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Too much food


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37 minutes ago, petitepedal said:

Yikes...I have way more food in my fridge than I can possibly eat..will be freezing some stuff tonight..:whistle:

Either that or I could feed a complete meal to 4 or 5 people...twice :blink:

I'm in the same situation.  I bought a big bunch of celery (price by the bunch, not by weight), a 2 lb butternut squash, a big fennel bulb with it's licorice-like leaves extending out a foot, and a 5lb bag of sweet onions, so I had to get creative to fit it all in the fridge.

I've got a lot of stuff frozen for future meals.  For dinner today, I'll finish my last bowl of Martha Stewart's Savory Fall Stew that I froze a month or so ago, and make a another big batch within the next two weeks - freezing 2 or 3 of the six 26 oz. portions.

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22 minutes ago, Longjohn said:

Now that I can see to drive I went grocery shopping. I bought $100 worth of stuff at Walt’s and another $100 worth of groceries at Aldi’s. I was running low.

good news is you can see to drive to grocery store.

bad news is you can see the prices.

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Since I've been cooking for myself almost all the time while avoiding restaurants and am eating much less frozen food, I've been slowly enlarging portion size.

It reminds me of the observation that paintings of the Last Supper show more and more food on the table as the ages in which they were painted in passed!

I cut the 9 lb lasagna I made for Christmas into 9 pieces and most people said that was too much!  Of course there were a lot of sides to eat.

So, along with my 2000 Cal/day max. program for 2022, I think a good-sized, low-calorie salad is going to appear with a lot of meals.

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