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I'm awfully excited right now


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I just got a text from a buddy.  He needed another for his team on the Bourbon Chase.




This is a bucket list race.  It is a lottery system to even get a registration.  I am officially on a team now.  I have been hitting the treadmill and watching my food intake lately but this just gave me a reason to train again.


It's been awfully hard to find something to train for after the IM, I just didn't have the desire to look for a cool race or just did not find anything cool to do.  This race is cool. 


I am ready to get back on track now.  (even if it is running)

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Good thing I gave up running or I would be jealous. I would love to have a part in that race. Hmm, crew might be good.

Ha, you gave up running.  For the week?  You just finished a snow race in the dark.  There are lots of teams looking for team mates if you go to the website and look in forums. 

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