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Failing at makin dinner


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Let's see...


You rode 44 miles today and feel less than accomplished because you couldn't open a jar...


If I may, I'd like to suggest you take a moment to reflect and give yourself more credit.  Plenty of people can open jars.  Far fewer can ride 44 miles.


Thanks, Thad.


I get mad at myself pretty easily.  I have these things in my mind that I want to accomplish for the day.  When I fail at them, I feel badly.


The idea of him coming home to no food bothers me.  It's the least I can do after he works a 12 hour shift.

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you 'plated his dinner' as you have on previous occasions he certainly wouldn't see you as a complete failure as a woman.

I would view that as a failure as a cook, though - any food that was plated would be inedible - even if it were gold plated.

I'm sure it would look nice but some metals would even be toxic.
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