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I just can't keep up with technology


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I had some blue tooth earbuds but didn’t really care for them.  I have earbuds with a similar shape but plug in.  They are OK for when I have to take a conf call on my cell but I really don’t care for ear buds in general.  Didn’t like them back in the day with radios either.  Except...

I have some over the ear plug in ones for the gym.  Metallica station on Pandora at max volume seems to rattle them loose!

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This thread got me curious, my iPhones always come with ear buds and I never get them out of the box. I just opened the box to see if the ear buds came with blue teeth. Nope, just plain old wired ones. The only difference is now the end of the cord plugs directly into the charging port and the iPhone 7 you had to use a dongle.

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