that the sun has minerals like gold. I sure hope some greedy bastards don’t break it trying to mine the gold!

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2 hours ago, Randomguy said:

Ok, that is nice but if we didn’t have the sun for that, then we would get our vitamins elsewhere.

I think we should blow up the sun and take care of global warming.  

Then there would be no use for beaches or bikini's. I am vetoing your suggestion.   There would also be no need for sun dresses.  This too would be bad.  Clearly, you need to think this through. 

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31 minutes ago, RalphWaldoMooseworth said:

Remember when they used ammonia for refrigerant?  Of course not, that was the 20s or so. Strike that question!

It's still used, R717. I developed two valves for a R717 system aboot 7 years ago. My local ice rink uses an ammonia refrigeration system.

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