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Weekend Plans for October 18-20


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I don't have any plans yet, but after not drinking at all last weekend, I have some ground to make up.


I might go to the batting cage, and will probably go to the rock climbing gym, too.  I will also watch football on television, probably get out to brunch at least once, and dinner at least once, but probably twice.  I might go for a faux bike ride, and probably do some walking.  I should take the wife into REI and have her try on some cycling shoes, this is the winter to get her on clipless pedals.  I want to ID the brand and fit she likes so I can pounce when something goes on sale that she likes.

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Saturday - watch the grandkids - serve in kids ministry at church in the evening


Sunday - thinking about taking my parents to a local antique cider press (weather dependent)

See, just the hint of sensitivity training and you are a new man!  

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Leave work a couple hours early today and get in about 30 miles.

Watch Cards wrap up the National League tonight.


Run a 5K with WoJSTL on Saturday then do yard work. Maybe watch Cars if the didn't wrap it up on Friday.


Sunday do a century ride. Weather looks dry but a little cold.

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