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I damaged my rear tire

Road Runner

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1 minute ago, Road Runner said:

I've been using Vittoria Rbino Pro Slicks on my single speed for several years and I really like them.  Seems silly to replace the front gatorskin when it is in excellent shape.

I believe that would be a crime!

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3 hours ago, Road Runner said:

Does it break any cycling rules to have different tires on the front and rear? 

If you ride fast enough, how the heck will they know?  Just ride fast.

And carry a frame pump in case you need to stop and some azzclown makes an issue of your mismatched tires.

BTW, I am a bazillion more times bothered by folks wearing a Specialized jersey on a Trek, or, like today, wearing a Trek VW jersey while riding a Pinarello.  Heck, thinking about it, I forgot to see if that Pinarello had Campy. That fool probably had SRAM ?


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I usually try to break as many of “The Rules” as I can. I rode a mountain bike until the rear hub wore out, The only spare wheel I had was a road wheel with slick. I road it that way for a couple months until I bought a new bike.

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