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    The inaugural electric bike ride

    It's hardly fair to make a review on my electric bike but I am happy to report it totally did what I was hoping. My wife and I just rode a 17 mile round trip across the valley where we conquered a good share of hills get to and from it. I typically ride my touring bike about an average of 14 mph in the flats and anywhere between 8-12 mph up lengthy or steep hills. With the lowest pedal assist setting on the electrical bike, I probably increased my speed about 2-3 miles per hour just casually riding -- and I didn't attempt to maximize this. That is, this was accomplished using the two lowest pedal assist levels and casually riding. But here's the thing. I haven't ridden really since July, and while an increase in speed is nice, I was able to ride up hills like nothing and they didn't wipe me out. And where I live, this was key. The number of route options to get to my home from the transit center has completely opened up. I rode also w/o any bike shoes trying to gain any extra mechanical advantage. The advantage is the Bosch motor running in the bottom bracket. That means I can travel roughly 10 miles in casual shoes and wear without getting overly sweaty or being wiped out racing to my bus. Not sweaty. Not tired. Faster. Hmmmmm.... Essentially, there are 4 levels of assist on my bike, and if I was to ride in on of the top highest two gears, I would be burning 50% less calories than if I had no pedal assist. Rding an electric bike in one of the highest two gears is akin to a brisk walk -- some of the best exercise out there for you. But I found that I can use the first two lowest levels of assist (and far less drain on the battery) very easily. and is pretty much all I need. Therefore, I'm surmising that by riding my electric bike in one of the two lower modes, I'm burning 75% of the calories as compared if I were riding a regular bike. So I don't feel bad at all, really, about cutting out some of the health benefits for improved performance and ease -- because without it I wouldn't be riding at all. The locale of my house has been a detriment and a riding blocker. I wasn't riding at all. But not anymore. It'll be interesting to see if i slack over time but I now have NO excuse not to ride during my commute to work. None. Since moving to my new house, I have done NO riding during my commute. If I fail, then I just threw a bunch of money out the window. If i succeed -- and I'm literally betting money on it -- then I save money over time and my health goes up -- and most likely I continue to lose weight. Riding my electrical bike is a lot of fun. I believe my commute just got a lot more fun as well.
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    Esther is a fucked up name

    When I was still a young single Jesus Freak I once had three Esthers in my hippy van at the same time on the way to a concert. Esther was a popular name in my group of friends.
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    The girls are getting ready for bed and are FaceTiming with their brothers and little sister. They are so cute.
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    Esther is a fucked up name

    If we would have had a daughter I wanted to name her Naomi.
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    SW, I don't know what happened but I find it hard to believe you were a bad parent intentionally or not intentionally. You don't seem like the type. From my experience, it's partially a result of alcoholism in the family but this is a very subjective statement as I have pretty extensive experience in the subject and I'm bound to it. I suspect finding help and guidance from a professional third party counselor would do you well. They have an ability to challenge your foundation of thoughts and spin the direction on them, while providing help on your journey of fixing the definite wrongs from your past. It seems to me you are in a cycle of thought and belief that is in a loop and you can't figure out the puzzle on your own. I've found that no matter how intelligent I think I might be, I need the help of others from a objective perspective to help right the ship. It's practically impossible for us to travel this journey on our own in a healthy and successful way while battling demons and ghosts from the past. Welcome to being human. It's sounds like you have an opportunity here to grow. Peace, Couch
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    My boss thinks I fly a plane. He doesn't realize how many fires one must put out to make it all seamless. So, daily, Ralph.
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    You love your kids and you've done your best, that's already a stop ahead of a not insignificant percentage of parents. I look at my niece and nephew, and they were raised very similarly, but they each have very unique personalities. Sometimes kids are just different no matter what you do. There are also a lot of factors that can be influencing them that really have nothing to do with you. Your daughter may be appreciative of the room but feel like her mom needs her more, or that whatever the home situation is, at least it's a "known". I have a tendency to think that people's actions are a reflection of how they think of me, when usually it's just a function of how they feel about themselves. And I think I had a pretty wonderful Dad, but he was a different grandfather than a Dad. When we were young, he had to work hard to support the family and he commuted over 2 hours a day. He was wonderful, but we saw a lot more of our Mom. But he and my Mom were very active in taking care of the grandkids when my sister went back to work. Now he was retired and he had a lot more time to spend with them and talk. Of course if he'd done all that when we were younger, we'd have had no food and no place to live. 2 of the 3 kids in our family had no children, but it wasn't because we were reacting to our childhood, it's just sort of how life unfolded. Kids can be a huge blessing, but there are also situations where not having kids is the right choice. There's rarely one answer that is right for all situations and all people. At one point my sisters and I all lived in different cities around the country - Boston, Chicago and LA. None of us were trying to get away from family, it's just the various opportunities we had and the things we wanted to explore. Oddly enough, years later we all ended up living within an hour of our parents.
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    Sandra Bullock

    is starting to look like Michael Jackson
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    Esther is a fucked up name

    Mrs Longjohn is a lovely lady.
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    Let the adventure begin

    Leaving now and heading to Ohio for Christmas. If all works out nicely, we will be arriving around 9am.
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    We got a new dishwasher this fall. Ridiculously quiet. Three racks which is nice, but interior volume seems smaller, so it’s a trade off. They told us not to rinse our dishes before washing them, that they’d actually get a longer wash and cleaner if the sensors detected food particals in the water. That was news that was easier for me than my wife to accept.
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    So....who'd hit it ?.....
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    ...you are dead to me.
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    Hey Mooseknuckle

    I went a dredging.
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    Our Maytag was like that. Ditched it before it died because when we bought a new fridge a nice Samsung caught our eye. We liked the stainless steel interior, and it cleans a hell of a lot better than that _)()(*&^%^% Maytag. Go figure!
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    Have a beer at Great Lakes for me please!
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    Esther is a fucked up name

    That is the correct way to spell Esther. The parents that leave out the h don’t know how to spell.
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    Holy Crap the holidays suck

    I guess not growing up in a dysfunctional family I didn’t miss much. I had really cool in-laws, father-in-law died three years ago and MIL is in assisted living but my wife and I get along well with her two brothers and two sisters. Her elder brother has the best house to host the family so we get together there and we plan the meal together. I’m making desert again. My mom and dad and my sister are gone so all I have left is my brother. We get along well. My son that lives local will be joining us on Christmas at BIL’s with his amazing family. After dinner we will go to his house for the kids to open their presents. At 69 years of age Christmas doesn’t feel as exciting as when I was a kid or when my kids were little but it’s still a special time.
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    Old people names are making a comeback. Friends daughter recently had a baby...named him Everett. At least Esther is a biblical name...and reportedly quite a looker.
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    Holy Crap the holidays suck

    My family had the typical or maybe not so typical share of holiday meltdowns and crap..but overall it was home...After my mom died I was the friend who had no family..who got invited to other peoples dysfunctional holidays..After a couple of years like that...I started saying "no thank you...I have plans"...actually I made someone invite me just so I could say no..and then told others "thank you, but I have been invited"... We have holiday expectations..and most families have there share of issues..put the two together and you can have a shitstorm...or make sure you volunteer to run to the store..or take a walk or hide in the attic or basement with a book. Merry Christmas peeps
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    Page Turner

    Do you know how to type?

    ..this will surprise no one, but I took touch typing class in junior college because that was where all the hottest non hippie chicks were located. We typed on IBM Selectric typewriters in that class, and I got to date an actual beauty contest winner once. Not making this up. She wore fake eyelashes and everything.
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    Well la di fricken da! The hospital bill has FINALLY been paid! Wooha!
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    Their printer is probably broke down and they are just stalling until they can hook up a new one.
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    typin' is typin', grammaring is grammaring
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