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Your significant ether

Philander Seabury

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4 hours ago, Longjohn said:

I go more for the starting fluid ether. If it won’t start with that you got problems. Works on lawn mowers, chain saws, diesels,

I have a 2-stroke leaf blower that won't start without starting fluid. A squirt or two and a few tugs on the start cord and it runs.  I've cleaned the filter; changed the plug; made sure the primer bulb is working; and cleaned the carb. No joy. I use the same gasoline mix in my chainsaw and weedwacker. They start fine.

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People used to think there was an ether between the planets.

."According to Aristotle the natural places of "four elements", earth, water, air and fire, are confined to the sublunar sphere. Everything above the moon is permeated by a "nobler" substance, ether." Aether is one way of spelling that.

Pascal showed it was wrong.



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13 minutes ago, RalphWaldoMooseworth said:

I don't think I got sick, but it was an awful smell. 

Having grown up with ether and the counting backwards thing so they knew when to stop I was shocked when I first had propofol.  The doctor said "I'm going to push the plunger now"  I asked "should I count backwards"?  He answered "you can if you want but it won't matter".  


On with nurse waving bran muffin under my nose.

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10 minutes ago, RalphWaldoMooseworth said:

Well that is not good considering your record!

Interestingly, I think, just prior to my most recent surgery, I informed the anesthesiologist (I can't believe I spelled that correctly, first try) of my problem with anesthesia.  They did something different, and I didn't get sick afterwards.  So if any of you have this problem, let them know ahead of time.  It seems they have alternate drugs or some other method of mitigating post-operative nausea.

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24 minutes ago, Prophet Zacharia said:

I walked into a friend’s fraternity house one morning after a party. Place smelled strongly of ether. I quickly left, as there were a number of smokers in the house.

potentially unrelated, several years later they had a fire in their basement during a party. Some didn’t make it out.


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